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Are Goans are becoming an extinct ? !
What is Goa Day ? !
Goa day will mean different things to different people , as such , we need to respect their thoughts and not find fault in
how they see and celebrate GOADAY .
  • Should we feel proud of our heritage ? should we get involved at all ?
  • Should we wait for others to do what we would like to see HAPPEN ,
  • or should we MAKE IT HAPPNEN ! ?
We need to focus on the positives and leave the negatives behind !

rene barreto
On August 20, 1992, both houses of India's Parliament unanimously approved of Konkani being included in the 8th Schedule of the Indian Constitution. It was a historic vote for the Goan language. But more importantly, Konkani's official language status fulfilled the prerequisite for the granting of Statehood on Goa - home of the Konkani language.

This year, World Goa Day will be officially celebrated on 20th of August 2003. Many of the Goan organizations will hold their events during the third weekend in August. But some will schedule their observance of the international event on a date best suited to their communities. We appeal to all Goans and Goan organizations participating in this great celebration to let us know their plans. The information will enable us to compile a list of participants on our website for all to see.

On GOA DAY this year, thousands of Goans will once again remind themselves of the need to work to preserve OUR culture, music, history, language, cuisine, and art for our children, the non-Goan community, and for posterity. Various institutions and social organizations are planning a month-long festival which will be held under the banner of the Goan Heritage Festival. Details of these events will be on our website www.goaday.com under the page of Events.

If there are no plans to celebrate GOA DAY in your region, take the initiative and organize a program. Contact people at www.goaday.com would be glad to offer suggestions.

August 20 is also a day where Goans world-wide join in SOLIDARITY to celebrate our Goan-ness. Goan institutions and social organizations all over the Goan World are planning activities for the entire months of either August or September 2003.

It all started in 1999, when we decided to dedicate a day in the year to the celebration of World GOA DAY. It was meant to be a day when Goans worldwide focused on and took pride in every aspect of Goan culture - language, traditions, the performing arts, cuisine etc.

The WORLD KONKANI FORUM was formed to re-establish cultural unity and foster a sense of solidarity among Konkani speaking people all over the world. Dreams and ambitions take hold more quickly when shared with others. We hope that we have done so through the various organizations and e-groups we have established in the past few years. These organizations are also listed on our website.

Over the years, we have learned much from non-Goans and improved ourselves in the process. By the same token, they, too, whether they are European, American, Japanese, or African can learn from us. We have a lot to offer the world and should not be ashamed of or shy away from our own glorious culture. We are as gifted as any other people, and we should be willing to demonstrate that pride in our actions.

Our Goan Cultural Heritage will have a special place and emphasis on the Konkani language during this year's celebrations. The theme of "Giving back to Goa" is a good way to inspire our Goan community to do more for Goa and Goans worldwide. Let GOA DAY be a beacon of light and inspiration throughout the year and for the rest of our lives. Let us make this our motto: "Proud To Be a Goan," and live up to that motto.

Goan Basilio Magno from Spain wrote the theme song, "Proud to be a Goan," especially for the celebration of the First World Goa Day on August 20, 2000. His composition has become synonymous with World Goa Day celebrations. The lyrics and music perfectly profess love for and solidarity with our motherland, Goa. This year, the song has been re-arranged by Emiliano da Cruz and sung by Lulu, one of Goa's top singers. This song can be downloaded from the website www.goaday.com

This year's GOA DAY event has captured the imagination of many Goans. The many postings on the various Goan internet forums have stimulated the understanding Goans have of their unique heritage. The world-wide organizing and coordinating committees will help us achieve results.

rene barreto
20th August 2003
We wait for your response ...........if you care.

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