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Newsletter. Issue 2005-08. April. 16, 2005
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Reviews of first Canadian Goan novel "The Sixth Night"
Author Silviano Barbosa
1) Review published by Goa Today, April issue and written by author Lino Leitao
What’s the Sixth Night, or Sottvi Raat?
It’s an old Goan belief, which the author expresses in a couplet down below:
No matter how hard you try
No matter what you do
What is written on your Sixth Night
Will always come true

Silviano Barbosa, the author, weaves a very fascinating narrative around this old Goan belief, exposing the social mores based on caste iniquities and servile mental attitudes implanted to the very core of the Goan psyche by the feudal and colonial hierarchies during that period of Goa’s history.
2) Review published on Goan Observer in March and it was written by Ben Antao.

Dung Water Filter
An Australian scientist has developed a new water filtration system, an invention that potentially will benefit millions of people in developing countries and would enable anyone in the world to drink water safely. http://www.abc.net.au/ra/innovations/stories/s1339270.htm

Diane Nalini
New CD
Tales My Mama Told Me
"Montreal's gift to the UK Jazz scene" - BBC Radio 3.
"Exquisite" - The Montreal Gazette.
Tales My Mama Told me features Diane Nalini on vocals, Steve Kaldestad on tenor sax, Martin Pickett on piano, Tim Nolan on bass and Steve Brown on drums.

Diane Nalini was born in Montreal to a Belgian father and Goan mother (from former Portuguese India). She started singing jazz at the age of three, and has been performing for nearly 10 years. In 1995, when she won a Rhodes scholarship to the University of Oxford, to obtain a doctorate in applied physics. She continues to perform in both the UK and Canada. She was also lead singer of the nine-piece salsa band Salsaddiction until the group disbanded. Diane also studied classical ballet for over twelve years, and was a soloist with Les Ballets de la jeunesse in her late teens. She also studied jazz ballet and modern dance for several years, and performed as a soloist in various shows by Montreal choreographers Sheila Lawrence and Claudine Bouchard. Her website is at http://www.jazzcds.co.uk/dianenalini/dianepage.htm

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