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   Newsletter. Issue 2007-24. November 24, 2007


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Newsline Canada

Canada To Accept Up To 265,000 New Immigrants In 2008

Ottawa, October 31, 2007 — The Honourable Diane Finley, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, announced today that Canada expects to welcome between 240,000 and 265,000 newcomers in 2008.

The target is set out in the 2007 Annual Report to Parliament on Immigration tabled today in the House of Commons. The report provides information on immigration activities in 2006 and outlines the immigration plan for 2008.

“Our government believes that immigration plays an important role in building our communities and growing our economy,” said Minister Finley. “The immigration targets tabled today will help ensure that Canada continues to grow and benefit from all that newcomers and their families bring to our country.”

The Canadian Experience Class, first announced in the 2007 budget and a key element of the government’s long-term immigration plan, will be implemented in 2008 for certain skilled temporary workers and international students with Canadian degrees and Canadian work experience. Once the class is established and for the first time, individuals meeting specific criteria will be able to apply for permanent resident status from within Canada.


Federal Minister Finley’s India Visit Highlighted Canada’s Immigration Programs
Ottawa, November 12, 2007

The Honourable Diane Finley, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, returned to Canada after a successful visit to India to review operations and promote Canada’s immigration program abroad. She visited Mumbai, Chandigarh and New Delhi.

“India is a major source of immigrants to Canada, with highly qualified individuals,” said Minister Finley. “Canada wants skilled and talented professionals from India and around the world and is committed to helping them integrate quickly into the Canadian labour market. To this end, we have established the Foreign Credentials Referral Office and just announced the expansion of orientation sessions abroad to help potential immigrants get their credentials assessed and recognized in Canada as quickly as possible.”

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World On The Verge Of Climate 'Catastrophe': UN Chief
17 Nov 2007, 1223 hrs IST,AFP

SMS NEWS to 58888 for latest updates
UN chief Ban Ki-moon called on Saturday for urgent action on global warming, warning the world is on the verge of a catastrophe, as top scientists were due to issue a new report on climate change for policymakers.

"We all agree. Climate change is real, and we humans are its chief cause. Yet even now, few people fully understand the gravity of the threat, or its immediacy," the UN chief wrote in a commentary in the International Herald Tribune.

"I have always considered global warming to be a matter of utmost urgency. Now I believe we are on the verge of a catastrophe if we do not act."

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Canada's Environment Minister Welcomes The Report Of The Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change (IPCC)

OTTAWA, Nov. 17 /CNW Telbec/ - Canada's Environment Minister John Baird today congratulated the Nobel Peace Prize-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change on the release of its fourth and final report, covering key aspects of global climate change.

"The science is clear and Canada, like the rest of the world needs to take immediate action on climate change," said Minister Baird. "That is why we announced our Turning the Corner plan, which sets tough and achievable mandatory targets for all major industrial sectors which will cut greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by 2020 and by 60-70% by 2050."  

The Government of Canada is preparing for the Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, to be held in Bali, Indonesia, from December 3 to 14, 2007. The meeting will be a stepping stone towards a new climate change agreement for post-2012. "The timing of this report couldn't be better," added Minister Baird. "The Prime Minister and I understand that climate change is a global problem, requiring global solutions. Canada has been a leader in bringing the world together at the G8, at APEC and at the United Nations, and we will continue that work in Bali."

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Pope Urges Portuguese Bishops To Change Mentality
Says Members Need To Be In Tune With Vatican II

Excerpt from: ?  2007-11-13

VATICAN CITY, NOV. 13, 2007 ( With an ever-growing number of non-practicing Catholics in Portugal, Benedict XVI has asked the Church in that country for a change of mentality that is more in tune with the Second Vatican Council.

The Pope's appeal was made last Saturday when he received in audience the Portuguese bishops, in Rome for their five-yearly visit.

The Church, the Holy Father said, "should not, above all, speak of itself, but of God. With this, I don't mean to say that we don't have to discuss the best organization of the Church and the distribution of responsibilities: There are always imbalances that need corrections."

