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Newsletter. Issue 2006-05. March 04, 2006
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St Francis Xavier Jubilee Year Celebrations
Excerpts from the Catholic Register & www.jesuits.ca



In the year 2006, the Society of Jesus celebrates three special and important anniversaries: the birth in 1506 of both Francis Xavier and Pierre Favre, and the death in 1556 St. Ignatius Loyola. Through the course of the year there will be numerous celebrations as well as commemorative activities, publications, and productions.

 Some of the most extensive plans to honour the three Jesuit founders are taking place in Toronto’s very large Indian community. St. Francis Xavier, who was a spectacularly successful missionary in India, is patron saint for missions and particularly dear to the Indian community in Canada.

 Toronto Indian community events for the St. Francis Xavier Jubilee Year include.

  • A food and craft fair at Brebeuf College High School May 14;

  • A summer picnic at Etobicoke’s Centennial Park June 11;

  • A Parish mission will be preached in three parishes at once Sept. 22, Sept. 29 and Oct. 6 at Isaac Jogues parish in pickering, Holy Spirit in Toronto, St. Francis Xavier in Missisauga.

  • A Closing Eucharist for the St. Francis Xavier Jubilee Year will to held Dec. 3 at a church yet to be determined.

 “It’s certainly very significant,” said Jesuit Father Daryl Miranda, who has been organizing the events in the Indian community.

 Also in Toronto, the Jesuit run parish of Our Lady of Lourdes will present a day of celebration March 25, including a presentation by the parish-based “No Name Popular Theatre,” unveiling of Ignatian portraits and a 5:15 p.m. Mass. The celebration gets underway 2:45 p.m.

 With the help of the Catholic publishing house Novalis, the French and English provinces of the Jesuits will bring out perpetual calendars in July. The calendars will feature images and quotes from the three founding Jesuits for every day of the year.

 In Montreal the Jesuit Province of French Canada and Haiti will sponsor a series of art exhibitions and lectures from Sept. 22 to Oct. 8.


Message from Olga Madeira

TEGSA had an excellent turnout at the Valentine's Evening. Despite a few hitches, the feedback indicated most if not all had a wonderful time, particularly in being able to get out of hibernation. Whether it was from the scrumptious supper, the rounds of Bingo or Whist Drive, or the energetic line dancing, participants appeared to be in a cheerful and spirited mood. The success of the occasion was a direct result of the many people that provided a helping hand - thank you to each of TEGSA members.We hope that the spirit of cupid will carry you through the rest of the winter and we look forward to seeing you at our next event. Olga Madeira

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