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Newsletter. Issue 2005-18. Sep. 03, 2005
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GOACOM's Tenth Anniversary
Goa's premier website GOACOM, www.goacom.com is celebrating its tenth anniversary this month.To mark this event, GOACOM has revamped it's website which reflects the fresh artistic talent in its Goa Office, combined with the latest advances in web technology. Please pay us a visit at www.goacom.com

GOACOM will continue to be the website of choice for Goan abroad and visitors to Goa.The news section, with its popular newsclips ,will keep readers informed of the daily news in Goa.This section has links to the national media and Goa related websites. The new archives with its ten years of content and search engine, is a time capsule for those looking for more on the culture and history of Goa.

GOACOM is also pleased to announce the launch of a new website www.goagroove.com.This will complement GOACOM by focusing on the social scene in Goa. This will be of special interest to youth around the world who are drawn to Goa in ever increasing numbers each year. The social scene in Goa is exciting and evolving in a unique way by its naturally fun-loving people blending the best of the East with the best of the West. Goa attracts some of the best musicians, fashion designers and Night Clubs in the world. It is also the centre of the International Film Festival of India.

A visit to www.goacom.com and www.goagroove.com will help plan your stay in Goa and give you a fresh perspective on this Jewel of India – once called the "Rome of the East".

John J. D'Souza -- Tim de Mello -- Marlon Menezes

Ten Years Ago – the Genesis of www.goacom.com
By Tim de Mello
GOACOM had its genesis in Toronto, Canada when a group of Goans got together ten years ago for a seminar on the internet. The meeting was held in the Board Room of Dr. A.J. de Mello’s medical building.

[Click image to enlarge]

Attending the meeting were people from diverse backgrounds. Mr. Maurice Gracias, an excellent sportsman from Kenya, now an entrepreneur and investment adviser residing in Oakland, California was invited to be our keynote speaker. He graciously consented. His acceptance letter is worth reading and is available at: https://goanvoice.ca/2005/issue18/Maurice Gracias letter.pdf. Mr. Gracias focused on doing business with India and the hurdles and obstacles that presented themselves to potential investors. Nevertheless, he saw potential in India as "one of the newest entrants in the reform process that is sweeping Asia’s economies, once intensely regulated for half a century or more."

The seminar consisted of a live demo when a connection (using dial-up, of course) was made to the internet. Even though the internet was as slow as molasses, everyone was enthralled as we "surfed" the net connecting to various Goa related web pages.

The principles on how the internet started was explained even though terms like "internet backbone" were lost on the audience.

E-Mail, a brand new concept to the audience was of special interest. It was now possible to an instant message electronic mail to the President of the United States. Wow! Or, maybe, just the president of a company you’d like as a client. The ease and immediacy of e-mail was explained and how they could get a e-mail account and send/receive e-mail like a seasoned user.

Goa-Net had recently been started by Herman Carneiro and was in its infancy. The audience was shown how they could register with this mailing list to send/receive posts from Goans around the world.

GOAWEB was a Goa focused website started by Marlon Menezes on the University of Illinois’ computer.

Web pages and having a presence on the internet was explained and demonstrated. Their businesses and professions could now be show-cased to the world. This concept seemed to mystify some in the audience. "Why would I want to showcase by business to the world?"

Following the meeting, a simple survey was taken of the audience to ascertain how many of them saw the internet as a potential boon to their enterprise and would be willing to try it out. There were no takers!

It was therefore decided by organizers of the seminar that they should set an example and start a formal Goan presence on the internet. This party consisted of three individuals:
Trevor D’Souza
John J. D’Souza
Tim C. de Mello

The obvious name for a domain that came to mind was Goa.com. Unfortunately that name had already been taken by the Guns of America organization. Since we wanted this venture to be commercial, we considered an acronym based on the words Goa and Commercial and settled on the name GOACOM. Thus was born www.goacom.com.

GOACOM was officially launched on November, 18, 1995, by the Deputy Chief Minister of Goa, Dr. Wilfred de Souza, during his visit to London (UK) at a meeting of Internet enthusiasts organized by Eddie Fernandes.

GOACOM was (and still is) a company formed to provide information, business opportunities and communication services to the world community. GOACOM was a natural addition to the then fledgling Goa Internet Community, joining the family of Goa-Net and GOAWEB. From the very outset GOACOM conducted its operations as a Not-For-Profit organization but based on a fee for service. All revenue was to be used to enhance its services to the Goan community. The long term aim of the organization was to have a fully fledged information services company, providing high-tech employment in Goa.

We look forward to another ten fruitful years of serving the community.

GOA INTERNET SEMINAR, Goa Internet Community-Ontario Chapter, The Emerging Economy of India/Goa
click here for edited excerpts from the talk given by Maurice Gracias August 17, 1995

Goan Soccer in Toronto
Gaudencio Fernandes Inter-village Soccer League

Message From: E Fernandes []
Gaudencio Fernandes Inter-village Soccer league started in May, 2005 with eleven (11) teams, divided into two divisions: The Salcete Division and the Bardez Division.

This was our 10th Anniversary year and the celebrations went very well. We had an International Goan Soccer tournament with cash prizes for the winners and the finalists. We had a team come from Calgary called Alberta Goans S.C. who unfortunately was beaten by Loutulim Goatees S. C. in the semi finals. In the other semi finals Bogmalo Sports Club was victorious over Calangute All Graphics S. C., eventually defeating Loutulim Goatees in the finals on July 17, 2005. Everyone had a ball at the 10th Anniversary Ball held on July 16, 2005 at The Forum Banquet Hall. The food was excellent and the dance floor was busy at the music of The Naked Flame and D.J. Glen.

We like to congratulate Margao Simba S. C. and Parra S. C for winning their respective Divisions and special mention to Parra S. C. fro being the new 2005 League Champions by defeating Margao Simba S. C. on penalty kicks.

We are now in our Playoff Knockout Stage. The quarter finals will be played on September 11, 2005 starting at 1200 noon at Thistletown Collegiate Institute (TCI). The semi finals will be played on September 18, 2005 at TCI starting at 1200 noon. The finals are scheduled to play on Saturday, September 24 at 1200 noon at the Centennial Stadium after which there will be the Presentation of Trophies.

2005/2006 Guide to university and college costs in Canada
TORONTO, Sept. 2 /CNW/ - Excerpts
Highlights from this year's Guide to university and college costs in Canada:

  • For the first time, the Guide includes Colleges
  • The cost of post-secondary education increased 1.8 per cent this year
  • The national average for one year of an undergraduate program,
    including residence, is $14,377
  • For a child born today, a 4-year, undergraduate degree including
    residence, could cost as much as $122,013
  • Nova Scotia has the highest post secondary fees, and Newfoundland has
    the lowest
  • Two out of three new jobs created today require a post-secondary
  • University graduates will earn upwards of $1 million more in their lifetime than those with only a high school education( Source: Statistics Canada, 2001 Census)

    With residence
    Without residence
    National average for university costs 2005/2006

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