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By Bonny Fernandes
Former Chief Planner, Goverment of India
Posted on [Goanet-News] Goanet Reader

Characterised as the "Queen of the East", Goa, under 450 years of Portuguese rule remained a relatively laid-back colony of 6,00,000 inhabitants, who lived a "susegado" life. Today, forty six years after Liberation, Goa is rapidly transforming itself, from a feudal agrarian economy into a modern industrial state, and an acclaimed tourist destination of international fame.

It has 13,00,000 inhabitants, of which over 600,000 or 50 per cent live in urban areas. It took 450 years for Goa's population to reach 600,000 with an urban population of 87,000 people. Whereas in a span of 46 years Goa's population more than doubled and the urban population increased seven folds during the same period. The number of towns and cities increased from 11 to 26.

Soon after Goa was liberated, I had the opportunity of visiting Goa on several occasions in my official capacity as Town & Country Planner with TCPQ, Government of India. During each visit, as I went around, I was enchanted with the picturesque landscape of the territory of Goa, which possessed rich and varied charms at different altitudes.

The interior hilly region covered with rich green forests; the sub-mountainous region with undulating uplands and; the coastal plains, the most urbanized region of Goa, studded with coconut groves and lovely green paddy fields. Each exuded its own beauty.

But the most picturesque region embraced the lower basins of the Mandovi and the Zuari rivers. Indeed, nature has endowed Goa with lush green vegetation and breathtaking scenery of the lofty Konkan Ghats, punctuated by the solitary majesty of the "Dud Sagar" waterfalls in the east.

Tropical luxuriance and cool verdure of giant areca groves, pulsating with crystalline streams on the hillside and the peaceful riverine beauty of the serenely flowing Mandovi and Zuari in the plains, emptying into the Arabian sea, among the tall coconut fronds screening the clouds of Goa's golden shores in the west, and its variegated urban landscape dotted with churches, temples and mosques, with their own architectural design and character, quite different from those of any other part of India.

Alas! During my recent visits, I find Goa's magnificent landscape rapidly vanishing, obliterated by haphazard urban expansion and unimaginative real-estate development. Development, be it for residential or commercial purpose, has occurred in an unplanned manner, resulting in loss of good agricultural land in the environs of the cities of Panjim, Mapusa, Margao and Vasco-de-Gama, and most of all it has led to the defacement of natural landscape.

The present concentration of urban population in the Talukas (sub-districts) of Tiswadi, Bardez, Salcette and Murmagao, classified as "Old Conquest Areas" is a consequence of the earlier occupation of these 'Concellos' by the Portuguese, who by and large concentrated their development efforts in Panjim, Margao, Mapusa and Vasco-de-Gama.

While the remaining seven Talukas -- the new conquest areas -- were neglected. At that time there was hardly any population pressure as compared to what is now.

Rapid urbanization in Goa in the aftermath of liberation has put pressure on the cities of Panjim, Mapusa, Margao, and Vasco, which are sprawling to the extent of degrading the natural landscape and usurping fertile agricultural land, while the emerging built-form of these cities is eroding the urbanity.

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News Clips from India

Kerala - Indian State A Model For Development
Excerpt from:

Craig and Marc Kielburger

On a bright fall morning in the Indian state of Kerala, among bustling tea shops and markets, we watch as a remarkable daily ritual unfolds: long streams of children in their brightly coloured uniforms march steadily to school.

While a sight like this would be considered normal on any Canadian street, in India – where millions of rural children never set foot in a classroom – it's something that catches our attention.

But Kerala is not your typical Indian state. That's because, despite the overwhelming poverty in many areas of the country, Kerala has a standard of living that rivals any in the developed world.

The statistics are sometimes hard to believe. Kerala's life expectancy, literacy rate and infant mortality rate are roughly equal to those in Canada and the United States, and dramatically better than in anywhere else in the developing world, including other states in India.

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Pakistan keen to transfer Iranian gas to India, China

Dubai (PTI): Pakistan has said it is eager to transfer Iranian gas to India and China after it finalised the text of a multi-billion IPI gas pipeline project with Tehran.

Mokhtar Ahmad, advisor to Pakistani Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz, made the remarks after the three-day Iran-Pakistan talks on the $ 7.4 billion pipeline project which resulted in finalisation of the text over the weekend in the absence of India, which is the third partner.

