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Newsletter. Issue 2005-17. August. 20, 2005
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Hundred Years of Goan Presence in Kenya Honored by Kenya V.P.

Letter fromVice-president and Minister of Home Affairs-Nairobi




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Travel outlook for 2005/2006
Cruising (Ocean) has become very affordable and brings more return in your investment than choosing just one place to vacation for the week. Cruising gives you the opportunity to see various places you could not do otherwise. It is true what the Cruise Industry says, "You haven't lived until you Cruise". Cruising offers the essence in romance as the ship sales through breezy moonlit nights and sunny, sultry days.
General Motors to expand sourcing of auto parts from India
From: Automotive News
Opel Astra Car

World?s largest automaker General Motors has announced plans to expand its sourcing of auto parts from Indian companies. It is now expected to grow to as much as USD 1 Billion by 2008 from just $120 million now. The aim is to cut costs of producing automobiles and outsource as much as possible to save money on the end product.

GM buys auto components like castings and forgings from more than 100 suppliers based in India. P. Balendran, vice president of General Motors India announced these plans while speaking to Dow Jones Newswires: "We are planning to increase auto parts sourcing from India substantially over the next few years. Auto parts in India cost 25-30% less than in North America or Europe. They are also around 15% cheaper than South Korea and Mexico, but the quality is on a par."

The company is only one of the many automakers around the world, which outsource auto parts from Indian manufacturers. Some other automakers include Ford Motor Co., DaimlerChrysler AG, Volkswagen AG, Volvo AB and Mitsubishi Motors Corp. the reason behind this is the low cost and cutthroat competition in the local market making it tough to save money in their own localized markets.

GM India also has plans to introduce three new cars next year in a bid to increase its market share in Asia?s fourth-biggest automobile market.

Security Cameras
Australian scientists have solved a problem that has had the world's safety and security industries stumped - how to watch hundreds of security cameras at the same time, using them to spot trouble and track offenders. For more details click the link below:

Rubbish Into Compost - BiobiN®
Peter Wadewitz has been commercially processing compost for 30 years. He would collect manure from chicken farms to bring to his compost site for processing. To solve the problem farmers were having in disposing safely of dead birds, Peter was inspired to find a better way. The in-vessel composting system is now turning all kinds of waste matter into compost in a short time.For more details click the link below:

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