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Newsletter. Issue 2003-23. November. 15, 2003
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In November the month for Remembrance our thoughts turn to our ancestors, to those who died in the service our nations, and to those who died in the past year.

Please visit our Memorial page to record your tribute to your loved ones. Click here.

Newsline Canada

New Prime Minister of Canada, Paul Martin says
"Within a generation, the United States will not be the lone economic superpower. China and India are already accelerating global competition, shaking the foundations of the world economy.
Just as breakthroughs in information technology and communications powered the economic surge of the 1990s, the next decade will witness similar advances in technologies we've never even heard of today. All of this with a potential to revolutionize the way we work, the way we think, how we build the communities where we live and raise our children.

Whether it is our traditional industries or tomorrow's, these enabling technologies will transform our economic base. They will be the world's engines of growth.

Ours must be an economy driven by individual ingenuity and creativity; this means an education system second to none; this means committing to the pursuit of excellence and innovation. ""Across the country, a new guard is taking the centre of the political stage, demanding an end to our perennial problem - the uniquely Canadian combination of regional discord and inter-governmental bickering.

And, most importantly, the old insecurities about the Canadian identity have been replaced by increasing confidence, pride and ambition. A new sense of nationhood has taken hold - one that is at ease with our multicultural diversity and linguistic duality"

For text of the notes for Paul Martin's speech to the Liberal leadership convention today click here.

Immigration to Canada - Government trying to take care of Sharks preying on would-be migrants to Canada
Canada's Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, the Hon. Denis Coderre, announced that as of April, 2004, the activities of immigration consultants who interact with Citizenship and Immigration Canada
will be regulated. This is an historic development in Canada's immigration system, one that will significantly enhance consumer protection and reduce fraud.
The Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants, a non-profit Canadian corporation, has been created. Effective April, 2004, immigration consultants who wish to file new applications with Citizenship and Immigration Canada or the Immigration and Refugee Board must be members of the Society.

See full article at: http://www.goacom.com/news/news2003/nov/msg00039.html

Canada Immigration - Delays in processing Spousal Category permits.
Nov. 1, 2003. 01:00 AM
Toronto Star
Applicant kept in dark about waiting times, treated rudely

In theory, applicants for permanent residency who are applying within Canada in the spousal category can get an approval in principle from the immigration department within 90 days.This tells the applicant they are almost certain to be approved and can get a work permit while the rest of the paperwork is done. That's how it's supposed to work - in theory. Having just spent what amounts to the worst seven months of my life waiting for my 90-day approval in principle on my inland/spousal sponsorship application for permanent residence, I'm wondering how many other inland applicants have survived the ordeal.
I still can't believe the cavalier manner with which misinformation was distributed to would-be immigrants to Canada. For full text click here.

Goa to set up NRI cell in Canada, says minister
by Eugene Correia
Posted on Nov 12, 2003

The Goa government will set up a Non-Resident Indian cell in Canada, according to Minister of Industries, Francisco D'Souza.
D'Souza, who also holds the portfolio of Law and Judiciary, said the cell would work to attract foreign investment in the state.
See article at: http://www.goacom.com/news/news2003/nov/msg00058.html

Konkani Lessons in the GTA - Dinner celebration
A dinner was held at The Flaming Copper Pot Restaurant in Mississauga on October 17 to celebrate the successful conclusion of the first phase of sixteen two hour weekly Konkani lessons in the GTA. Most of the fourteen students who completed the course attended. As usual, the food and the ambience was excellent and complemented by just as good service. The new proprietor, Mr. Felix D'Souza (an Anjuncar, I am proud to say) has maintained the standard set by Mr. Gerry Gomes. For full text click here.

Toronto novelist, M.G. Vassanji, becomes first repeat winner. His book set in Colonial Kenya in the 1950s
The In-Between World of Vikram Lall, Vassanji's fifth novel, is the story of Vic, an Indian-born Kenyan exiled to a small town on the shores of Lake Ontario. From his Canadian vantage point, Vic reflects back on his life in British-ruled Kenya, the complexities of his past, and the choices that shaped his life. See: http://www.goacom.com/news/news2003/nov/msg00016.html

OTTAWA (CP) - People were warned Friday not to eat a certain brand of tandoori masala that may contain a carcinogenic food colouring not permitted for use in Canada.
The Canadian Food Inspection Agency said it was recalling RAJAH brand Tandoori Masala that was sold in 100-gram, 400-gram, and 1-kilogram bags and 100-gram tins because the colouring used has been linked to cancer in laboratory animals. The affected packages have a best before date of 18 07 2005 (July 18, 2005), and may have been distributed nationally, the agency said in a release.