"As we expected, the text of the peace pipeline has been made ready for the signing by the two states' heads," he was quoted as saying by Iranian news agency.

"We faced no obstacle during negotiations and all articles of the peace pipeline contract were smoothly restudied," Ahmad added.

Under current conditions, the Pakistani side had openly and officially announced it would welcome the transfer of Iran's gas to India, China, and any other point via its territory, officials said.

Meanwhile, Iranian Oil Minister's special envoy for pipeline talks Hojjatollah Ghanimifard said India was also willing to rejoin the pipeline project, expressing hope the contract would be signed by the three sides.


New Paddy Varieties Yield Bumper Harvest
….Lower Production Cost Is Another Spin-Off For Farmers

Pest and disease-resistant variety
Lower quantity of fertilizers needed
Excerpts from The Hindu
Article By: G. Prabhakaran

PALAKKAD: Two new pest and disease-resistant dwarf and short-duration paddy varieties of the PC series have helped farmers get record yields at low costs of cultivation in the State.

These had been developed from the traditional Thavalakannan and Chenkazhama varieties and are best suited for cultivation in Kuttanad and the Kole land of Thrissur. The rice produced tastes good.

With a height of 1 metre less than that of other varieties, the plants record reduced loss of grain. K.K. Surendran, farmer at Chittur in the district, has obtained a bumper harvest of 6,250 kg a hectare, using organic manure and not chemical fertilizers.

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Non-Hindus To Get Full Adoption Rights
17 Nov 2007, IST,
Mahendra Kumar Singh,TNN

NEW DELHI: In a significant move to enhance the legal rights of both adopted children and the couples who give them a home, the Centre has changed the law to allow non-Hindu parents to claim full parenthood instead of just "guardian" status that they were allowed till now.

The changes in law also seek to encourage adoption by simplifying procedures.

Under the law so far, only Hindu couples who adopted children could claim to be "parents". Non-Hindus were just guardians to their adopted children. This led to the children being denied rights to inherited property besides creating procedural hassles for parents at the time of school admissions etc.

Some clarifications may still be needed on whether the changes would apply to Muslims as the community has its personal laws. These will be cleared in the guidelines to be framed by Central Adoption Research Agency. The new law also makes adoption by inter-faith couples easier.

Under the new guidelines issued by the women and child development ministry under the Juvenile Justice Act 2000, amended last year and notified on October 26, the new rules will also cut red-tapism in adoption procedures while increasing the number of recognised adoption agencies.


India Sends Most Students To US
13 Nov 2007,

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WASHINGTON: For the sixth year in a row India sent the most number of students to the US in 2006-07 with a 10 percent increase taking the numbers to 83,833, according to a new report on international educational exchange.

China remained in second place, with numbers up eight percent to 67,723 and South Korea, in third place, increased six percent to 62,392, said the annual Open Doors report released on Monday by the Institute of International Education.

India also dominated with one in seven (14.4 percent) of the total of 582,984 international students who together contributed about $14.5 billion to the US economy through their expenditure on tuition and living expenses, said the report.

The US Department of Commerce considers US higher education as the country's fifth largest service sector export as these students bring money into the national economy and provide revenue to their host states for living expenses, health insurance, support for accompanying family members, and other miscellaneous items.

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British Beauty Industry Ignoring Asians
Excerpt from: 
17 Nov 2007,

SMS NEWS LONDON: The strength of the 'brown pound' - the term referring to the purchasing power of British Asians - is growing exponentially. But the multi-billion pound British beauty industry largely ignores this important segment of consumers.

Shop owners in areas with large minority of Indian origin such as Southall, Ealing, Harrow and Wembley in London, Leicester, Birmingham and Bradford continue to stock favour beauty products that are imported from the Indian sub-continent. Few prefer to buy mainstream British beauty products.

Products imported from India are endorsed by film stars such as Aishwarya Rai and others and are popular among women with roots in the Indian subcontinent. Recently, a men's beauty product produced in India and endorsed by actor Shah Rukh Khan proved popular in Southall.

