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October-December, 2003
from the Chairman,
Q. Lopes
Dear Members and Friends
Another year has come to end and it seems just like yesterday that we celebrated a very quiet and anxious Christmas and New Year (for some). There were dramatic changes during the course of the year, some good and some not so good, a New Government in place, water shortages etc. but we have weathered through all this and now look forward to yet another festive season and Year End.

Every year there is an outcry and passionate appeals from individuals and organizations for us to spare some thought to the less fortunate in our society. Let this year be no different where we as a community or individually make a marked difference in the life of at least one individual with our contributions.

During this season of goodwill let us not just talk about it but put our words into actions where we renew old acquaintances and make new friends.

The GWS calendar was marked with some clearly eventful occasions and as we come to the close of yet another year we look forward to your continued support with active participation at ALL of our events.

Chairman?s Message
Medical Insurance
Past events
Sambau movie
Anniversary mass
Forthcoming events
4th EAGC
Speedy Recovery
Our Deepest Sympathy
Bon Voyage
Employment Corner

I take this opportunity on behalf of your committee and my family to wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2004.

More importantly, I wish each of you the priceless gift, of Good health in the years ahead.

Dev Borem Corum

Q. Lopes

Medical Insurance ? IMPORTANT NOTICE
At the request of some members below is a very brief summary of the Medical Insurance schemes that are available through the GWS.

1) Madison Insurance Company Ltd.
a) Accepting members below 65yrs of age.
b) Can join any time during the year ? Premium Pro-rated
c) Has cover ranging from 0.3 to 10million.
d) Premium range from 9754/= to 24,747/= for a single.
e) Covers all major hospitals.

2) Med-x Insurance Co.
a) Accepting members below 65yrs of age.
b) Can join any time during the year ? Premium Pro-rated.
c) Covers pre-existing conditions.
d) Have 3 Cover limits. ? 4m, 8m & 12m per family.
e) Premiums ? 15,918/=, 20,968/= and 22,933/= respectively.
f) Financing available through AAA.
3) AAR Health Services.
a) Accepting members below 60yrs of age.
b) Accepting on Group renewal date.
c) Have 4 cover limits. - 0.5m, 1.35m, 8m and 20m
d) Premiums ? 22,000/=, 11,800/=, 18,800/= & 39,950/= respectively (per principal )
Please contact Que or Vincent for more details.
Q. Lopes Tel: Off: 534008, Hse: 556226, Mobile: 0722-374030.
Vincent Lobo: Tel: Off: 225981, Hse: 505415, Mobile 0722-656661

Once again we appeal to all members of our community that do not have any Insurance cover to please reconsider their inaction and do something about it NOW.

Past events:
The Hulk (Sambau Initiative)
The latest block-buster, The Hulk, was brought to the big screen at the Fox Drive-In by the Sambau group. Amazingly the film started on time and those who attend the show were not disappointed. We need more of the Goan community and friends, to pull together to support these fund-raising initiatives. Sambau were able to make a reasonable profit after covering the costs and these funds will go toward paying for setting up the Sambau office and buying the radio system. Please send in your generous donations so that we can support this group of young volunteers who is looking into the welfare of our community. A big thank you goes to Raja Sarkar who not only sold the most tickets but was also instrumental in getting this show on the road. In order to pool resource Sambau will serve both the Goan and Bengali communities.
GWS Anniversary Mass ? 11th October 2003
The GWS Anniversary Celebrations were well organized by Mila Lopes. The celebrations were held at Don Bosco Shrine, Upper Hill. Starting on time at 4.30 pm there was a rosary
procession followed by a healing service conducted by Fr. Paul and a mass con-celebrated by three priests -Fr. Wilfred, Fr. Tony and Fr. Paul. The congregation of 100 people enjoyed the religious ceremonies. A delicious supper was served at the banda behind the church. Our sincere thanks goes Piety and Maria Goes donated the traditional Goan food - gram, sorpatel ,mutton curry and pilau , the delicious sandwiches donated by Lina D?Souza and Elvira Blunsum , cake- Blanch D?Souza & Connie Pacheco, and drinks donated by Peter DaCosta and cash donation from Alan Oliveira.
Konkani Classes ? 4th October to 15th November 2003
The Konkani classes were a great success. To our mistrin ?Mrs. Isabella De Souza we say ? Deo borem corum! We learnt not only grammar but also well loved Goan dulpods like ?Undra Mojea Mama? and the famous ?Besaum?. Faithfully a group of 20 people came every Saturday during October and November and learnt their mother tongue. Today the participants can confidently converse in basic Konkani and also splice their conversation with a few upar. This is just the start ? Isabella has agreed to continue these classes in the New Year ? and I for one am looking forward to knowing more about my mother tongue.
Picnic ?Fishermans Camp Naivasha -30th November 2003
We had over 100 Goaenkars scattered on the lawns of Fisherman Camp on that warm sunny day in Naivasha. For a change the weather behaved itself although we were prepared for any eventualities. They came in a coach- hired from Budget, mini van courtesy Visit Africa and their own private transport just to have fun and be together as a ?Family?

