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Newsletter. Issue 2003-22. November. 01, 2003
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Newsline Canada

Canadian support for Goan initiative to promote organic farming
Guardian Angel Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology Curchorem, also known as Guardian Angel Polytechnic (GAP), is promoting organic farming with the assistance of Fr Inacio Almeida, SFX. The institute, in collaboration with Niagara College, a Canada based culinary institute is formulating a viable project in order to give impetusto this project in Goa.
See details at http://www.goacom.com/news/news2003/oct/msg00134.html

Getting that first job in Canada
It's not easy to land a job in your own field. Most newcomers have had a tough time finding a job related to their backgrounds because of their language ability and the lack of Canadian work experiences," says Boras, who was a high school English teacher in Split, Croatia, before coming to Canada seven years ago.
See full article at: http://www.goacom.com/news/news2003/oct/msg00125.html

New Airline plans to cut travel time - Nonstop Toronto-Delhi to 12-13 hours
Mississauga, on, 17 Oct 2003 - The management team behind Canada's newest airline, the Mississauga-based AeroFalcon Inc. says its goal to become Canada's premier airline is no flight of fancy. Two months after today's launch ceremony, AeroFalcon will begin three direct weekly flights to Southeast Asia. Currently all flights from Pearson International Airport take more than 24 hours because of stopovers. AeroFalcon's direct flights will cut travel time to between 12-13 hours.
See full article at: http://www.goacom.com/news/news2003/oct/msg00120.html

Racism exposé rocks U.K. Police
LONDON-Eight British police officers have either resigned or been suspendedafter a television documentary secretly filmed disturbing examples of racism among recruits. A documentary, filmed by an undercover reporter who spent five months working as a trainee and two months as a police officer in northern England, shook forces throughout the country.
But ethnic minority police officers and anti-racism groups saw the documentary as further evidence of a deep-rooted racism that has long plagued police forces in England and Wales.
See full article at: http://www.goacom.com/news/news2003/oct/msg00114.html

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