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Newsletter. Issue 2002-2. Nov.15, 2002
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Welcome to the second issue of
Goan Voice Canada

We are still in the process of finding our feet in compiling this newsletter and ask for your patience.

Note: Our first issue was quite a success with readers printing the display to read at their leisure or to send copies to friends. A printer friendly version is in the works. In the meantime when printing please adjust(reduce) the margin widths for your setup to print the full text.

The mission of Goan Voice Canada is to promote the interests of the community through the dissemination of news and information using the Internet. Goan Voice Canada sends a condensed e-mail newsletter to subscribers every two weeks.

The web site goanvoice.ca displays back issues of the newsletter and other information in greater detail. The publication of Goan Voice Canada is made possible through the support of Goan Voice UK. The Goan public, associations and village group there have donated generously to the appeal for funds. These donations have allowed us to get support from Goa for the graphic and computer skills needed to run Goan Voice Canada and Goan Voice UK.

For more information on Goan Voice Canada and details of sending display material go to goanvoice.ca/aboutus/.


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