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Newsletter. Issue 2004-06. March. 20, 2004
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Newsline Canada

Since 1966, the 21st of March has been recognized by the United Nations as the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. Canada was one of the first countries to support the UN declaration and, in 1989, the Department of Canadian Heritage launched its annual March 21 Campaign.

The March 21 Campaign
The March 21 Campaign was initiated in response to the need to heighten awareness of the harmful effects of racism on a national scale and to demonstrate clearly the commitment and leadership of the federal government to foster respect, equality and diversity. For more than ten years, the March 21 Campaign has mobilized youth across Canada to rise up and to take a stand against racism. Through their participation in the campaign, Canadian youth have spoken loudly and eloquently: there is no place for racism in their lives!
For details see: http://www.pch.gc.ca/march-21-mars/why-pourquoi/index_e.shtml

Diversity's drawbacks
RICHARD GWYN in Toronto Star
Mar. 10, 2004. 01:00 AM

Because of immigration, the population of Canada, and of the United States and Australia, and, less so, of most European countries, is undergoing radical change.
Levels of trust and co-operation are highest in ethnically homogeneous communities and lowest in open ones
In the current issue of the British policy magazine Prospects, editor David Goodhart raises what he calls "the progressives dilemma." Progressives, or liberals, believe in redistribution, from the well-off to the poor. They believe, as strongly, in immigration and multiculturalism.
They may not be able to have both, Goodhart believes.
"A generous welfare state is not compatible with open borders," he writes.
"Too often, the language of liberal universalism that dominates public debate ignores the real affinities of people and place ... People will always favour their own families and communities ... In a world of stranger citizens, taxpayers need reassurance that their money is being spent on people for whose circumstances they have some sympathy."
Goodhart isn't alone. The British government has just invited Robert Putman, author of Bowling Alone - about peoples' withdrawal from community institutions, from churches to service clubs - to tell it about his most recent study. This reveals, disturbingly, that levels of trust and co-operation are highest in ethnically homogeneous communities and lowest in diverse ones. For full text click here.

Ethnic neighbourhoods in Canada's three biggest cities
Toronto Star
Mar. 10, 2004. 06:50 AM
Ethnic mini-cities on rise: StatsCan
Immigrants settle in enclaves
Concerns raised about isolation
Recent immigrants are increasingly likely to settle in ethnic neighbourhoods in Canada's three biggest cities, raising concerns that they are becoming isolated from the rest of the community.
Statistics Canada reported yesterday that the number of ethnic neighbourhoods in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver - where more than 30 per cent of the population is from a particular ethnic group - jumped from six in 1981 to 254 in 2001.
The study maps out an "isolation index" showing where immigrants are least likely to meet people from outside their own visible-minority group.
"Residential concentration of minority groups may result in social isolation and reduce minorities' incentives to acquire the host-country language or to gain work experience and educational qualifications," the study warned. For full text click here.

Canada - Proportion of foreign-born population highest in 70 years
The proportion of Canada's population who were born outside the country has reached its highest level in 70 years, according to new data from the 2001 Census.
As of May 15, 2001, 5.4 million people, or 18.4% of the total population, were born outside the country. This was the highest proportion since 1931 when foreign-born people made up 22.2% of the population. In 1996, the proportion was 17.4%. For full text click here,

Family poor at $25,230
A family of three living in Toronto would be considered poor if their income fell below $25,230, according to Statistic Canada's new low-income cut-off figures.
According to figures released yesterday, a single person living in Toronto, or any city in Canada with a population of more than 500P00, would be poor if they made less than $16,348. For full text click here,

Asians yank most new jobs in US
Times News Network [ Tuesday, March 09, 2004 02:35:43 AM ]
With Asians being better qualified than the rest, it seems they are being increasingly preferred for the new jobs being created from the US economic upturn. A reduction in the unemployment rates indicates, to a large extent, that unemployed Asians are getting back their jobs. With the US economy showing good growth numbers, it is logical to see US companies opening up their recruitment windows again. But, then it seems the benefits of such an economic upturn is favouring Asians more than Whites, Blacks or even Latinos or Hispanics (again ethnic classification used by the US department of labour).
A word of caution. Asians is a very broad, sweeping description. Also, many Asians at the head of the recruitment queue are probably American citizens as well.

