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Newsline Canada

Second-Generation Visible Minority Immigrants Born In Canada Face Job Hurdles.
Excerpt from
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Canadian-born visible minorities face more hurdles than any other group when trying to get well-paid jobs, according to a study published yesterday**.
The gap is not due to differences in skills and education, but to racial discrimination, said the study published by the Canadian Labour Congress.

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Racial Status and Employment Outcomes
February 22, 2006
Summary from Canadian Labour Congress Report

This report looks at data from the 2001 Census and the Survey of Labour and Income Dynamics (SLID) to provide evidence that there remains large and consistent gaps in economic security for workers of colour compared to other workers. These differences are not based on real differences of skills and education, but rather on perceived differences based on race.
Racial discrimination is a large contributing factor to the poor labour market outcomes of Canada’s racialized workers. Lower incomes, higher unemployment, and precarious work status are prevalent for workers of colour as a whole, and not just recent immigrants. In fact, it is the non-immigrant, racialized population, who are more highly educated than average, which has the most difficulty finding steady employment at decent wages. The fact that Canadian-born workers of colour are doing badly cannot be explained away by reference to lack of Canadian credentials and experience."

Canada's economic growth slowed in Q4
Tue, 28 Feb 2006
CBC News

Canada's economic growth cooled slightly in the fourth quarter as rising imports crimped the expansion. Statistics Canada said the economy grew at an annualized rate of 2.5 per cent in the fourth quarter, decelerating from the 3.5 per cent pace set during the third quarter.

"Domestic spending remained very strong, rising 1.1 per cent in the fourth quarter," said the federal government agency.

"However, an increasing share of this demand was satisfied through imports, which rose 2.7 per cent, keeping [gross domestic product] growth in check."

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Immigration now accounts for 70% of all population growth in Canada
New Canadians to boost bank growth: study

 TORONTO, Feb. 28 /CNW/ - As Canada's population ages rapidly, fast-growing ethnic groups made up primarily of families and young adults will drive growth opportunities for Canada's financial institutions, according to a new study by Solutions Research Group, a Toronto-based market research firm.

"Immigration now accounts for 70% of all population growth and new Canadians are significantly younger than the rest of the population. They will become drivers of growth in the next 10 years as they buy homes, cars, save for their children's education or for retirement," said Kaan Yigit, Study Director for Diversity in Canada.

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Why Did/Do Goans Speak English?
Discussions from

John Desouza wrote:
Somebody asked me recently here in LA why do Goans speak English and  many don't even know how to speak Konkani (including me). I used to know some Goans in Dar who were proud to be able to speak just English and not knowing Konkani (which should have been the other way around) So does anyone know why this happened? My guess is that because we are mostly Christians, the British prefered to hire us rather then the Hindus and Muslim Indians and thereby our fore fathers took up English. Thus most Goans who went to live in Bombay and East Africa kept on speaking English and the next generation just spoke English and forgot Konkani. I would appreciate any light on this.


From: "Vivian D'Souza"
Thursday, March 02, 2006 3:17 AM

You got it right John.
During the days of colonialism, there were very few job opportunities for Goans in Goa. The official language in Goa was Portuguese and in an effort to assimilate Goans into Portuguese culture, Konkani was not promoted. But there were very few jobs in Goa itself, so many Goans migrated to the British controlled part of India, and other British colonies including Burma, Aden and the British possessions in East Africa and also took up jobs on British ships. A few Goans also migrated to the Portuguese colonies in Africa and Asia, where their knowledge of Portuguese helped them. The language in the British territories and on British ships being English, it was natural for parents, thinking about their children's future, to speak to them in English, to send them to English medium schools etc.

To many of us, Konkani became a foreign language, which in many case our parents spoke at home among themselves. In my case, while living in Tanzania, listening to my parents converse with each other and with their friends in Konkani, I picked up a smatterin, or at least an understanding of Konkani, which served me in good stead when I decided to live in Goa.

