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Newsletter. Issue 2003-23. November. 15, 2003
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Instilling driving sense
Besides building a good rapport with the customers, providing quality service to them is very important in order to win their confidence and trust. And that helps to establish better contacts with others, widening the scope of business, believes the budding entrepreneur from Assagao-Badem, Hubert McDonald de Souza. In 1985, he opened the McDonalds Driving School and till date continues to train those desiring to become good and efficient drivers. (Pio Estves in NT)

Book on goan religious orders
'The religious orders in Goa during XVI-XVII centuries', a book by Prof Olivinho JF Gomes observes that the religious conversions during 16th and 17th centuries as witnessed by Goa, formed organisation of a mass movement for social transformation, wherein members of the elite class actively participated to become part of the ruling class.
The Episcopal Vicar for the Religious for Goa, Fr Kyriel D'Souza, who earlier released the book at the Fundacao Oriente, in Panaji, said that the book was a well researched document which was not strictly a pious book, but contained social, economical and cultural contexts. (NT)

About the M.r. De Souza gold cup for field hockey
By: Johnny Lobo - Mississauga Canada
The M.R. De Souza Gold Cup donated by Tommy Emar De Souza in Memory of his father was the pre-eminent field hockey cup in Kenya and the annual tournament attracted the world's best teams. In 1952 its inaugural year the trophy was won by the Goan Institute. It became the "Blue Riband" of East African hockey and was subsequently won by the Goan Institute Kampala (1953) and the Goan Institute Dar-es-salam(1957). The Cup was also won by the Railway Goan Institute in 1958
The Kenya Goan Sports Association was founded in 1947 and they were given the honour to run the prestigious M.R. De Souza Gold Cup tournament in 1952. The K.G.S.A was also affiliated to all other sports Associations.
However former players and supporters would like to know what has happened to the Gold cup after the tournament was abandoned when the K.G.S.A. finally wound up.
If anyone has any information about the cup in question please communicate to:-
See "The Tommy Emar Gold Cup Hockey Tournament was revived after a span of 27 years by the Bombay Women's Hockey Association." For more text click here.

Tata Motors, the Indian firm is building City Rover car for the UK market.
Tata Motors, the Indian firm that is building MG Rover's next car for the UK market, has been showing off the City Rover, which is due to go on sale in November.
Tata, a former truck maker that expanded into consumer automobiles in the 1990s, is making the City Rover at its plant in Pune, in the western Indian state of Maharashtra.
See: http://www.goacom.com/news/news2003/nov/msg00036.html

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