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Newsletter. Issue 2003-7. Apr.5, 2003
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Goa Cashew Fenny on Sale in Toronto

943084 CASHEW FENNY $ 27.80 (Canadian)


'Big Boss', Goa, India 750 mL ~ (Madame Rosa Distillery)
This is a unique and rare opportunity to experience a spirit that has never been in our market before. Fenny (alternately spelled Feni) is a spirit distilled from either coconut sap or, in this case, the cashew apple that grows below the well-known cashew nut. Though other countries produce spirits from the cashew apple, Cashew Fenny is unique to Goa, India's 'Riviera' and a Portuguese colony until 1961. The pungent cashew apples are picked, foot-trodden and then fermented. After three days of fermentation, traditionally in mud pots but now more commercially in stainless steel tanks, the product is then triple distilled. Afterward the high alcohol is cut with spring water to bring it into line with most 40-45% alc./vol. drinks. Cashew Fenny is a unique taste experience. Many Goans drink it neat, but, for the international set, we recommend it on ice, with soda water and lemon or with a variety of fruit juices. It also works as an excellent partner with the Goan dish -Chicken Xacuti.


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