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Newsletter. Issue 2006-07. April 01, 2006
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TEGSA - Annual General Meeting -Baton Change.

The Toronto East Goan Seniors Association had all good news to report to the 59 members who attended the AGM on Sunday March 26, 2006

The Executive Committee Members for the 1st 2 year term were, Claude Gomes, Romero Dias, Bel Remedios, Anthony Saldanha, Elsie Fernandes, Uvy Lopes, Olga Madeira, Vivien Dias. & Netto Noronha,.

Highlights of reports from President Claude Gomes, Secretary Bel Remedios
& Treasurer Anthony Saldanha:

-Membership 430

-Finances in good shape. Not-for profit organization, hence only minimal operating
funds carried forward

-Christmas Dance and other event ticket prices kept low with subsidies from Asoociation's funds.

-Membership fee for current year to remain same as 2005 - no enrolment fee for new members

-Grant from City of Toronto helped to fund a wide range of social and cultutral events

-Minutes of last meeting and General Secretary's report approved without amendment

Click to read President Claude Gomes Address

The new 2006 - 2008 Executive Team :-

President :
Alpoim Andrade.
Vice President: Leo Braganza.
General Secretary: Carmelita D’Souza.
Treasurer: Valentine Viegas
Social Secretary: Victoria D’Souza.
Cultural Secretary: Zena Vaz
PR., Media & Communications Co-Ordinator: Uvy Lopes.

Trips Co-Ordinator: Hilda Vitor
Member: Charles Fernandes.

Auditors : Pelagio De Souza & John Barretto


Fifty Five Plus Goan Seniors Group – West GTA
Easter Greetings

On behalf of our Executive Committee, I am pleased to send out special Easter greetings to all our members, especially those who have helped and supported us in achieving the formation of our Association since its inception 10 months ago.

Without the enthusiastic and ready support of all my co-coordinating committee and endless hours of planning for the last 10 months, nothing could have come to fruition. Therefore, I am proud to report that we started off with a ground zero base, then at the next general meeting, we had 65 members and now it has soared to at least 300+ and is still growing..!!

Most importantly, we have each and every one of you to thank, especially in supporting us at our last Xmas celebration, in every which way possible. It was a rousing success and a memorable one at that!!

I trust that the past celebration will renew and strengthen shared traditions and cultural ties. It also provides an opportunity to reflect on the freedom we all enjoy in Canada in our “adoptive” country and to celebrate your part in making our organization a definite success!! Special recognition must go to all those who have contributed their time and many talents in helping to organize this past event and trust this will continue, so that you all can enjoy the company of friends and family at our upcoming events, i.e. check out our website at goanvoice.ca (also see below) list of events up until June 2006.

It is my earnest hope that these “get-togethers” will serve to strengthen the ties that bind us, in order to keep our organization up and running in order to pave the way for our future sons and daughters to “step in our shoes” in the years to come!

I would be remiss if I did not mention our grateful thanks to our sister organization in the East End (TEGSA), namely, Claude Gomes and Bel Remedios for initially taking that “first step” in giving us their full fledged support in forming this Association and still work behind the scenes in giving us their advice!

Another most important figure is Mr. Roque Barreto who was instrumental in assisting us with the Constitution. His tireless efforts and patience is very much appreciated!!

Roque Barreto also conducted a very successful and informative tax clinic on March l4th and “educated” us on ways and means on how to “save your money” !! Thanks also go out to his daughter Annabelle who presented herself excellently at answering all our questions directed to her. All who attended I am sure were gratefully satisfied.

Thanks also goes out to Mr. Uvy Lopes for his assistance behind the scenes. It has not gone unnoticed.

Our gratitude goes out to all the advertisers, printers, caterers, donors helpers and contributors who have assisted us thus far. To all those who did not receive personal letters, who were missed out, please accept our thanks and excuse us for our “oversight”. A million thanks to all whether mentioned by name or not.!!

Last, but not least, let us not forget our parents and relatives who have preceded us to the hereafter and who have paved the way for our future life in our adopted land.

Muriel Lucas – General Secretary
55 Plus Goan Seniors Group-West GTA.

Calling All Professionals…..Mentors Wanted For Career Networking Mixer!

Are you looking for a way to make a difference to a person starting out in their career? Would you like to help shape the career path of someone in the Goan community? If so, we have an excellent opportunity for you. Join other working professionals for the G.O.A. Career Networking Mixer on Sunday May 7, 2006 at Eatonville Library from 1:30 - 5:00 pm. (430 Burnamthorpe Road, Mississauga -- Hwy 427 & Burnamthorpe) 

All it takes is a few hours to share your experience and knowledge about your career field. If you are a working professional in one of these sectors: arts, business, communications, engineering and technology, education, public sector, health services, law and public safety, manufacturing and science, you can help by giving advice to members of the Goan community on:

•    how to network and build contacts
•    where to get training and professional development
•    how to build skills and qualifications

To be a mentor in this forum, please contact Michelle Pereira, G.O.A. Career and Education Coordinator at .
For more information go to http://www.goatoronto.com and click on Career Networking Mixer under Latest Events.