Canadian Immigration Minister, Judy Sgro, proposes to eliminate patronage appointments on Immigration & Refugee Board.
OTTAWA, March 16, 2004 - Judy Sgro, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, today announced changes to the appointment process for the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) to eliminate political patronage, strengthen the criteria for the Board and increase parliamentary review.
"We are professionalizing the process by which IRB appointments are made. The result will be a more transparent and effective IRB, one in which Canadians can have even greater confidence," said Minister Sgro. "The Prime Minister spoke of a reformed IRB appointment process last December and the government. For full text click here.

News Clips from Goa
by Joel D'Souza & Fred Noronha

Church sets stage to install Archbishop Neri Ferrao
Goa’s Catholic church authorities are setting the stage for the installation of its new head—Archbishop Filipe Neri Ferrao—on Sunday, March 21, at the Se Cathedral at Old Goa. Some 18 bishops and archbishops are expected to attend the approximately two-hour long ceremony where Archbishop Ferrao will be installed by the Apostolic Nuncio, Pedro Lopez Quintana. Fr Olavo Velho Pereira, who heads the Diocesan Centre for Social Communications Media, says that the ceremony would be integrated with a Eucharistic celebration.
It will be indoors in the Se Cathedral, but arrangements outside and telecast of the ceremony on a close circuit television network have been made, he added.

Parliamentary Poll
The BJP, which has declared the sitting MPs Shripad Naik and Ramakant Angle for the North and South Goa Parliamentary constituency for the forthcoming parliamentary polls, seems to be taking a lead over their opponents already. The Congress Party despite their decision to tie up with the Nationalist Congress Party and the MGP, are still stuck in their tracks. So far they have only declared Churchill Alemao for the South Goa seat, while the other candidate is yet to be decided, with Congress’ Party’s Ravi Naik not very confident of his victory, and NCP and MGP making their own respective demands. The BJP is wooing the minority Christian community in their attempt to return both their candidates in the April poll.

Fun, frolic and colour
Hard on the heels of the Carnival festival, Goa played host to another colour Indian festival, the Holi or Shigmo. Amidst the beating of traditional drums, the festival of colour was ushered in with the burning of “holika”, on the night of March 6. For full text click here.

Sebastiao, 108 years young
Anthony Sebastiao Remedios has literally bridge the 20th century. Born at the turn of the 19th century, the Saligao resident has seen the last one tick by and is still alive and kicking in the 21st. He may be a little hard of hearing and unable to walk, but Goa’s arguable oldest citizen is not only in good cheer and health by also possesses a phenomenal passion for life at 108. Born in Salmona, Saligao, on 19 March 1896, he did his schooling in the village. He left for Uganda in April 1913.
He worked as a clerk in a bank and later took up a government job…He takes less of rice but eats more of dry food—bread and butter, biscuits, chips and cake and half of a Moira banana at every meal.

Panel formed to study IFFI plans
A meeting to discuss issues regarding the plans to develop infra-structure for the upcoming International Film Festival of India 2004 in Goa decided to appoint a committee to collect data regarding the various projects and a technical committee to study their relevance to future planning and other aspects.


Sunday March 28th, 2004
Annual General Meeting
Organised by
The Quebec Goan Association
Time 2 p.m.

A at Forrest Village Condominium Centre, 457 Spring Garden Rd. in Dollard des Ormeaux. Call (450) 466-4469.
From : www.goanvoice.org.uk

Saturday April 17th 2004
Event: EASTER DANCE 2004
Organised by Friends Club Social Committee
Time 6:00 p.m. - 1:00 a.m.
Venue International Banquet Hall
5835 Kennedy Rd. Mississauga
(East of Kennedy/South of Britannia)
Tickets Adults $22; Children 5-12 yrs $15; Children 4 and under FREE

Friends Club Social Committee invites you, your family and friends to the Easter Celebration Dinner/Dance
Dance to the sounds of PAVE CONNECTION & DJ FATZ

