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Newsletter. Issue 2004-07. April. 03, 2004
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World Goa Day - 2004
This year World Goa Day (www.goaday.com) is being celebrated Aug 21, 22 or at times convenient to Goan organizations based on their calendars.
This year's main theme is "JOBS FOR GOANS" - not just in Goa but around the world. One of the most significant issues facing the world-wide Goan community is jobs and our economic future. There are other important issues too. However, we should focus on this theme during the WORLD GOA DAY celebrations. In the past, Rene and I have been pleased with the events, but sometimes they did not have a serious, meaningful element.
This year's celebrations on Aug 21, 22, can be left to each individual organization. However, the celebrations should include the theme: Jobs for Goans. We would recommend that whatever the celebration, there should be time set aside called JOBS AND CAREERS.
1. Invite speakers from various business organizations.
2. Invite employers to discuss their companies, especially Goan employers.
3. Invite Goans seeking jobs to come to the event and network.
4. Provide career advice.
The future success of Goans is based on our economic well-being. We have many Goan unemployed in Goa. In addition, Goans around the world do not know necessarily know the various opportunities available to them and do not necessarily seek the top jobs or the highest
positions. They need encouragement, support and information. They need to see and hear other successful Goans.

In addition to the "JOBS FOR GOANS" theme, if you have time consider adding the following to the agenda:
1. FINANCIAL LITERACY. Invite money management speakers. The can talk about investing, retirement planning, insurance, children savings accounts, elder care management, etc. There is a critical financial literacy gap in the Goan community which needs to be addressed.
2. POLITICAL INVOLMENT. Invite political activists, even if you disagree with their views. Have them discuss the political process locally and how one can be involved. Ultimately, without being involved in the political process, we will continue to be marginalized and sidelined while others dictate our future and make the rules we live under. No point in complaining if we do not become active politically. Through political power, most of our other goals can be achieved.
3. HEALTH FAIR. Invite doctors/nurses and have them speak about prevention and cures of common diseases and ailments. Diabetes, heart disease, blood pressure, cancers, children heath issues, senior citizen issues, etc. There are a number of topics which can be covered.

Goan Organization of America is organizing the 7th biennial GOA convention in Toronto from July 3-5, 2004.
Convention venue in Toronto: Holiday Inn Burlington Hotel & Conf Center. Call the hotel at
905-639-4443 before June 1, 2004 to get the reduced rate of $US74 per night for standard room - up to 4 adults. To get the reduced rate mention "Goan Organization of America".
Cost to attend convention, including meals but not hotel:
BEFORE May 15, 2004, US$139 for ages 13 & over: US$69 for ages 5-12; under 5 free.
AFTER May 15, 2004, US$150 for ages 13 & over: US$69 for ages 5-12; under 5 free.
Contact: Guirish Sardesai at 905-639-7369 or email: for more information and to register.

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