Dear Saligaokars & Friends,



In keeping with the time honoured tradition of celebrating the feast of Mae De Deus, patroness of Saligao, we invite you to join us in Toronto for the annual celebration.

Date:        Sunday, May 7th , 2006
                Holy Mass is at 12 noon
                Followed by a hot buffet lunch, entertainment and dancing!

Place:      International Banquet Hall, 5835 Kennedy Road, Mississauga
               (Kennedy & Brittania, just off Hwy-401) Tel. No. (905) 568 1918

Music:      DJ FATZ

Tickets:     Adult: $ 25.00 Child (ages 4-12): $ 13.00 Toddler (3 and under): FREE
                ? A prize for the first order received ?
                ? A prize for the most tickets ordered ?
                No tickets will be sold at the door.

Tables:     10 people per table.

Please fill in and mail the attached ticket order form with a cheque (no cash please) payable to Cheryl Nazareth. Your ticket order form (with cheque) received by APRIL 30th, 2006.will help us in planning and preparing for the event.

Mailing Address      Cheryl Nazareth, 1042 Dalewood Dr, Pickering, ON, L1V 4P5

Attractions: ? Prizes! Prizes! Prizes!
                  ? Grand Raffle
                  ? Crowning of Kolo & Koli
                  ? Games for children and adults

Sponsorships and prize donations welcome!

As usual, advertisement sponsorship in the brochure, prizes for the Coli/Coli, prizes for games and the raffle in the form of gift hampers, wine bottles, restaurant and/or entertainment coupons/tickets are welcome. Please contact any of the committee members for inquiries.

 Entertainment Programs

 Please let us know if you would like to work with the committee in any capacity. Opportunities are available for your participation in the following areas:

      · Mass Choir
· Traditional sing along (mandos & dulpods)
Cultural dances & skits.

Please contact Jasmine at (905) 471-6983 or or any committee member.

 We try to inform all fellow Salgaokars about this event. Please pass on this information to any fellow Salgaokars who inadvertently may not have been sent this announcement.

 Your committee of volunteers for the 31st Annual Social is
Ben Carvalho (President)  (905) 270 5070 or email:

                        Cheryl (Treasurer) & Hubert Nazareth (905) 509-3978

                        Priya Almeida (Secretary) (416) 626-6651

                        Derek & Zarine Noronha (416) 507-6234  

                        Erica Saldanha

                        Felix & Ligia Almeida (416) 626-6651      

                        Ivan & Gina Phillips (416) 495-8873

                        Jasmine, LeRoy & Jolyn Mascarenhas - (905) 471-698

                        Roland Almeida –(416) 386-1019

Your presence on Sunday, May 7th 2006 will add to the festivities in celebrating the feast of Mae De Deus.


Viva Saligao,




Ben Carvalho


Saligao Social Committee of Toronto – 2006



Super Cities WALK for MS



Dear Family and Friends,

It's me...soliciting again...this time for a cause that I'm personally connected to.

This July, it will be 12 years since I first became ill and was subsequently diagnosed with Multiple

Instead of writing about the toll (visible and 'hidden') that MS has taken on me over the years, I would like
to measure time's passing with all that's positive in my life...such as the steadfast love and support of my dear family; treasured friendships both old and new; prayers said on my behalf; hope that faith has sustained; liberating laughter; and countless other blessings that have been bestowed on me and my life.

I am truly one of the lucky ones. But there are many with MS who have not been so fortunate. I am WALKing for them this year, because "There, but for the grace of God go...".

I understand that many of us have our favourite charities that we support and that no one can possibly support every worthy cause.

If you are able to, please sponsor me with a pledge. Any amount would be greatly appreciated. With your support, the MS Society can continue providing the services that are so needed by my fellow MSers and myself. With your help, we will find a cure.

If you are free and would like to join me in the WALK at Sunnybrook Park on Sunday, April 23rd please let me know...Tel.: 416-265-0779 or . I would love your company!! If you know of anyone else who may be interested in
sponsoring me/raising pledges & WALKing please let me know or forward this message to them.

Thank You. God Bless You.

The Super Cities WALK for MS is the largest national fundraising program for the MS Society of Canada, taking place in 160 communities across Canada in 2006. The Super Cities WALK is a one-day event that offers routes of varying lengths, at least one
of which is wheelchair accessible. Enjoy the great outdoors, food and entertainment while helping us to connect with a cure and help the 50,000 Canadians who have multiple sclerosis.

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