Name Telephone Cell Email Address
Tony Da Costa 905.458.1215 416.894.7003
Akhtar Akram 905.270.6927 416.577.0693
Olavio Da Costa 905.803.0371 416.227.3099

Wednesday April 21st 2004
Event: Meeting for Enrolment of Members & Election of Executive Committee
Organised by
Venue Our Lady of the Rosary Church (parish hall) 2950 Midland Ave,Scarborough (just south of Finch Ave)

The inaugural meeting was held on Wednesday November 26,2003, to form a seniors group (55+) serving the Scarborough/Pickering/Ajax/Markham/Thornhill/North York /Richmond Hill and York Region

The Steering Committee resulting from the meeting will be holding an enrolment/election meeting on April, 21, 2004 @ 7.30 p.m for the following:

  • to enroll members
  • to review and comment on the constitution of the organization
  • to elect the first Executive Committee
  • to plan activities and events.
Potential members have to pay a fee to be eligible to vote. The figure decided was $10 per person as an entrance fee and it will be non-refundable. A membership fee will also be charged and the membership year for 2004 will be from the Spring meeting to December.

Enrolment forms can be downloaded by clicking the Forms image below or go to https://goanvoice.ca/2004/issue6/fiftyfive_plus.doc

Please bring the completed enrolment form and the $10 enrolment fee to the meeting to be eligible for participating in the election of the new executive.

Those who are unable to attend can send the completed form and cash with a friend or relative to the meeting, while others, who cannot access a computer, can fill the form at the meeting.

For more information please call any of the following:
Enrolment Form
Cecil D’Cruz
 416 431 9549
Romero Dias,  905-884-9688
Elsie Fernandes,  416 286 8337
Claude Gomes,  416 299 0492
Or go to https://goanvoice.ca/2004/issue6/fiftyfive_plus.doc

Saturday, April 24th, 2004
Fund Raising Dinner Dance for Alison De Silva (now in recovery from a rare medical disorder)
Organised by

A fund raising dinner-dance for this amazing 17-year-old is the daughter of John and Rolina and sister to Caroline. In July 2000, at the age of 14, she contracted and was stricken with a rare disorder. She was rushed to the Hospital for Sick Kids on January 19, 2003 in critical condition. She has made miraculous progress and was discharged February 23, 2004. She is not completely "out of the woods" and is determined to fight this illness. Proceeds from this function will help in much needed equipment and home care.Alison will be attending to personally thanks everyone for your kindness and support.
Time: 6:00 P.M-1: 00 A.M
Cocktails :6:30 P.M
Dinner :7:30 P.M
Music by Naked Flame & DJ Carlito k&Live Entertainment Door and raffle prizes (Donations & prizes are welcome)
Cost: $30 per person (tables of ten)
Book early to avoid disappointment
For Tickets contact:
Delfine or Norman Da Costa 905-452-1295
For flier see https://goanvoice.ca/2004/issue5/miracles.htm

People Places and Things

Book Review
A House by the Sea -by Sikeena Karmali -Véhicule Press -$19.95 Paperback -224 pages
Karmali’s book is historical fiction, placing character Zahra Kahn’s search for self against the backdrop of East African political upheaval in the 70s and 80s. A compatriot for all those who have ever tried to search for their nation, Zahra travels from London to Egypt to Zanzibar in search of a place she can call home. Karmali writes, “these children, look at them, born in a black continent with bronzed skin and a tethered history. How could they possibly know where they are going? ...They have become orphans of the sea.”

It’s a subject that’s intensely personal for Karmali. Born in Kenya to East-Indian Gujarati parents and raised in Tanzania, Karmali and her family fled the African country in the 1980s. In her novel, Karmali makes her personal experiences a universal subject.

“It’s about the struggle of not having a nation, not having a home,” she explains. “It’s about the immigrant experience.