The mandatory recall order, issued by federal Agriculture Minister Lyle Vanclief, requires anyone selling, marketing or distributing the product to recall it. Sudan 1, a red dye, is not allowed as a food colour in Canada.For more information, consumers and industry can call the Canadian Food Inspection Agency at 1-800-442-2342

News Clips from Goa
by Joel D'Souza & Fred Noronha

Tourist season taking off subtly
The hospitality industry in Goa this season is quite upbeat with the prospects of arrivals of over 400 charters from various international destinations. Ashiwini Kakkar of Thomas Cook India Ltd, which is responsible for about 25,000 foreign tourists through charters, expects a big boost to the tourist season with expectations of 25 to 30 per rise. However, after the arrival of the first couple or charters, the fortnight intervening October-November experienced a lull, with SilkAir from Singapore and Holland, besides Continental Airlines, Moscow, and Domeodedovo Airlines, putting off their flights for their own ‘operational’.

Largest coast guard vessel
Advanced offshore patrol vessel “CGS Sagar” built by Goa Shipyard ltd, was commissioned by Defence Minister George Fernandes on November 3 at the Mormugao Post. The 102.5 meters long “Sagar” is the fourth vessel of its kind and is the largest vessel to be inducted in the Indian Coast Guard. The 1930 tonne ship has a range of 6000 nautical miles and can attain a speed of 21.7 knots with excellent maneuvering capabilities.

Goa weather
Though Goa does not experience a real winter as such. However, by mid-November the weather gradually turns pleasant. The heat has already been on the decline, the skies are gradually attaining the regal blue shade to match the waters along the charming beach stretch. Though the monsoon has departed all of a sudden this year, several parts of Goa did experience a heavy downpour, along with thunder claps and lightning last week.

Goan scientist off to Antarctica
Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences senior research scientist Dr Joaquim I Goes is off to Antarctica, aboard ice-breaker Nathaniel Palmer, with a bunch of very well known US scientists on a National Science Foundation-sponsored mission to examine the ozone hole and its ultraviolet implications. Dr Goes is the lead investigator of one of six research teams, which departed from Christchurch, New Zealand, in end-October.

Old Goa gears up
With the novenas for the feast of St Francis Xavier at Old Goa scheduled to commence on November 24, there is plenty of activity in preparation of the oncoming event. The huge pandal, with a seating capacity of around 10,000 devotees, has already taken shape. With the proposal to make Goa a permanent centre for the International Film Festival of India, as also with the forthcoming Exposition of the sacred remains of “Goemcho Saib” next year, the State government has chalked up a series of steps to improve the look and facilities at the World Heritage site at Old Goa.

People Places and Things

Instilling driving sense
Besides building a good rapport with the customers, providing quality service to them is very important in order to win their confidence and trust. And that helps to establish better contacts with others, widening the scope of business, believes the budding entrepreneur from Assagao-Badem, Hubert McDonald de Souza. In 1985, he opened the McDonalds Driving School and till date continues to train those desiring to become good and efficient drivers. (Pio Estves in NT)

Book on goan religious orders
'The religious orders in Goa during XVI-XVII centuries', a book by Prof Olivinho JF Gomes observes that the religious conversions during 16th and 17th centuries as witnessed by Goa, formed organisation of a mass movement for social transformation, wherein members of the elite class actively participated to become part of the ruling class.
The Episcopal Vicar for the Religious for Goa, Fr Kyriel D'Souza, who earlier released the book at the Fundacao Oriente, in Panaji, said that the book was a well researched document which was not strictly a pious book, but contained social, economical and cultural contexts. (NT)

By: Johnny Lobo - Mississauga Canada
The M.R. De Souza Gold Cup donated by Tommy Emar De Souza in Memory of his father was the pre-eminent field hockey cup in Kenya and the annual tournament attracted the world's best teams. In 1952 its inaugural year the trophy was won by the Goan Institute. It became the "Blue Riband" of East African hockey and was subsequently won by the Goan Institute Kampala (1953) and the Goan Institute Dar-es-salam(1957). The Cup was also won by the Railway Goan Institute in 1958

The Kenya Goan Sports Association was founded in 1947 and they were given the honour to run the prestigious M.R. De Souza Gold Cup tournament in 1952. The K.G.S.A was also affiliated to all other sports Associations.

However former players and supporters would like to know what has happened to the Gold cup after the tournament was abandoned when the K.G.S.A. finally wound up.

If anyone has any information about the cup in question please communicate to:-

See "The Tommy Emar Gold Cup Hockey Tournament was revived after a span of 27 years by the Bombay Women's Hockey Association." For more text click here.

