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Newsletter. Issue 2005-16. August. 06, 2005
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Message from Heta of GHAG

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Goa Heritage Action Group believes that everything that we find in and on Goa - cultural, architectural, social and historical- is Goan heritage whatever its source or origin and needs immediate and urgent attention.And we at the goa heritage action group will do our best to protect it, highlight it, save it, conserve it and give it the exposure it deserves. To the best of our ability. In the manner we think right suitable to the time warp we find ourselves in and to the political and social climate we find ourselves in.

We will be expressing our solidarity with Goans in Goa and abroad on the occasion of the release of the book WALKING IN & AROUND PANAJI , GOA on 6th August 2005.The price for the book is Rs. 600/- donation price.

“The Aftermath of ‘Goemcho Avaz’ ….”
By Pamela Vasandani 

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“The memories that this show evoked will last a lifetime….” is how one member of the audience put it. I believe she encompassed what everyone who was present felt. “Never before have I enjoyed myself so much…,.” put in another gentleman from Mississauga. “I hope Francis D’Costa continues to bring in shows like this for us to enjoy..”. Several ladies from out of town said they had traveled from Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary and Buffalo, New York just to take in the show and meet relatives at the same time. In fact, one of the ladies said that she came again on the 24th, even though she had seen the show on the previous Sunday -17th July….so much did she enjoy herself. They were so enthusiastic about coming again, it was truly heartwarming. Yet another lady visiting from Australia said that being able to attend the show was one of the highlights of her trip to Canada.

The second show of “Goencho Avaz”, produced by Francis D’Costa, President of D’Costa Financial Group and performed on Sunday July 24th, more than lived up to everyone’s expectations. Platinum Sponsor’s Transamerica representative, Damien Borges – Sales Director, commented enthusiastically and favorably saying he had never seen audiences participating so wholeheartedly while almost falling off their seats – so uproarious was their laughter. The comedy duo of Agustinho and John D’Silva brought rollicking hilarity, while Succorine managed to make the audience believe she was totally sozzled with her rendition of “Jaddoo”. Antoinette’s voice carried the pathos that she is noted for and took many seniors down memory lane. It was heartening to see the audience totally spellbound during the performances and their comments during the interval and after the show were all about how fabulous it was and could Francis D’Costa please bring in more shows of this caliber.

Comments like this are food for Francis D’Costa’s entrepreneurial soul as this is the kind of support and enthusiasm that makes all the time, trouble and effort worthwhile. In producing these shows, invariably D’Costa Financial Group goes way over budget and it would be encouraging to know that more and more Konkani speaking Canadians are passionate about promoting, attending and supporting functions like these. At the very least, it would enable the Producer to break even, rather than financing most everything out of pocket.

The Artists of course were thrilled with the response of the audience, applause being food to the artists. They are now well on their way to carry on the rest of the tour in England, France, Portugal and Germany. Let’s hope they wow the Goan audiences there like they did here.
D’Costa Financial Group and some ardent fans were all at the airport to bid farewell and say ‘Thank You’ to the Goan Stars (See Pictures) for the scintillating shows they performed.

With all this enthusiasm abounding, D’Costa Financial Group has decided to sponsor a Fan Club, open to all individuals who hold Konkani dear to their hearts. In tandem with our theme the Club will be “Keeping the Goan Tradition Alive Club“ and will welcome all members who are passionate about this motto. Membership is free and members will enjoy many advantages like advance information of everything that’s on the Calendar of Events, preferred seating for shows like these, discounted tickets for Seniors, invitations to meet the Stars of the Konkani Stage, Autographed Pictures etc. etc. Membership details to follow and will be posted here shortly.

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