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News Clips from Goa

Stage all set for St Francis Xavier's feast
OLD GOA, Nov 17: The stage is set for the celebration of the annual novena and the feast of St Francis Xavier at the Bom Jesus Basilica, Old Goa. The novena in preparation for the feast commences on November 24. The main theme of the Novena and the feast this year is 'Experience God's word, radiate Jesus in life'. Like in the past, all the religious services will be conducted from November 24 to December 3 outside the Basilica at the specially erected pandal, where sitting arrangements is being made for 10,000 devotees. [H]

Chief Secretary flags of beach cleaning drive
The Royal Goan Beach Club, Baga, along with Lions Club of Calangute and Arpora and social organisation Utt Goenkar organised a beach cleaning drive right from Baga to Sinquerim, which is a 7-km stretch of the beach. It is a three-day drive that was flagged off yesterday by Chief Secretary JP Singh. [WE-GT]


Hema Sardesai not to perform for IFFI
PANJIM: Hema Sardesai, the queen of Indi-pop and daughter of the Goan soil, on Tuesday stated that she would not perform for the 38th IFFI, as she didn't receive any official letter from ESG or any other government body to perform during the three days from Nov 30 till Dec 2 at the NIWS ground, Caranzalem. While speaking to GT she elaborated, "This is the third time that they are using my name for IFFI and that also without my permission. I have not signed any letter saying that I will perform for this year's IFFI. I am really irritated and hurt, at the same time, as they are using my name in the press. [GT]


Ashlin Barboza crowned "Miss Goa"
VASCO, Nov 17: Margao lass Ashlin Barboza stole the limelight late Friday evening, after she was crowned "Miss Goa 2007" at Keserval garden. "Girls are born to create wonder," replied Ashlin, to a query on whether she would have opted to be a girl or a boy, if given an opportunity to be reborn. Her bonanza included a gold coin worth Rs.25,000, a cash prize of Rs.15,000 and other gifts from the sponsors of the event. [H]


Coming from the mountains
Walking through the mountains is always a thrilling experience. It become more interesting when you are part of a trekking camp and on a mission to cover Indrahara Pass, which is 14,000 ft above sea level. Goa's celebrated cartoonist, Alexyz, chose this expedition as the perfect reason to get away from the daily routine and be with nature. Alexyz is passionate about trekking and has been since his college days. However, this journey will be particularly remembered. He says, "It was a 15-day tour that started in Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh. We were 10 trekkers from Goa and were part of a Pune-based trekking organisation, Zhep." Alexyz was part of a team of 40 trekkers of Zhep. It was a collage of people. "There were trekkers from different walks of life like MBAs, doctors and interestingly, I was the oldest, being 62-year-old, while the youngest was just 10-years-old. [Arti Das, GT]


Equality, Education and the Caste System
The British, Portuguese and French reigned over different parts of this country at different times. Many Hindus converted to Christianity. Although they became Christians - Christianity does not profess caste system at all - they still maintained their castes. Therefore it is only here, if I am not mistaken, that Christians believe in caste... Although India has completed 60 years of its independence and although we live in the 21st century, the influence of caste still completely dominates the lives of the people of rural India. The so-called elite families in urban India too are the victims of caste even today. [Tomazinho Cardozo, Panorama-NT]


UK for probe into illegal immigration from India
LONDON, Nov 19 (PTI): A British Parliamentary Committee will conduct an inquiry into illegal immigration into the UK from India, its chairman, Keith Vaz, a leading NRI MP, said here. Vaz, a former Minister for Europe, said the Home Affairs Select Committee would probe how a sizeable number of Indians, mostly from Punjab, were still coming to the UK via Turkey. [H]


Have workforce with 80% Goans: CM
PANAJI, Nov 15: The Chief Minister, Mr Digambar Kamat, has urged the industry to follow the government guidelines as regards employing 80 per cent of Goans before the unemployed youth rise in revolt against its employment police. Addressing a gathering at the inaugural ceremony of the annual general body meeting of the Goa Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association yesterday, the Chief Minister further urged the industry to fulfill its "corporate social responsibility" to win over the community stakeholders. [NT]


