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Newsletter. Issue 2002-4. Dec.13, 2002
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Goan Voice - UK
[Selected excerpts from GoaNet-UK]

7 Dec. Bristol Evening Post. The Gold Star Awards are given to honour local people who have shown exceptional bravery and courage in the most testing times. One of the 11 winners this year was Ted Moreman who has raised more than 30,000 to buy a new home for 45 orphans in Goa, India. He said: "When I heard that a group of children were having to sleep on dried cow dung because they were being evicted from their house, I just knew I
had to do something.

7 Dec. The Times (London). The ultimate festive menu. Pipers Farm's Goan pork. Inspired by the flavours of this Indian region, originally colonised by the Portuguese. Spicy, but not too hot. Cubes of pork cooked with onion, garlic and fresh ginger, fresh parsley, aromatic spices and a hint of "sweet and sour" provided by a little brown sugar and white wine vinegar. Prepared and cooked by us. 2 servings at 6.50 a tub, plus delivery. http://www.pipersfarm.com/xmas2002/ReadyCooked.html

8 Dec. Hindustan Times. In Bombay 'Mac' was the one-slur-fits-all term for any Christian, whether East Indian, Goan, Manglorean or pure Bandra. They were called 'Macs' not because they hungered after the global burger (of which more anon), but because they preferred their local bun. 'Mac' was the abbreviation of 'Maka-pao', a reference to the maska-ed loaf that the frock-wearers preferred to roti. http://www.hindustantimes.com/news/181_115956,00300004.htm

16 Dec. Time. The bombs in Mombasa and Bali threaten the best example of global community. The tens of thousands of young Australians, Germans, Britons, Americans and others who wander the globe, flitting from Goa to Costa Rica, from Thailand to Tasmania, are building what may be the only example of a truly global community. http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1101021216-397505,00.html

From Goan Voice UK (formerly Goanet-UK)
Editor: Eddie Fernandes

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