As always where Goans gather there is wine, dance and song galore. We were entertained to songs in the mother tongue, English, and Swahili, accompanying them was a ?Band?( a guitar , harmonica, drums(the table),and the cymbals(beer bottle/spoon). To add to the hype Lillian gave us a superb cabaret show on stage (the table). The Intoxicating fresh air of Naivasha was to blame. The grass of Fisherman Camp took the brunt of it all as those who enjoy dancing took to the floor and danced the day away to the sounds of band and singers.

Ladies and youngsters played games and the youngsters gave us a run for our money all in the name of fun. The younger members kept themselves busy playing ball and catch. The men decided a card game of ?flush? could not be omitted from their category of fun.

A big thank you goes to Maria D?Souza who volunteered her valuable time to do the necessary shopping and the cooking to feed the masses. To Lewis D?Souza of Visit Africa who without hesitation offered a Mini van to take the excess of the coach- thank you. To all those who helped to organize- Thank you and last but no least to all you wonderful people who made this trip happen for without you there would have been no fun!- Asante sana

By Joyce Shamshudin

Forthcoming Event
4th East African Goan Convention, Arusha
The fourth East African Goan Convention will take place over the Easter weekend (11th to 14th April 2004) in Arusha. We would like to have a large delegation going down to Arusha to support this grand event. The Youth Programme will be accommodated at the same time. The main events will be: Sports, Convention, Cultural Festival and finally the Grand Ball. Details on these will be given to you shortly. We will be posting more information on the 4th EAGC but for now consider spending your Easter in Tanzania. Let us know if you are interested and we will keep you updated
Christmas and its True Meaning
By Fr. Tony Sequeira
The season of joy seems to have started with the decorations in shops and malls and advertising everywhere. They say 'joy is in the giving'. What they mean is that the sellers get a lot of joy when we buy their wares. Their message plays on our desire to make others happy, but also on our guilt feelings if we don't. Commercialism rather than Christ has become the centre of the season. Anticipating the enjoyment usually reduces the appreciation of the actual celebration, just as knowing what gift one is to receive reduces a child's surprise and joy on opening the gift on Christmas Day.
But in fact we have just started the season of Advent, the preparation for the coming of the Saviour as a human being. Advent invites us to some restraint, to some self-denial, to feel tangibly our 'poverty' and our need for the Saviour.
Yes, we know Jesus has come and is with us. Yet, we are also aware of the areas within us and in our world where He is still to come, to heal and to set free and to give abundant life. Advent is the time to get in touch with these areas where Christ is still absent. Where within me do I carry a hurt, hold a grudge, feel unable to forgive another, perhaps even unable to forgive myself? Where am I and others bound by fears, by prejudices, by anger and a desire for revenge, by shame and guilt for hidden or known actions? My world, our world needs the Saviour Jesus even today.
Christmas is the celebration of the festive coming and the actual presence of Jesus. He who is God comes as a tiny, weak, vulnerable baby. Who is afraid of a baby? "Fear not", is the constant greeting of God and His angels. We are invited to approach this Baby. We are encouraged to open our hearts and lives to Him. He comes not to condemn us, not to punish us, certainly not to destroy us. He comes to touch us, to heal us, to set us free, so that we may experience joy and life, truly and fully.
The slogan 'Put Christ back into Christmas' invites us to remember and to respond to the saving message of God to us and to all mankind. The greatest gift we receive is God giving Himself to us in the form of a little child, in Jesus who dies for love of us on the Cross, in the Risen Jesus who comes to us in the form of Bread and Wine as our food and drink. In experiencing His grace, His healing liberating love, we experience ourselves and our world in a newer fuller way. This is the Father's gift to us at Christmas.
Receiving this gift, we are empowered to throw off our fears and our prejudices, our guilt and our anger. We are empowered to forgive, to reach out, to love. We are empowered to give ourselves as gifts to others. Destructive bonds are exchanged for life-giving bonds. We experience ourselves as members of the new Kingdom of truth, of justice, of love and peace. Then from the depths of our hearts we can join the Angels in their song, "Glory to God in the highest, and peace on earth to all persons of good will."

Have a grace-filled Advent, a Joyful Christmas and a New Year full of Blessings!