Tata Motors, the Indian firm is building City Rover car for the UK market.
Tata Motors, the Indian firm that is building MG Rover's next car for the UK market, has been showing off the City Rover, which is due to go on sale in November.

Tata, a former truck maker that expanded into consumer automobiles in the 1990s, is making the City Rover at its plant in Pune, in the western Indian state of Maharashtra.

See: http://www.goacom.com/news/news2003/nov/msg00036.html


From Goa Sudharop, www.goasudharop.org....

Goa Sudharop Community Development Inc. recognizes the crucial and vital role played by Goan women in the development and sustenance of Goan society and their tremendous contributions. They have not always received their just recognition. International Goan Women's Appreciation Day is being celebrated on Sunday, November 16, 2003 in their honour.

To commemorate the occasion, an e-Book featuring Goan women achievers from all over world, in different spheres of human endeavour, will be released on that day. It will be available for download, free of cost, on the organization's website at http://www.goasudharop.org.

Please email the biodata of Goan women who have excelled in their chosen field/career, or as volunteers to various causes, including their achievements and their ancestral village in Goa, to: by November 10, 2003. Responses received after that date will be included in an updated version to be released in 2004.

Each submission cannot exceed 150 words in total. The decision of the editorial team of Goa Sudharop is final with respect to any matters pertaining to this E-book. The E-book is not meant to be a scholarly, researched or complete survey of significant contributions of Goan women. It is meant to be a start to enable the continued recognition and appreciation of Goan women.

Make sure your have your PR Card
The permanent resident (PR) card is a wallet-sized, plastic status card that replaces the paper IMM 1000 Record of Landing document. As of December 31, 2003, the PR card will be the proof of status document required by permanent residents seeking to re-enter Canada on a commercial carrier (airplane, boat, train or bus).
As of December 31, 2003, permanent residents returning to Canada without a valid PR card will not be permitted to board their carrier. They will have to contact the nearest Canadian embassy or consulate to obtain a limited use travel document to re-enter Canada at a cost of $50 for each one.

The PR card increases Canada's border security by improving the integrity of the immigration process. It also provides cardholders with secure, convenient proof of their permanent resident status when re-entering Canada.

For further details see: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/pr-card/index.html


It is with deep sorrow that we announce the passing away on 11/11/03 of: Fernando (Ferdy) Mendes Beloved husband of Ingrid and Loving Father of Eleanor and Ivan Beloved Son of: the late C.Sebastian Mendes and Mary Mendes Beloved Brother of :Mildred/Cedric Abreu; Tony/Ramona;Alvaro/Doreen; Stella/Agnelo DeSouza Son-in-law of :Thomas and Sabina DeSouza, Brother-in-law of : Leo/Debbie, Conrad/Wilma, Irene/Nelson Tellis, Iona/Joe Pereira Uncle of : Brendan, Hazel, Alistair/Trish, Heather, Nicole, Lionel, Nathan, Melissa and Jonathan, Mark, Wayne, Jessica, Jonathan and Joanna, Amanda and Melissa, Grand Uncle Of: Bethany
"He always gave to those whom he touched, love, friendship and lots of laughter. Taken from us far too soon, he will be greatly missed.".

Messages of Condolence are being received at the following email address

Goa/Borivali-Bombay, ELIZENA (MAC) DE SOUZA. Mother of Henry, Harold, Amelia, Francis, Victor and Felicia. Sister-in-law of Nina, Anton, Neil. (all of Canada and UK). Sister to Sr Collette of Borivali, Bombay.


Sunday November 16th 2003
EVENT: International Goan Women's Appreciation Day
International Goan Women's Appreciation Day is being celebrated in the San Francisco Bay Area and world-wide (in Goa, etc.).
The gorgeous Lake Merritt Sailboat House at 568 Bellevue Avenue,
Oakland, CA 94610. View picture of facility at
TIME: 11AM-2:30PM
DATE: NOV 16, 2003, SUNDAY
TICKETS:$15 for adults (includes lunch), age 18 and over,
$10 for children (includes lunch),
age 4-18 Children under 4 free-Kids facilities available including free baby sitting

Sunday, November 16th 2003
EVENT: Navelim Social
Union of Navelim Invites you to celebrate The Fest of Our Lady of The Holy Rosary.
Music by Blindfold Test & D.J.Darren
Time: 12:00 Rosary, 12:30 Mass, followed by social
Venue : St Peter & Paul Banquet Hall, 231 Milner Ave. Scarborough
Tickets: Adult $28
Kids $15 (between age 3-13)
Please contact committee members for tickets
Sency Gomes
Kurt Fernandes 416-850-0579
Ludger Gomes 416-282-0231