In my own family, I have cousins, born in India and having all their lives in India, who cannot speak a word of Konkani.

On the one part, I am glad that my parents spoke to my siblings and me in English, and sent me to English medium schools, as it enabled me to get ahead in this world which is increasingly dominated by the English language. I wish however, my parents had given us more exposure to Konkani. Being bi-Lingual is a tremendous asset.

I hope that you and other young Goans will never forget your Goan heritage, and make an attempt to learn Konkani. In the USA, most immigrants, such as the Germans, Italians, French, Swede etc. fully assimilated as they are in this melting pot, do not know their ancestral languages. But many are now beginning to trace their cultural roots and in some cases learn their ancestral languages. Whoever we are, whatever nationality we may be, there is no harm in being true to your ancestry.


News Clips from Goa




NUNES, Stanley
Peacefully at Scarborough Grace, (Toronto) on February 26, 2006 in his 82nd year. Beloved husband of Lina. Devoted step-father of Iris (Bernard) and Bel (Melba). Loving step- grandfather of William, Millicent, Maya (Valentine) and Nolan. Stanley will be missed by his brother, sisters, nieces, nephews, in-laws and his many friends. Funeral Mass held on Saturday, March 4th, 2006 at at St.Aidan's Roman Catholic Church. 

Mr. Malaquis Sebastian Fernandes
Excerpt from: "S Desouza" message

We regret to inform you of the death of Mr. Malaquis Sebastian Fernandes,on, March 02, 2006.
He leaves behind his sister Mrs. Arti/Anthony Mendes of Mississauga, Canada,and brother Mr.Angelo/Rita Fernandes of Siolim, Goa .He will be sadly missed by all of his nieces, nephews,their children and grandchildren.

The Funeral Mass will be held on Saturday, March 04, 2006 at 9:30am, Christ the King Church, 3495 Confederation Parkway, Mississauga Tel:905.270.1133.

Condolences can be sent to:



 Goan Events in Canada - 2006 
Date Organization Event  
March 14, 2006 7-9 p.m Fifty-five Plus Goan Seniors Group- West GTA Tax Clinic
Conducted by
Roque Barreto
Church Hall - Transfiguration of Our Lord Parish
45 Ludstone Drive , Etobicoke.

Vicinity South East Corner of Martin Grove/Dixon.
Telephone No. 4l6-247-0513
Goan Seniors

Click for flier


Sunday, April 16, 2006 at 1.00 pm to 6.00 pm FIFTY-FIVE PLUS GOAN  SENIORS GROUP - WEST GTA Easter Brunch Click for flier
Sunday, April, 23, 2006 – 2.00 p.m. Goan Overseas Association Annual General Meeting
April, 29, 2006 – 2.00 p.m. Goan Overseas Association Spring Fling – Anniversary Dance
Sunday, April, 30, 2006 – 2.00 p.m. Goan Overseas Association Building Special General Body Meeting
Sunday May 7, 2006 Goan Overseas Association Career Newworking Mixer
May 12,6.15 pm Fifty-five Plus Goan Seniors Group- West GTA Ladies Dine & Pamper Nite
Mary Kay®Dinner & Makeover
You are cordially invited to a "Girlfriends Night Out"
Enjoy a great Buffet Dinner.
Click Flier for details

Goan Seniors

Click for flier
Sunday, May 14th, 2006
11 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.
Goan Overseas Association (GOA)
St. Francis Xavier Senior's Club
The Canorient Christian Association of Metropolitan Toronto
The Canorient Seniors Club of Toronto
The Manglorean Association of Canada (MAC)
Food & Craft Fair
Brebeuf College School
211 Steeles Avenue East
(Near Bayview & Steeles)
Toronto, Ontario
June 3, 2006 Goan Overseas Association Golf Classic
Saturday June 10, 2006 Villagers of Siolim Association - Greater Toronto Area Celebration St Anthony's Feast GVC
June 11, 2006 Goan Overseas Association St. Francis Xavier Summer Picnic
June 16, 2006 Goan Overseas Association Goan’ Overboard
June 17th, 2006
Michael Power high school - Etobicoke, Ontario
Michael Power high school - Etobicoke, Ontario Konkani Tiatr "KIDD"
written by : Ben Evangelisto (Goa)

