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Newsletter. Issue 2005-22. Oct. 29, 2005
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Goa News Clips
by Joel D'Souza

Sob story: Onions still dear
By Preetu Nair

PANAJI, Oct 24: The arrival of the train carrying 30 tonnes of onions from Pakistan to Amritsar in Punjab on October 23 has not made much difference in Goa, as the onion price is still ruling high at Rs.20-24 per kilo in the market. However, on Sunday, the price of the vegetable was the highest at Rs.28 a kilo and people were seen getting tear-eyed over onion at the Panaji market. "The sale of onions have decreased in the last few days by say around 40 to 50 per cent," opined a vegetable vendor at the Panaji market. (GT)

Awareness drive on bird flu launched in Goa

PANAJI, Oct 25: The department of animal husbandry and veterinary services and the forest department have started a joint awareness campaign on bird flue disease as precautionary measure. The task of collecting and checking the serum of different birds brought in the State has also begun. It has also been observed that the mechanism needed to control the disease is absent in the state and a panel of officers would leave for training at Pune on October 27. (NT)

The Mopa Airport
By Melson FM Louis

Goans should support the Citizen's Action Committee constituted under the South Goa MP, Mr Churchill Alemao, to oppose the new civilian airport at Mopa. The State government should ask the defence ministry to shift the naval air base from Dabolim, so that the present Dabolim civilian airport could be expanded and modernised to match international standards. The Dabolim airport is not a naval airport for it has not been classified as a defence aerodrome by the Government of India, ministry of Civil Aviation No.50988, dated January 1988. (My View, NT)


ALDONA, Oct 26: At the children's park near the Aldona Church, the kids were at a different, colourful, creative game this morning. Tiny tots to near-teenagers, with brush and colour in their tiny hands, enthusiastically decorated the wall of the park, led and encouraged by their elders. The elders had earlier tidied up the park, removing all the weeds and bushes, clearing the garbage, etc.

In what they called the "Aldona Park Project", concerned Aldonkars set about cleaning the park and making it a place to visit regularly for "our children and their children". The wonderful "Colour Workshop" is something to be emulated by elders in most other villages and their children. (DGNC)


Padri: Good social entertainer

PANJIM, Oct 22: The screening of Prince Jacob's entertaining Konkani movie "Padri" took off today afternoon at Ashok cine theatre here. Sindhdurg Bishop Allwyn Barretto, Mandur parish priest Fr Conceicao D'Silva, Pundalik Naik, Tomazinho Cardozo and others figured among those who watched the inaugural screening of Prince Jacob's Rs.50-lakh venture, produced by Mangalore's Raymond Quadros, ably directed by Rajesh Fernandes and with thrilling music by Wilfy Rebimbus.
The Konkani film has already been running to packed houses in Mangalore for the last three weeks, reveals comedian-playwright Jacob, who appeared justifiably excited about the film, which takes him triumphantly from the Konkani tiatr to the silver screen. The entire cast has worked to make the movie memorable, however, none misses the brilliance that Newton breathes in the role of Fr Savio, the pivotal character of the engrossing narrative. Last week, "Padri" enjoyed the privilege of raising the curtains for the Goa State Film Festival 2005. (DGNC)

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