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This year end issue of Goan Voice Canada recognizes the younger members (<40ish !) of our world-wide community for achievements in their professions, or service to the community at large.

The list has been compiled from news sources in print and from the Internet. It is not comprehensive but a start has to be made some time.


Herman Carneiro GoaNet
Daryl Martyris Computers for Goa Schools
Marlon Menezes GOACOM
Ulysses Menezes Goa-World
George Pinto Goa Sudharop


Godfrey J.I.Gonsalves, citizens' issues campaigner Active with South Goa citizens issues. He has been one of Goa's active
letter-to-the-editor writers, and a consistent campaigner against wrongdoing that affect Goan life.

Frederick Menezes, (Pune) writer and community builder One of the few Goans who has moved successfully into the field of
technical writing, and has played an active role in building technical writers across India.

Mayabhushan Nagvenkar, journalist. Bold and young (24) Goan journalist. Has written fearlessly to expose police wrongdoing and on a number of issues. Planning to shift to Delhi/US for higher studies.

Tom Fernandes, German-Goan volunteer with the GSCP One of the few expat Goans to put his energies where his mouth is. Often in Goa and spends time volunteering on the Goa Schools Computers Project. He has played a crucial role in supporting computer hardware in schools.

Albertina Almeida, women's rights campaigner and lawyer in Goa. Has been active on rights issues and is an activist of Bailancho Saad - a women's collective, besides being with Adhar, a socio-legal forum, and Sandharsh, a research and training initiative.

Harvey D'Souza / Neil Alvares, Southern Birdwing.For work in building an enhanced awareness among Goa's young about wildlife issues in the state.

Blinston B2, Free Software advocate. A young engineer, who has been a key supporter of the Free Software concept -- sharing his skills with those needing it.

Nirmal Kulkarni, wildlife activist, Green Cross. see: http://goacom.com/goanow/2002/oct/GreenCross.htm

Sharmad Naik, Hiren Lodhiya and Gaurav Priyolkar. The three young Goan engineers who wrote a widely appreciated 'library' software, and then put it out in Free Software, for anyone to use

Wendell Rodricks, Haute Couture and Design see http://goacom.com/news/news2002/jul/msg00012.html


Robin D'Abreo - Field Hockey Canada- Men's National Team
Wayne Fernandes - Field Hockey Canada- Men's National Team
Kenneth Pereira - Field Hockey Canada- Men's National Team (see: http://www.fieldhockey.ca/teams/3ntms2003a.html)

Annabel Barreto - Toronto - Lawyer (Family Law)
Patricia D'Souza - Iqaluit - Journalist
Chrystal Gomes - Toronto - Stand-Up Comedian


Oscar Furtado
Chris Fernandes
Gavin Francis
Merlyn Fernandes
Paschal D'Souza
Dana D'Cunha
Natalie Dias
Kevin D'Costa
Jeannine Pereira
Seira Furtado
Natasha Andrade
Clayton Fernandes
Faye Aguiar
Noella DeSouza
Melissa Dias
Helen Vaz
Brian Pinto
Desirée Gomes
Pamela Borges

(See http://www.goatoronto.com/comm.htm)

Our Sports Reporter - 4 December 2002
From Cric Info on the DAWN

Karachi Goan Association (KGA) Gymkhana squeezed into the final of the Seventh Danish Trophy Ramazan tournament beating Saddar Town by seven runs on Tuesday.

Electing to bat after winning the toss, KGA were restricted to 141 for seven in 20 overs, due to some tight bowling backed up by splendid fielding by Saddar Town.

Hilary Rodrigues top scored for the home team with a polished 42. Sunil Shanker unbeaten
with 22 and Nadeem Tariq (20), also made useful contributions.

Francis DCosta - A Profile
Pamela Vasandani

Born under a special star, loaded with blessings, Francis DCosta who hails from the teeming Metropolis of Bombay, India came to Canada in 1990, after a successful decade in the Middle East. Winning comes naturally to this man of Goan heritage, who streaked past his peers in every walk of life, whether in the academic field or the Sports Arena. Not only did he play Hockey for Bombays elite Income Tax team, he was also selected for Rest of India Team. He excelled in Soccer, Rugby (played for the Indian team against Sri Lanka in 1975) and was a State player in Carrom. In Bahrain, Francis displayed his skill in Scrabble, walking away with Awards galore. He also continued playing Soccer and Hockey for the various Sports Clubs, whose Talent Scouts were always on the look out for rare players of his ilk.

Coming to Canada did not deter his Winning Streak. Starting his career graph from scratch in the World of Insurance and Financial Services, Francis is President of DCosta Financial Group having won the Million Dollar Round Table Award many times over, not to mention Court of the Table.

It would have been easy for the man to rest on his laurels and enjoy the fruits of his labours, but Francis has a reservoir of strength and endurance that never seems to stand still and his work for the Goan community and the Indian community at large is never ending. In fact, his involvement with the Indian community won him an award from the Prime Minister, Jean Chretien himself. He is a stalwart supporter of the Goan Soccer League and sponsors budding young teenage sportsmen under that banner. Francis DCosta is always in the middle of sponsoring some cultural event or other the most recent of them being the "Feast of St.Francis Xavier" - the Patron Saint of Goa.

See details at https://goanvoice.ca/2002/issue5/sfxfeast2002.htm

The proceeds of the Feast Day are to go towards the Church building of The Church of St.Francis Xavier. In fact, most everything that Francis DCosta does ends up as a charitable venture. The good news is that this event is destined to become an annual event under the banner of "Friends of St.Francis Xavier" of which Francis DCosta is the President today and has been nominated for an on going tenure, spanning the next three years.

For further information on participating in this event, whether as an entertainer or to set up your business stall, please call 416- 335-5314, fax us at 416-335-5315 or email .

EVOLVING WORLD CULTURES: A Framework With A Canadian Interpretation
Author: Henry DSouza

Summary From Back Cover: This informative and multi-disciplinary study presents a model for viewing globcultures. It provides a new definition of "culture" and a tri-polar paradigm for conceptualising cultural similarities and differences, while stressing the dominance of little-known international culture over national and ethnic cultures. The study of cultural development from the time of recorded history reveals more consistency with the "Out of Asia" theory than with " Out of of Africa" one. Economic disparities between North and South can be explained partly by cultural prejudices and partly by racial subjugation through education and finance. The book argues that if traditional policies of encirclement continue a racial war is inevitable despite the fact that the world is moving towards an integrated civilisation.

For a copy contact:
EWOCU Ltd. Suite 601, 3700 Kaneff Crescent,
Mississauga, Ontario L5A 4B8, Canada

By mail order only.
Tranactions by Cheque, bankers draft or certified cheque only.


G.O.A. - Blast from the Past ~ `50s - `60s theme Party!"

The G.O.A. Toronto organized a very successful dance on November 16, 2002.

Called a "Blast from the Past ~ `50s - `60s theme Party!", it attracted a capacity crowd to the Premium Banquet Hall at 2360 Lucknow Drive.

Many attendees dressed in the fashion reminiscent of that era - bobby socks and gym shoes, jeans, rolled up t-shirts and many women donned polka dotted flared skirts.

The bands that played music from that era further enhanced the event. Leading the show was the "Fabulous `50s and Sizzling `60s by Les Ombres". The lively, enthusiastic dancing on the floor reflected the popularity of this band. They were followed by "Shade" who played music of The Shadows.

This was a very successful event.

Kudos to the G.O.A. Toronto organizing committee.

Some pictures of the event can be seen at http://ca.photos.yahoo.com/bc/timdemello2 and click on '50s.


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