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Newsletter. Issue 2003-3. Feb.8, 2003
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Newsline Canada

  • Visas now required for Immigrants to travel to U.S. http://www.goacom.com/news/news2003/feb/msg00007.html

  • Canadians find repulsive the prospect of increased, continuing and hidden surveillance of their lives, http://www.goacom.com/news/news2003/feb/msg00010.html

  • American visa requirements will create havoc for business travellers

  • Canada Customs & Revenue Agency creating database of all Canadian air passengers

  • Ontario MPP's Expense Claims
    Liberal Opposition Leader charged more than $20,000 for trips to Chicago and Washington & $200 a month for Tropicana orange drinks.

    Social Services Minister Brenda Elliott spent $103 on two lampshades for her office.

    Former tourism minister, Cam Jackson, spent some $70,000, including $14,000
    on downtown Toronto hotels complete with in-room movies and thousands more on pricey dinners. http://www.goacom.com/news/news2003/feb/msg00001.html

  • Canadian Hockey Team Third in Group at Indoor Hockey World Cup
    (This item first appeared in Goan Voice UK)
    From Shirley Fernandes in Toronto: There are no less than 7 Goans in the Canadian National Field Hockey team selected for Indoor World Cup, Leipzig, Germany 5 - 9 Feb. 2003. Click here to see thumbnails of the players: Robin D'Abreo, Ken Pereira, John De Souza, Wayne Fernandes and Wesley De Souza; Head coach Louis Mendonca and Manager Ed Fernandes. Click on the thumbnails for the biodata - quite a few of them were born in East Africa. To follow their progress, check http://www.indoor-hockey-world-cup.de/?lang=1&var=

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