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Newsletter. Issue 2003-17. August. 20, 2003
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World Goa Day Special
August 20, 2003

World-wide Goans set to celebrate World Goa Day
From Navhind Times
Posted on Goanet - August 12, 2003 by Joaquim Fernandes

Suffused in a mix of love and nostalgia, Goans across the globe are gearing up to celebrate World Goa Day on August 20. The date marks the inclusion of Konkani in the 8th Schedule of the Indian Constitution by both houses of Parliament in 1992. While talk of the event in Goa seems muted, a virtual fever is building up in cyberspace among the Goan communities now thriving in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, Portugal, Spain, Kenya, Tanzania and some countries of the Middle East.......

Full text at:

Message from Goa Day founder, Rene Barreto
Writing in the official website [www.goaday.com] of World Goa Day, London-based Mr Rene Barreto, convenor of the event, says, on Goa day this year, thousands of Goans will once again remind themselves of the need to work to preserve our culture, music, history, language, cuisine, and art for our children, the non-Goan community, and for posterity.? For Names of organizers of World Goa Day see .... http://www.goaday.com/org.php

Music for Goa Day "Proud to be Goan"
Words and Music by Basilio Magno from Spain.
Click here to download MP3 file

Where is Goa
Map of Goa (Click on the image to enlarge)
Source : http://www.bombayproperty.com/goamap.html

Facts on Goa:
Goa, a former Portuguese territory, for more than 450 years is often described as 'The Rome of the East'. It has over the past decades, become the dream holiday destination, for many a foreign tourist. More than 40 years after the departure of the Portuguese, Goa is perhaps the most westernized of all the states in Modern India. The majority of Goans are very bohemian. Easy going in nature, enjoying a typical 'tropical lifestyle'; including the 'siesta', which is usually from 1pm to 4pm, the hottest part of the day. Music, dance, drama, food and feni, are a few of the things most Goans are passionate about. For more information click Here

Recipes for Goa Day
Sweet Sannas & Sorpotel
Main Course : Chicken Cafreal, Mackerel Reichado & Veg Pulao
Side dish of Salad : Yoghurt Salad
Dessert: : Caramel Custard

More about World Goa Day --- link to http://www.goaday.com

Newsline Canada

Blackout in Ontario- Canada Bungles
OTTAWA - No power in crucial government offices. Conflicting, erroneous statements by top officials. Telephone information lines crashing. It wasn't a promising performance for a national emergency system weathering its first major test since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. How bad was it? Aides to Prime Minister Jean Chretien wrote an initial statement by hand, using candlelight to see what they were doing, because his Ottawa office didn't have an emergency generator.
See: http://www.goacom.com/news/news2003/aug/msg00066.html

Blackout of 2003 - Reasons:A failure to contain problems with three transmission lines in northern Ohio

A failure to contain problems with three transmission lines in northern Ohio just south of Cleveland was the likely trigger of the nation's biggest power blackout, a leading investigator says. Alarm systems that might have alerted engineers to the failed lines were broken, according to FirstEnergy Corp., the Akron, Ohio-based utility that officials said owned at least two of the three lines.
see: http://www.goacom.com/news/news2003/aug/msg00067.html

Indian (Goan) priests in demand for Catholic missions in the West
A quiet process of reverse evangelisation is on, as more and more Indian priests of Goan origin are heading abroad to fill up a vacuum left by declining vocations in the West. http://www.goacom.com/news/news2003/aug/msg00065.html

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