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Newsletter. Issue 2004-03. February. 07, 2004
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Would you choose love over career?
    NEW YORK, NY, Jan. 26 /CNW/ - The age old question of choosing a career over love is one faced by millions of couples the world over. Based on this common scenario, Date.com, a leading online dating site, posed this question to its members: Maria Shriver is considering taking an extended leave from her job as a Dateline NBC contributing anchor to support her husband, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Would you give up your career for someone you love?
    An overwhelming majority of 70 percent of both male and female members answered that "Yes, I would do it because I loved him/her, and sometimes that means putting your partner's needs ahead of your own."
    The remaining 30 percent answered: "No, I would be happier in the relationship if I could achieve my own dreams and contribute monetarily."
    "The Date.com results show that despite being a nation of workaholics, many people are willing to trade it all in for a loving relationship," said Brenda Ross, relationship advisor for Date.com.
    "It's nice to see that the vast majority of people are firm believers in the importance of love, even if it means putting on hold or giving up their careers," she added.
    This poll generated 1609 respondents.
    Date.com, "the new way to date," was launched on Valentine's Day 1997.
Date.com has more than two million male and female members worldwide who come to the site because it offers a convenient and safe way for singles to meet.
The site is adding new members at a rate of 200,000 per month and has hundreds of success stories. Date.com is headquartered in New York.

Not Attached? Not a Problem.
Dating Expert Shares Single Survival Tips for Valentine's Day

TORONTO, Feb. 2 /CNW/ - Valentine's Day. It's supposed to be a celebration of love and romance. But for Canada's singles, Valentine's Day is just another day - or worse. Not surprisingly, almost half of Canadian singles feel there is too much hype about February 14th and close to a third feel lonely or left out on this Hallmark holiday.
But singles don't despair. Ditch the couch, that tub of rocky road and your Sleepless in Seattle DVD - get out and celebrate your singledom this February 14th. To help you this Valentine's, dating coach, Kateryna Spiwak, will be available on Thursday, February 12th, to share her secrets to surviving the ultimate couple's holiday as a swinging single. Find out:
- What's hot (and what's not) - for those flying solo this Feb. 14th.
- Why confidence is key to navigating the treacherous waters of the single scene.
- Work? Bar? Or Internet? Where is the BEST (and worst) place to meet Mr. or Ms. Right?
- First impressions - what counts (your breath, your conversation skills) and what doesn't (your car, your exes).
- How to escape a bad first date - or turn a first date into a second.
WHO: Kateryna Spiwak dating expert and interpersonal skills coach - guru of the single scene.
WHAT: Talk to Kateryna for tips on how to survive the Valentine's Day hype as a bachelor or bachelorette.
WHEN: Thursday, February 12th
For further information: To arrange an interview, please contact
Jennifer Duggan/Sarah Lewis, Environics Communications, (416) 969-2846,
(416) 969-2759, /

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