"Me and My Shadows "
By Raymond DeMello
As a fan of "The Shadows " for some 42 years, Raymond DeMello was delighted to meet two of them recently at events sponsored by the Toronto Shadows Club.
See: Dr. Ribeiro Goan School - Class of 64 website :

The latest issue of GoaNOW features the follows at http://www.goacom.com/goanow
Greetings: Celebrations of every kind
ArtNow: A roundup of art events
AlexyzNOW: Laff-Stuff
People: Those sharing the limelight recently.
Godfrey Gonsalves gives a detailed account of the Konknni diaspora event.
Oddities: OF FOWLS, PETS AND PANTHERS: A few strange happenings that took place in Goa recently.


05 Mar. Corlim. HENRIQUETA FERNANDES E LOBO. Wife of late Veriano, sister of late Joao Luis/Ismenia .Mother of Margarida/Prudencio, Annette/Luis, Lucia, Joaquim/late Maria, Romaldo/Elma, Carlos/Sylvia(Australia); Mario/Leonora (Canada). Grandmother of Cajetan, Maryann/Ajay, Lizane, Andy, Jacquline, Michelle, Aaron/Sonia, Kim, Krystal, Karl, Shawn, Sherwin, Jeffrey. Great grandmother of Christina.

Message from
11 Mar. JOE BRAGANZA, ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA. Husband of Carmeline Braganza; Father/Father-in-law of Napoleon/Cathy, Jude/Sybil, Clifford/Yvette and other grieving family members.
Joe (74) and Carmeline, originally from Karachi, have six grandchildren and are well known in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area.
Condolence messages may be sent to:

First Death Anniversary
In fond and cherished memory of CARLOTA NAZARETH MASCARENHAS (calangute - goa).
Born: october 6, 1914 - Died: april 1, 2003
A con-celebrated requiem mass for the soul of beloved Carlota Mascarenhas, will be offered by her sorrowful family, on Thursday, April 1st, 2004 at 4.30 p.m. at St. Alex church, Calangute, Goa.
Relatives and friends kindly accept this as the only intimation.
Gone is the face we loved so dear
Silent is the voice we long to hear
A beautiful memory left behind
A loving mother/mother-in-law/grandmother
Dr. Ricardo/Dr. Otilia, Rev. Fr. Cyril SFX, Marieta/Alvaro, Antonio/Ruby (Canada), Morgano and grandchildren.



East African Goan Convention
To: GWS Members who have indicated 'wish' to travel to Arusha, Tanzania for 4th E.A.G.C over Easter weekend.For full text click here.

San Francisco - Goan Institute -AGM
Please be reminded that the GI's Annual General Meeting will be held on Sunday, April 18th, 2004. If you would like to include an item on the agenda, please submit your request by the deadline of March 25th.
If you should have any questions please contact Anita Pereira at 415-664-3643.

Goan Association Calgary
message from : Wilson Soares
I am pleased to inform you that the following Executive Committee was elected at the recently held AGM of the Goan Association of Calgary for the year 2004/2005. Our Web-site will be updated shortly with all the programmes for the year and the picture of the present committee for your easy reference. Our web site is: http://www.goacom.com/goa-calgary
1. Wilson Soares President
2. Charles D'Souza V.President
3. Savio D'Silva Gen. Sec.
4. Michelle Viegas Treasurer
5. Baryl Rodrigues Social Sec.
6. Ashley Phillips Sports Sec.
7. Fred Felix Member
8. Cheryl Wilms Member

Health & Wellness

Drinking coffee lowers diabetes risk, study confirms
MONTREAL - Drinking coffee may help prevent Type 2 diabetes, according to a large-scale study in Finland, where the coffee consumption is among the highest in the world.
The 12-year study of more than 13,000 healthy men and women suggests the more coffee you drink, the greater the protection against Type 2 diabetes. For full text click here.

Law students protest proposed tuition fee hikes ~ $15,000 a year by 2007.
Lecture boycott organised as a mass vote of non-confidence
TORONTO, March 8 /CNW/ - York University's Osgoode Hall law students will be boycotting their lectures today to protest the rising cost of law school and the current lack of government funding for post-secondary education. Today's protest coincides with the Faculty Council Meeting at which Osgoode Law Dean Patrick Monahan is set to announce his decision to increase tuition fees to an astounding $15,000 a year by 2007. For full text click here.

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