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Newsletter. Issue 2003-9. May. 3, 2003
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Profile: Karl deSouza~Staff Evangelist ~"Jews For Jesus"
"There are Jews in Pakistan?!?" is the common reaction I get when I tell people I was born in Karachi, Pakistan. My father, a Catholic, was of Goan origin (Goa is a western province of India), and my mother comes from the Bene-Israel Jewish community in India/Pakistan. We moved to Quebec,Canada when I was about four years old.
Mom considered herself Jewish and never "converted" to Catholicism, though she held Jesus in high esteem. One Sunday, Dad enrolled my brother and me in Sunday School at a Protestant church so we would learn more about the Bible.
Though I wasn't raised typically Jewish, I knew I had Jewish roots, especially when our family visited our relatives in Israel. At age 16, I stopped going to church in order to find the "true religion." see rest of article at http://www.jewsforjesus.ca/Karl.htm

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