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Newsletter. Issue 2004-20. Oct. 01, 2004
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Down Memory Lane
Seraphino Antao - Guest of Honour at R.G.I Anniversary Celebrations 1962

New Iraqi Air Force Buys Australian Planes - Seabird Seeker
From Radio Australia

A small Australian aircraft designer and manufacturer has made an
international breakthrough by selling two aircraft to the new Iraqi air force.

Review of Shauna Singh Baldwin's Latest Novel Inspired By Legendary Spy Noor Khan
By Binoy Thomas
Shauna Singh Baldwin is yet to achieve the name recognition that a Rohinton Mistry or an M.D. Vassanji, both Canada-based South Asian writers, easily command here.
Though born in Montreal to Sikh parents, Shauna has spent very little of her life in Canada, having been brought up in India and then found her love and calling in the USA.
The Tiger Claw, a fictionalized account of the real life adventures of an Indian Muslim girl who became a legendary British spy deployed into German-occupied France during the Second World War.
Noor was born to her Indian father and an American mother, and they lived in London before the First World War. But because of a poem that Khan wrote against the British occupation of India, he was harassed by the British authorities. So he moved to Paris in 1914. Noor went to Sorbonne University and became an author of children's stories.
When France fell to Germans, the Khan family fled to England in 1940. Noor trained there as a wireless operator and the British spy masters saw the immense potential in her. She became Special Operations Executive, trained to spy on the enemy from the occupied territory. She arrived back in France clandestinely in 1943 summer and set up her radio operations in Paris.

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