Weddings & Engagements
  • Charmaine D?Souza and Michael Rattos on their engagement in June 2003
  • Renee and Brian De Souza on their wedding on the 22nd November 2003
  • Janice and Carl Brababdar daughter of Blanche and Late Bismarck Noronha on 6th September 2003 in Montreal, Canada
  • Farah and Christopher Misquitta on the birth of their daughter
  • Abhijeet (Raja) and Nafisa Sarkar the proud parents of bouncing twin girls, Kashvi & Keya.
  • Tony and Gracie Fernandes on the birth of their grand-daughter in Australia
Speedy recovery
  • Arthur Tavares
  • Alice D? Costa
  • Jonquil (daughter of Blanche & John De Souza)

Our deepest sympathy
  • To the family of Peter Barbosa on his death on 1st September 2003
  • Piedade Barreto and family on the death of her husband, Joao Abel Barreto on 1st September 2003
  • To Anna Fernandes and family on the death of Protasio Fernandes on September 11, 2003 in Canada.
  • To family and well wishers of Cardinal Maurice Otunga on his death on 6th September 2003.
  • Bob and Stella Zuzarte and family on the death of Pamela on 6th November 2003
  • Derek and Michelle Lisboa on the death of Michelle?s mother.
  • Orlando and Suzanne Costa Luis on the death of Orlando?s father in Mumbai,India on 26 November 2003.
  • Sunil And Genny Sarkar on the death if Sunil?s mother in India early last month.
Bon Voyage
Bon voyage to Savio, Rosary, Elena and Lauren Pereira. We wish them every happiness and all the best for their future in Melbourne, Australia.
  • Newly elected committees of the Nairobi Institute and the Goan Gymkhana.
  • Nicky and Clara D'Silva on their daughter's Delsie's, brilliant performance in the GCE O levels examination in which she attained 10 As.
  • Carol Pereira on her success in A.C.C.A. final examinations
  • Casper Costa-Luis, son of Orlando & Suzanne, for representing Kenya at the Athens Chess Olympiad in Greece.
  • To the President of the Republic of Kenya, His Excellency Mwai Kibaki and the People of Kenya on the 40th anniversary of independence.
New Members

We would like to say a ?karibuni? to our new members:
Francis and Theresa Rodrigues
Alex F. Carvalho
Administration Contributions
We have decided to remove this section for this Christmas edition in the interest of space. However, members are urged to pay the minimum Kshs. 1,800/= per working family member.
Gilu Fernandes, seeks Octaviano and Virginia DeSouza (ex Kenya Commercial Bank, Mombasa).
Employment corner
A) Sales Executive Positions: available for a youthful Goan/Asian men and women in their twenties and early thirties at Office Dynamics. Should have a sound knowledge of computers and basic education of A levels and above. Salary includes Ksh. 35,000 upward and commission on sales. Please contact the secretary of GWS or Anu Marwa on 532222/6

B) A new Kenyan based website called: www.myjobseye.com. This virtual based site assists people in obtaining employment.

Please contact the secretary ? Sylvia Pires on 228881or e-mail: for further details

If you are currently looking for a job let us have your CV and we will try to assist. Please send it via email to the Secretary.

Christmas Neurios By Gilda Mendonsa (The Best of Goan Cooking)
For the Filling:
cup small raisins cashewnuts (chopped fine) cup granulated sugar
1 cup-grated coconut, roasted lightly on a griddle teaspoon cardamon powder1 tablespoon sesame seeds, lightly roasted

For Frying:
kg flour salt to taste 4 tablespoons water 3 cups of oil for frying

Mix sieved flour and salt with the water to make a soft dough. Roll out the dough thinly on a floured board. Take a 2? biscuit cutter and cut out circles from the rolled out dough. Now, in a bowl, gently mix together all the ingredients for the filling. Put a teaspoonful of this filling onto pf the circle. Moisten the edge of the circle and gently press it over the filling to form a semi-circle. Press the tines of a fork round the edge of the neurio. Do likewise for the rest of the rounds till all the dough has been used. Heats the oil on a medium flame, and when it is very hot, lower the flame. Deep-fry the neurios in the hot oil, turning them over till both sides are a golden brown. Cool and store in an airtight jar.

  • When I die, I want to die like my grandfather -- who died peacefully in his sleep. Not screaming like all the passengers in his car."
    --Author Unknown
  • Advice for the day: If you have a lot of tension and you get a headache, do what it says on the aspirin bottle: "Take two aspirin" and "Keep away from children"
    --Author Unknown
  • "My mother-in-law said she learned how to swim when someone took her out in the lake and threw her off the boat. I said, 'Dear, they weren't trying to teach you how to swim - Paula Poundstone
  • After dangerously low jeans, Levis has come up with new jeans for the Goa market ....its called ABCD for girls ......
    ?Ago bai, chaddi dista"........!!
We await your comments, news, views and most of all assistance in recruiting more & more members.
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