Directed by:Marshal Fernandes
For more information, please contact Marshal Fernandes or Sandra Menezes at (416) 503-0043
June 23rd, 2006 55 Plus Goan Association - West GTA "First Annual" dinner dance at the renaissance banquet hall - Mississauga,ONT.  
Saturday July 8, 2006
6.00 p.m. to 1.00 a.m.
Monte De Guirim – Toronto Chapter Summer Blast 2006 Click For Info

Saturday July 8, 2006 CLR Family Picnic at Erindale Park, Mississauga Picnic  
Sunday, July 23rd, 2006 -  12.00 noon Calangute Association Canada Feast of Patron Saint Alex GVC
July 29, 2006 Goan Overseas Association Viva Goa 2006
Saturday,September 16, 2006 Dr.Ribeiro's Goan School Ex-student's Committee - Toronto Grand Reunion Dance
Saturday, September 23rd, 2006 - From 6.00 P.M. To 1.00 A.M. Calangute Association Canada Annual Social GVC
October 1, 2006
12:00 noon
Curtorim . Loutolim . Raia . Association 7th ANNUAL SOCIAL
At Claireport Place
65 Claireport Crescent, Etobicoke
(Hwy 27 & Albion Rd)
December 3rd 2005 To December 3rd 2006.
St Francis Xavier Jubilee Year Celebrations
Greater Toronto Area Events



If you are looking for a Long Term Care Home you may wish to consider Kipling Acres
Excerpts from

Kipling Acres 2233 Kipling Avenue
Etobicoke ON
M9W 4L3

Kipling Acres (KA) is an accredited 337 bed non-profit long-term care home operated by the City of Toronto, Homes for the Aged. First opened in 1959, Kipling Acres has a long tradition of providing quality care in a home-like environment. It provides services to persons who have demonstrated need, usually as a result of chronic illness, frailty, or an inability to independently complete normal activities of daily living.
The GOA Building Sub-Committee has been carefully and assiduously investigating & analyzing various opportunities in an effort to try to meet the needs of our Seniors' accommodation issue in the most practical and productive manner. An Ad Hoc Group with the same objective and desired outcome as ours, has, since early last year, been looking for a Long Term Care Home for our Seniors.

For Full Text Click Here

Toronto East Goan Seniors Association (TEGSA)
Notice of Annual General Meeting

Date: Sunday, March 26, 2-5 p.m.
Place: the Commander Park Arena hall, 140 Commander Commander Blvd,Toronto,M1S 3H7.

Pilgrimage to Our Lady Of Fatima & Lourdes (25Sep-04Oct06).

See the attached flyer for details regarding the fall Pilgrimage to Our Lady Of Fatima in Portugal and Our Lady Of Lourdes in France as well as a visit to Barcelona, Spain.

Contact :
Richard D'Souza -

(Click to view Flyer)


Tangentia Consulting opened in Porvorim


PANAJI, Feb 24: Tangentia Consulting, a Canada-based firm providing business solutions to retail, distribution and manufacturing companies, has opened an office in Goa. The office located at Kranti nagar, Alto Porvorim, was inaugurated by Fr Romulado D'Souza, director of Goa Institute of Management. Tangentia Consulting is a company founded by Mr Vijay Thomas, a non-resident Indian of Goan origin. The company focuses on small and medium business by providing cost-effective e-commerce and e-business solutions, says a press note released here. (NT)




55 Plus Goan Association - West GTA

Early in the New Year the new Goan Seniors Group held a General Body Meeting on January 10th at the Peace Lutheran Hall, in Square 1, City Centre Drive, Mississauga.

