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Newsletter. Issue 2003-24. November. 29, 2003
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Newsline Canada

Happy Feast
Message from Friends of St. Francis Xavier (Toronto) Mass Brochure
November 29, 2003
Dear Friends:

It has been my pleasure and privilege to preside over the committee responsible for the celebration of this year’s feast of St. Francis Xavier.

It is my particular pleasure to participate in this feast hosted by the St. Francis Xavier Church of Mississauga because of the extraordinary contribution of the Pastor of this Parish to the local community. Father Terence D’Souza has taken a leaf out of St. Francis Xavier’s book. He is, and continues to be, a sterling example of one individual who can accomplish great things against, what seems at the time, overwhelming odds.

St. Francis Xavier is an inspiration to all of us. Once he put his hand to the “missionary plough”, Francis never looked back. He became all things to all men that he might be instrumental in the salvation of all. To the people of Goa, where his holy relics are enshrined, he is known as the Patron of Goa. In the language of Goa, Konkani, he is known as Goycho Saib (the Lord of Goa).

Next year, beginning on the 21st November and ending on the 2nd January, 2005 the sacred relics of St. Francis Xavier will be exposed to the public. This is an event that happens in Goa once every ten years. It is a time when the faithful ask favours from God through the powerful intercession of St. Francis Xavier. Disputing parties come together to resolve their differences at the feet of the Saint. Childless couples beg St. Francis for the boon of a child and solitary bachelors or spinsters for a suitable companion in life. The list is unending...

Let us use this day to celebrate Francis Xavier's dynamic contribution to the Church. We are privileged to follow in his footsteps.

I wish you all a very Happy Feast.

Tim de Mello

Multiculturalism (In Canada ): its Advantages and Limits
Text of Address by +Aloysius Cardinal Ambrozic - November 13, 2003 at Empire Club

What is Multiculturalism?
It is much easier to say what it is not. It is not a multiplicity of economic systems; nor is it a multiplicity of legal or public administrative systems; nor is it a multiplicity of public educational systems. Even heritage classes in schools follow the pattern accepted in our schools. .....
The difficulty in defining multiculturalism is compounded by the difficulty in defining or describing the culture we live in. McLuhan's statement that fish was not the first to analyze water is very applicable here. While we find it easier to describe other cultures, we do it by means of contrasting them with our own customs. Pierre Berton has written a book on being Canadian: I cannot recall the title, but I found it insightful; but it too set up a contrast with the Americans. Luigi Barzini's Italians comes to mind as about the best description of a culture known to me......
To the best of my ability I would describe the phenomenon of multiculturalism in Canada as "a benevolent letting be, in religion, language and private customs, in regard to ethnic communities and individuals". The emphasis here is on "benevolent", for ethnic communities have existed and will exist whether the dominant culture likes it or not. I shall return to the importance of the term "benevolent".
Full text at :http://www.goacom.com/news/news2003/nov/msg00122.html

New Ontario Government Throne Speech
See: http://www.goacom.com/news/news2003/nov/msg00111.html
See also: http://www.premier.gov.on.ca/english/Library/ThroneSpeech112003_ts.asp
Premier McGuinty made his comments as the Honourable James K. Bartleman, Ontario's Lieutenant Governor, presented a Speech from the Throne, opening the First Session of the 38th Parliament of Ontario.
In the Speech, the government highlights the need for decisive action. Since the year 2000, spending has grown more than ten times faster than tax revenue. If no action were taken, the Tory deficit would grow to $7.7 billion next year and $8.6 billion in 2007. And that's without any new programs or spending.

The Speech also lists several steps the government will take to keep its commitment to:
- Provide Excellence for All in Education, including anti-bullying programs, safety audits, character education, and new programs to ensure teaching excellence, while laying the foundation for smaller class sizes, learning until 18, and the Best Start early childhood education plan.

- Deliver the Health Care We Need, including introduction of a new Commitment to the Future of Medicare Act, new agreements to bring new private hospitals into the public sector, more independence for the Chief Medical Officer of Health, smoke-free workplaces, and more accountability for health care dollars.

-Build an Economy that Achieves Our Potential, including a two-year tuition freeze, access to trades and professions, a plan to ensure stable and reliable electricity, an increase in the minimum wage and an end to the legislated 60-hour workweek.

-Grow Strong Communities, including a permanent greenbelt across the Golden Horseshoe, a ban on the disposal of untreated toxic sludge, protection of our drinking water and fresh water resources, and measures to stop urban sprawl.

-Create Government that Works for You, including a new minister for democratic renewal and steps to give MPPs a greater role and hold ministers accountable for attending Question Period.

Emigrating to Canada? - - Think again!
If you are in a computer related industry in India and thinking of emigrating to the US or Canada then you need to think again.
For full text on "The makings of tech juggernauts" in the Business Section of today's Toronto Star click here.
Craig Mundie, chief technical officer at Microsoft Corp was speaking at a Canadian Club luncheon.
Here are two quotes from the article:
"All of these things are kind of a stealth process that's draining away current and even future talent from places like Canada," he says, adding that the old brain-drain problem - that is, the flow of jobs from Canada to the United States - pales in comparison.
"If they thought that was bad, now we're seeing the input supply being choked off - you're kind of losing it on both ends. I think there's real risk."

"`It's scary, and frankly I don't think that policy makers of the G8 countries, broadly defined, have really come to grips with the fact of how radical they might have to be'Craig Mundie, chief technical officer at Microsoft Corp.

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