Saturday November 22nd, 2003
EVENT: Ven Fr Agnelo - Platinum Jubilee
Fr. Agnelo Devotion Center Rockville, Maryland
Invites you to Come and Celebrate the Third Annual Mass and Platinum Jubilee of the 75th Death Anniversary of Our Venerable Fr. Agnelo DeSouza Of Goa, India

On Saturday November 22, 2003 At 1:00 p.m. at
St. Catherine Laboure Church
11801 Claridge Road
Wheaton, MD 20902

Followed by a Reception at:
Wheaton-Claridge Recreation Center
one block from the Church
At 11901 Claridge Road

Directions: From Capital Beltway I- 495 take MD 97/Georgia Avenue Exit 31 towards Wheaton, move onto left lane. Go about 1.5 miles and veer left onto MD 586/Veirs Mill Road. Go about 1.5 miles and the Church is on the right at the corner of Veirs Mill Road and Claridge Road.

For information contact:
Armande Condillac (301) 927-4648
Agnelo Gonsalves (301) 924-2100

Wednesday November 26th,2003
EVENT: An inaugural meeting
Venue: Our Lady of the Rosary Church (parish hall) 2950 Midland Ave,Scarborough (just south of Finch Ave)
All seniors are invited to participate in forming a group (55+) serving the Scarborough/Pickering/Ajax/Markham/Thornhill/North York area.

An inaugural meeting is planned on Wednesday November 26,2003 at 7p.m. sharp.

To register your interest in the group please e-mail:

Saturday, November 29th 2003
EVENT: The Friends of Saint Francis Xavier
Invites all Goans to come and join in the celebration of the feast of St. Francis Xavier
On Saturday 29th November 2003
At St. Francis Xavier Church
5650 Mavis Road, (Mavis & Matheson),
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

A solemn procession at 10.00 a.m. with the relic of St. Francis Xavier and an honour guard provided by the Knights of Columbus, and a Goan Konkani Choir will grace the celebration. Followed by solemn high mass
Celebrant : Fr. Terence D'Souza
Thereafter the congregation is invited to a Family Fair in the Church Hall, with food stalls, gift tables, etc..
Everyone is invited (Admission is Free)

For further information on participation, contact
Evelyn De Souza
(905) 270 -9165
John J. D'Souza (905) 451-2527
Lazarus Pereira (416) 292-1653 or fax: (416) 292-07

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2003
EVENT: Feast of St. Francis Xavier
Organized by: Son's and Daughters of the Goan Tailor's Society
Mass will be held at Christ the King Church.
(3495 Confederation Parkway, Mississauga, Tel 905 270 1133)
at 7:30 p.m. followed by a social gathering in the Church Hall - Downstairs.
Saturday, December 6th, 2003
EVENT: Feast of St. Francis Xavier's Dance
At 6:00 p.m. at the Royal Banquet Hall,
(185 Statesman Drive, Mississauga, Tel 905 564 7895)
Tickets: Adults/Seniors:- $20:00
Children: 6-12 Years:- $10:00
Children: 0-5 Years:- Free
For details & tickets Contact
Tony Fernandes 905 823 3067 Tony Cunha 905 567 6460
Babush Barreto 905 785 0061 Nash Fernandes 905 858 0581
Fatz Fernandes 905 824 6418 Suku Gomes 905 819 1825
Antonio Fernandes 905 858 - 8461 Rosy Cabral 416 494 4540

Saturday, December 06th, 2003
EVENT: Christmas Dinner Dance
Organized by: GOA Chicago 
Time : From 6:30pm to 12:00 pm
Venue: At the Crown Jewel, 1730 S. Elmhurst Rd, Des Plaines IL Tel: (847) 847-758-8225
Intersection of Elmhurst Rd/Oakton Rd
Here are the details of the program
6:30 PM Doors open.
7:00 PM – 8:00PM: Cocktails/Hors d'oevers and Open bar.
7.30PM: Our Chief guest from Greenland “Mr. Claus” will entertain and distribute presents to your children. (Parents please bring your presents before Santa arrives)
8:00PM – 9:00PM: Dinner with music (Open Bar closed 8:00pm-9:00pm)
9:00PM - Dancing until midnight (Bar open 9-11)
To summarize, you will have appetizers, open bar (free drinks), Santa's grand entrance, three main course dinner buffet and a great live band.
Seating is limited so please RSVP ASAP.
RSVP before November 24th, 2003
Please visit the site below for information for the Christmas Dance

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