In all 35 members turned up that evening at 7.30 p.m. for the first meeting of the New Year. The outcome of the meeting was the approval of the Draft Constitution with some amendments and a proviso that it would be updated when the name of the organization and other details were determined. At the same meeting a new Executive Committee was elected under a unanimous vote.

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People Places and Things

St Francis Xavier Jubilee Year Celebrations
Excerpts from the Catholic Register &

In the year 2006, the Society of Jesus celebrates three special and important anniversaries: the birth in 1506 of both Francis Xavier and Pierre Favre, and the death in 1556 St. Ignatius Loyola. Through the course of the year there will be numerous celebrations as well as commemorative activities, publications, and productions.

 Some of the most extensive plans to honour the three Jesuit founders are taking place in Toronto’s very large Indian community. St. Francis Xavier, who was a spectacularly successful missionary in India, is patron saint for missions and particularly dear to the Indian community in Canada.

 Toronto Indian community events for the St. Francis Xavier Jubilee Year include.

For Full Text Click Here        


Message from Olga Madeira

TEGSA had an excellent turnout at the Valentine's Evening. Despite a few hitches, the feedback indicated most if not all had a wonderful time, particularly in being able to get out of hibernation. Whether it was from the scrumptious supper, the rounds of Bingo or Whist Drive, or the energetic line dancing, participants appeared to be in a cheerful and spirited mood. The success of the occasion was a direct result of the many people that provided a helping hand - thank you to each of TEGSA members.We hope that the spirit of cupid will carry you through the rest of the winter and we look forward to seeing you at our next event. Olga Madeira

(2005) CD $34.00,

 Heart disease was the biggest pandemic of the twentieth century and remains the number one killer in developed countries. Yet there is still no consensus about its cause. Cholesterol is the number one suspect, and cholesterol lowering diets and drugs, the treatments of choice. But there is growing dissent. Jill Eisen explores the history and politics surrounding our ideas about heart disease Get CD or printed trancript at above URL


Health & Wellness

Working Smoke Alarms: It's the Law as of March 1, 2006

 TORONTO, Feb. 28 /CNW/ - A new regulation requiring smoke alarms on every storey as well as outside all sleeping areas of every home will make Ontario an even safer place to live, says Community Safety and Correctional Services Minister Monte Kwinter.

"It's simple - smoke alarms save lives," says Kwinter. "Even with the lowest fire death rate in Ontario's history in 2005, we can all do more to protect our loved ones. Installing smoke alarms on every storey of a home and outside all sleeping areas can ensure your family has the precious seconds needed to escape from a fire. The new regulation that takes effect March 1,
2006 will mean safer homes and safer communities."

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Study uncovers what matters most in end-of-life care

 OTTAWA, Feb. 28 /CNW Telbec/ - How Canadians die is far more important than where they die, according to a new Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) funded study on the quality of end-of-life care.

"Patients are telling us they don't want to be a burden on their families, whether they die at home or in hospital," says Dr. Daren Heyland, a research director in the Department of Medicine at Kingston General Hospital (KGH) and a Queen's University Professor of Medicine. According to Dr. Heyland, dying patients and their families need to feel they can trust their attending physicians. "It's not that patients don't care at all about where they die, they just rated that factor as less important than having confidence in the doctors looking after them."

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CARP News Articles
Early Retirement May be Dangerous to your Health
Read More
Article By: James Pasternak

Early retirement might be dangerous to your health. So say the findings of a recent study published in the British Medical Journal

Entitled “Age at Retirement and Long Term Survival of an Industrial Population: Prospective Cohort Study,” a team of researchers tracked thousands of employees who worked at Shell Oil. The investigators found that leaving the workforce at age 55 doubled the risk for death before reaching age 65, compared with those who kept working beyond age 60.

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