Rare snakes
BICHOLIM, Nov 19: The Animal Rescue Squad from Bicholim found a rare hump-nosed pit viper snake (Chapdi) at Pali Bicholim. ARS chief Amrut Singh that the rare snake is usually spotted in the Western Ghats and Shri Lanka and not found near human habitation. The venomous snake is of red colour and is 15-inch long. [H]


+ Albert Castanha

Noted athlete and sportsman, ALBERT CASTANHA, passed awau 17 Nov, at Mombasa, Kenya. Brother of Julie Sequiera, Tony/Paulina Castanha & the late Walter Castanha. Uncle of Toots, Merlyn, Thalia and Yohann. [Info from Maureen De Souza Mombasa]

Norman Da Costa of the Toronto Star writes....

“Albert’s untimely death will have come as a huge shock to Kenya’s Goan society and the country’s entire sporting community.

Many will remember Albert as the quiet, unpretentious sportsman who went on to represent his country without any fanfare at track and field and soccer. When anyone talks about Kenya, the focus is always on the country’s tourism and its ability to churn out world-class athletes.

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+ Mrs. Rose Rosario

Your prayers are requested for the soul of Mrs. Rose Rosario, who passed away in Brampton, Canada on Saturday, November 17, 2007.
Mother of Lydia/Keith Highfield ( Australia ).
Jacinta/Grenville Highfield ( Australia ).
Elizabeth/Lenny James ( Karachi ).
Angelo/Jennifer Rosario, Brampton(Canada).
Sister of Vincent D'Souza/Phil (Canada), Tony D'Souza/Bridget (Canada), Louis D'Souza/Barbara (Karachi) & Victor D'Souza /Theresa (Canada).
Eternal rest grant unto her Oh Lord and may her soul rest in peace. Amen.

People Places and Things

Canadian Tiatrist Made History In USA
Konkani Tiatr Review:

A Review by: Miguel Barreto, Kepem-USA as forwarded to  Gulf-Goans e-Newsletter

It’s true. Jr. Menezes and the Goan Konkani Troupes, of Toronto, Canada made history in New Jersey with the ADEUS Konkani tiatr. It was a hit here for the first time with a crowd that had the house full. We had audience from New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Boston, Maryland and other places. The Goan Association of New Jersey proudly presented this first ever event in Konkani. And, it was intense and well-organized. Cheers! For everyone who made this triumph.

Our local groups from NJ, Peekskill-NY, and New Yorkers presented group performances on the stage before the tiatr start and at half time. The group performances were well-organized and fabulous with rich costumes.

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55 TEGSA members boarded the bus on Sunday, November 18, 2007 to spend what turned out to be a very enjoyable day in Niagara Falls.

First stop was Magnotta Winery where members got to sample some of their fine wines before heading off to Betty’s Restaurant . From the reviews received, the meal itself was worth the trip. Members raved about the main course, specially the authentic English style Fish and Chips and the Roast Beef. The decadent desserts were also a hit, followed by tea or coffee.

Next stop was the Niagara Fallsview Casino, where members spent five hours gambling or just enjoyed the sounds and sights of the casino. A buffet dinner coupon was given to every member by the casino.

Next came the highlight of the day, a tour of the Winter Festival of Lights. The festival consists of over 3 million sparking lights and more than 120 animated lighting displays including Christmas themes, world-famous Disney displays, LED tree lighting as well as the illuminated Niagara Falls. A tour thoroughly enjoyed by our members.

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Divar's 2nd Anniversary 18 thNov, 07

( Click to view large )

The Divarkars of Greator Toronto celebrated the feast of "Our Lord the Redeemer" on 18th.Nov.2007.

Sangam Banquet Hall was packed with people from Divar Island, their relatives, friends and well-wishers. Rev.Fr.Joseph Rodrigues was the main celebrant and spoke about the significiance of Our Lord Redeemer. Beautiful hymns were arranged and sung by choir master Felix Remedios and company.

Joe Azavedo thanked the guests and the committee members :- Timothy/Juliet D'Souza. Joe/Milena Azavedo, Bernard/Flavia Remedios and Andrew/Doris D'Sa.

