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 Newsletter. Issue 2002-4. Dec.13, 2002 
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By Tina Lobo (Toronto)
Tina lobo taught in Zanzibar and Dar from 1954 to 2000. She is now retired and lives in Toronto.

In the 1950s there was an influx of Goans into Tanganyika. In order to accommodate the increase in members, the Goan Institute in Dar-es-salaam decided to build a new and larger clubhouse.

A well-known Goan architect, Anthony Almeida, designed the clubhouse in the shape of a G (for Goans,) and it had an outdoor sunken dance floor in the shape of an I. The G.I. has got to be one of the most beautiful clubhouses in the world. The building was opened in the late 1950s by Archbishop Edgar Maranta and the British Governor, Richard Turnbull.

The social highlight of the Goan/Dar Institute was the anniversary dance held every December 31st. The dance was under the stars and the organizers made sure the club was well decorated for the occasion. The music was always provided by the most popular Goan band that over the years included The Jazz Swingers, Tony Ferns, Demello Brothers, Harbor Lights, Moderniars, Revolutions, etc.

December was always a great time for functions at the club. The Xmas program usually started on December 9th and ran till the first week of January. The most popular functions were the children's Xmas tree party and the children's fancy dress competition. We also had carol singing, traditional sweet's contest, treasure hunts, etc. The after mid-night mass dance was a popular event for the youngsters to meet. And of course, the Christmas Dance was where you got the opportunity to meet and wish all your friends and relatives.

Social activities during the year included the weekly tombola. Lardis was a popular game for the not so active while sportsmen and women played tennis, badminton, table tennis and darts on the premises.

The Bachelors vs. Married competition was a week to look forward to. Members competed in fishing, hockey, soccer, badminton, tug-of-war and beer drinking. The week ended with a dinner dance where the Sidon Lopez trophy was presented to the winning captain.

The other memories I have are of the sports visits from the sister institutions. In the early days, the Zanzibar Institute visits were the most popular. Later on it was the sports visits from Tanga and Arusha that brought in the most visitors and guests. At times we also had visits from the Nairobi and Mombasa Institutes. Great friendships were developed during these visits and many of those friendships ended up in marriages.

We do have to remember in out prayers those who had the fore sight to start the Institute. We also have to express our gratitude to those who took up committee positions and who volunteered at the Goan Institutes. The Institutes gave us a home away from home. A place to meet and socialize. People are still enjoying the fruits of the first Trustees' foresight.

Source: Hindustan Times 8 Dec.
By: Bachi Karkaria
Posted of GoaNet by Eddie Fernandes

Extract: In those days, Bombay also had another generic 'M'-word, equally undistinguished by region or community. 'Mac' was the one-slur-fits-all term for any Christian, whether East Indian, Goan, Manglorean or pure Bandra. They were called 'Macs' not because they hungered after the global burger but because they preferred their local bun. 'Mac' was the abbreviation of 'Maka-pao', a reference to the maska-ed loaf that the frock-wearers preferred to roti. When they converted, they were in bigger trouble.

Full text at: http://www.hindustantimes.com/news/181_115956,00300004.htm

Christmas Letter from Maria Fraser in Repulse Bay - Nunavut

For me, Christmas with the Inuit elders brings home the value of the simplicity of life and the great power of being together and sharing of who we are to one another. Read the entire letter at http://www.goacom.com/news/news2002/dec/msg00028.html


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