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(since 1987)
Counting on your support

The Goan Charitable Organization is a registered organization with Canada Customs and Revenue Agency, (Revenue Canada) with a charitable registration # 11923 5315 RR0001

Our mission is to provide :

  • Moral support financial assistance and care to the socially disadvantaged;
  • to address the concerns & needs towards the welfare of the community in all
    social service areas, and
  • to promote the advancement of education.

For over a decade the Goan Charitable Organization has been working in the community though:

  • Personal outreach to isolated individuals and families
  • • Visiting shelters, the sicks and the elderly
  • Helping new immigrant families in the Toronto area
  • Providing bursaries for those in need.

If you generally make payroll deductions to the United Way you can request to direct such donations to the Goan Charitable Organization.

For those employees in Corporations that have "Employee Voluntees Grant Programs " and need assistance with the completion of the form, please contact A. Vaz, the Secretary/Treasurer.

Person (s) wishing to make a donations or in need of assistance please contact the

Roque Barreto 905 859 1942
Stephen De Souza 905 828 0637
Aloysius Vaz 905 624 7274
Oscar Furtado 416 230 2477
Elena Mascarenhas 416-544-9714
Elma De Souza 905-820-6446
Antoinette Messner 416-734-1636

Or write to the Secretary/Treasurer (Aloysius Vaz) c/o The Goan Charitable Organization, P.O. Box 5667, Stn A” Toronto, Ontario m5W 1N8
Note: Tax receipts will be provided for donations over $10.00

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