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Newsletter. Issue 2005-08. April. 16, 2005
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Seniors, Check the Medications You are prescribed - some of them may cause side effects
Potentially Inappropriate Medications for the Elderly According to the Revised Beers Criteria
The link below shows a list of drugs in a summary of information from the following report in Archives of Internal Medicine:
Fick DM, Cooper JW, Wade WE, Waller JL, Maclean JR, Beers MH. Updating the Beers criteria for potentially inappropriate medication use in older adults: results of a US consensus panel of experts. Arch Intern Med. 2003;163:2716-2724. [ Link ]
Click on the name of each medication or medication class for detailed information from MEDLINEplus, a service of the US National Library of Medicine.
See List at http://www.dcri.duke.edu/ccge/curtis/beers.html

Try apple a day, not vitamin E for cancer prevention
Last Updated Fri, 08 Apr 2005 19:13:27 EDT, CBC News
QUEBEC - Evidence is mounting that vitamin E supplements do not prevent disease and may even accelerate the recurrence of cancer in some survivors.
Researchers at Laval University in Quebec City studied the effects of taking 400 international units a day of vitamin E, which they called a high dose.
Laval's Dr. François Meyer said his team found no benefits in 540 people who had survived neck or head cancer.
Many were heavy smokers at risk of developing a second type of cancer, usually in the lungs.
"There is no overall benefit from vitamin E and there could be even some detrimental effect," Meyer said.
Three years into the eight-year study, half the participants were given the high dose of vitamin E while the rest received a placebo.
People who took vitamin E developed cancer as often as those in the placebo group, but secondary cancers appeared much earlier among the vitamin group.
The study, published in this week's issue of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, focused on people at high risk of cancer, and therefore the findings may not apply to the general population.
"Nevertheless, our results suggest that caution should be advised regarding the use of high-dose [vitamin E] supplements for cancer prevention," the team concluded.

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