Sumptuous buffet was served. Excellent music was provided by DJ Richie and live Peformance by Andrew D'Sa kept the crowd dancing on the floor.

Special thanks goes to Bosco D'Mello and our sponsors who supported us to make this function a success.
The festivities ended with distribution of the prizes and vote of thanks.

Viva Divarkars


Gas Miser Made In India - The HYUNDAI I10

Hyundai i10, the new city small car has been launched. India is the first and only country in which the Hyundai i10 is made. The Hyundai i10 will be made at Hyundai's Chennai facility and exported to over 70 countries. Though Hyundai has not revealed the price, it is expected to be between Rs 3.39 lakh and Rs 3.98 lakh.

The Hyundai i10 has a 1.1 litre 65 bhp engine, the same as the one in Hyundai Kia Picanto sold abroad. However, there is less CO2 emission than in the Picanto. The Hyundai i10 also comes with a diesel option which have a 1200 cc diesel engine. Hyundai has also fitted airbags for all passengers. This is makes it a first for any small car in India to offer airbags as standard fitting. The i10 will options for a manual transmission or an automatic transmission.

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55PGA – Memorial Mass

The 55PGA invites you to a MEMORIAL MASS on November 30, 2007, to be celebrated at the Church of the Navitity of Our Lord ,at 7.30pm.
The address is 480 Rathburn Road, Etobicoke.
The service will be followed by light refreshments in the Church hall.

So please make the time to attend this celebration wherein, we may remember OUR DEARLY DEPARTED.

Muriel Lucas,
Hon Gen Secretary
55PGA-West GTA


Friends of St. Francis Xavier

Saturday, December 1, 2007 @ 10.00.a.m. Friends of St. Francis Xavier Celebration of Feast of St. Francis Xavier at St. Francis Xavier Church 5650 Mavis Road (Mavis & Matheson)
Procession of the relic of the Saint with Konkani Choir followed by Solemn High Mass.
Light refreshments served following Mass. All Invited.


Visiting Canada

Canada welcomes you as a tourist, student or temporary worker. Every year, more than 35 million people visit Canada to enjoy the many opportunities our country has to offer.
Depending on where you live, and the reason for your visit, you will need to meet certain entry requirements. In some cases, if you plan to stay in Canada for a certain period of time, you will need a Temporary Resident Visa.
Learn about:


Public Meeting
Forum – Nairobi Goan Community with Hon. Raila Odinga

One of the Presidential candidates- Hon. Raila Odinga has requested to meet with the Goan community of Nairobi.
Date: Thursday,29th November 2007
Venue: Goan Gymkhana, Ngara, Nairobi.
Time: Members and their guest to be seated by 7.15pm
Arrival of the Chief Guest- Hon Raila Odinga at 7.30pm

Read More ...


Message from Cheryl D’Souza

Dear Members And Friends
At the conclusion of the 2007 AGM, the following members were elected to office:

Chairman - Sunil Sarkar
Vice Chairman - Tony Gomes
Hon. Gen Secretary - Rui Quadros
Hon. Treasurer - Neves Vaz
Social Secretary - Trevor Coelho
Sports Secretary - Abhijeet 'Raja' Sarkar
Building & Grounds - Farid Taher
Committee Member- Que Lopez
Committee Member - Jack Fernandes
Internal auditor - Clarence Abranches

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Christmas Gala At The Oasis Banquet Hall.

Cost $40.00 For Members
$45.00 For Guests See Flyer For Details.

Click for Flyer

To avoid disappointment form your tables of 8 or 10 and send the cheques to 55PGA , 100 City Centre Drive, Mississauga, on, L5B 3C6


Yuletide Get-Together

Cost: $5.00
Menu: *****Surprise*****
This is our last event for 2007. Hope to see you!!!!!!

To ensure a spot for this event please send in your cheque.

All events must be paid for in advance to ensure reservations. See above for details of cheque payments.

Click to Download Form to join 55PGA or renew membership for 2007



Please mark you calendars for the following exciting events:
All events will be held at Commander Hall Arena, unless otherwise advised.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Yuletide Festivities – Choral Group in Attendance
Live Music – X’mas Bazaar
Authentic Goan Food and Sweets
Cost: $10.00 (Members)
$14.00 (Guests)
Dinner will be served at 6:30 p.m.

Your Executive invites you to do yet another good deed for the less fortunate. Please donate at least one food can of your choice, which will collectively be donated to the FOOD BANK, during the festive season.

Click for Flyer

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas Dance
St. Clement of Ohrid Banquet Hall
76 Overlea Boulevard
Cost: $40.00 (Members)
$45.00 (Guests)
Cocktails and Appertizers at 6:30 p.m.
Sit-down dinner at 7:30 p.m.

To register, please call:
Vicki D’Souza: (416) 497-5111
Charles Fernandes: (416) 286-8970
Joan Menezes: (416) 927-0895
Gerry DaSilva: (416) 297-7218

Click for Flyer

 Click to download form to join TEGSA or renew membership for 2007

Health & Wellness

Colour of Poverty
Tue, 09/04/2007 - Poverty in Ontario is growing at an alarming rate.

Racialized students face discrimination in schools.
Poverty among racialized groups is growing.
Poverty among racialized groups leads to greater risk of poor health.
Racialized groups are more likely to be unemployed.
Levels of crime and violence are closely linked to inequality and poverty.
Poverty rates among newcomers have risen dramatically.
Racialized groups face higher levels of housing insecurity and homelessness.
Food insecurity is higher among racialized groups.
The Colour of Poverty campaign has already developed a series of fact sheets and is aiming to build community capacity, develop a shared framework for action and make change happen.

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Chiropractors Are 'A Waste Of Money

London (PTI): Having your back cracked by a chiropractor or physiotherapist to ease lower back pain is "a waste of time and money". International researchers have carried out a study and found that patients get better just as quickly if they simply stay active and take a mild painkiller instead of spending money on physiotherapy, the 'Daily Mail' reported here.

"These results are important because both diclofenac and spinal manipulative therapy have potential risks and additional costs for patients," lead researcher Mark Hancock of the University of Sydney was quoted as saying. He added that if those with back pain could do without these treatments, then "GPs can manage patients confidently without exposing them to increased risks and costs associated with NSAIDs or spinal manipulative therapy". The findings, reported in 'The Lancet' journal, involved 240 patients with acute lower back pain who had been seen by their GPs.

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Putting On Pounds 'Doubles Risk Of Prostate Cancer Death'

New York (PTI): It's a known fact that obesity is a risk factor for heart disease and diabetes. But, a new study has found a link between extra pounds and prostate cancer, the second leading cause of cancer death among men.

Researchers in the United States, who carried out the study, have found that obesity may more than double the odds of prostate cancer death among people who are diagnosed with the disease.

"Overall, men who're moderately fat -- with a body mass index (the measure of obesity that takes into account weight and height) of between 25 and 30 -- are 1.5 times more likely to die from their cancer than those with a normal BMI of 25.

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Now, Check Out Your Dna Online,prtpage-1.cms
18 Nov 2007

The exploration of the human genome has long been relegated to elite scientists in research laboratories. But that is about to change. An infant industry is capitalizing on the plunging cost of genetic testing technology to offer any individual unprecedented - and unmediated - entree to their own DNA.

For as little as $1,000 and a saliva sample, customers will be able to learn what is known so far about how the billions of bits in their biological code shape who they are. Three companies have already announced plans to market such services, one on Friday.

One of the companies that plans to market personal DNA information, Navigenics, intends to provide a phone consultation with a genetic counselor along with the results. Its service would cost $2,500 and would initially provide data on 20 health conditions. DeCODE Genetics and 23andMe will offer referrals. Although what they can tell you is limited right now, all three companies are hoping that people will be drawn by the prospect of instant updates on what is expected to be a flood of new findings.

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Diabetes: The Silent Killer
See Special Section in Toronto Star

Diabetes is soaring because obesity is. But how to change North America's most entrenched lifestyles? Those who study the problem – whether they believe it's too late for the millions now at risk of diabetes or not — agree on this: The war on diabetes should have been launched years ago.

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