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Newsletter. Issue 2006-09. April 29, 2006
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First Holy Communion Gift Book

The essentials of the Catechism in question-answer format The English Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church is now available in hardcover and softcover editions. This abbreviated version of the Catechism presents the entirety of Catholic moral teaching and the doctrine of the faith in a user-friendly format that is accessible to all.
Handsomely bound, durable hardcover
As of April 1, 2006: regular price of $24.95
Low priced, high quality softcover
Same size, content and format as the hardcover
1 to 4 copies: $16.95


Konkani Music now available in Canada

V.P. Sinaris & Sons* have been synonymous with Konkani music for decades.They now want a presence in Canada in order to market their music to N. America and Europe.

Before they can establish a full presence here they want to ascertain the popularity of Konkani music in the West. They know that when Goans visit Goa, they always buy a few CDs to remind them of their stay in Goa. But they also know that many Goans do not visit Goa that frequently and have to rely on their friends and relations to do them the favour of buying some nostalgic music for them.
In the past this music was available in cassette form. These were generally of poor quality and did not last very long.
Today’s music is produced mostly on CDs. All of Sinaris music available in Canada is in CD format.
The limited collection of CDs available for sale in Canada can be viewed at:http://www.demerg.com/sinaris/ 

Each CD is priced at $8.00 (Canadian currency)
They can be purchased by contacting
Tim de Mello:   905-274-2167 (R)
                        416-356-3042 (Cell)

Or by e-mailing Tim at .

V. P. Sinari & Sons in Goa, is the brain-child of Mr. Suresh Sinari, a pioneer, an entrepreneur and ardent promoter of Goan music. He has been in the business for decades,  since 1933 during the Portuguese  Rule for the sale of gramophone records and long playing titles in Portuguese and in English, the latter from British India.  “Sinaris”is a well-known household name and is acknowledged throughout Goa and wherever Goans have settled or are employed,  be it in the Middle East as well as overseas in Europe and the USA.

V. P. Sinari & Sons, today stocks an amazing variety of music cassettes, as well as CD’s and DVD’s in Konkani, English, Marathi and Portuguese. The three outlets here in Goa offer the latest music cassettes by local Goan artistes and reputed names in the arena of Goan music as Remo, Lorna and Hema Sardessai, among others, including the latest National Award   Winning ,1st Konkani film, “Aleesha”.


UTM's Fuel Cell Facility First in University Student Residence
(Posted April 19, 2006)
By Tracy Moniz, Marketing and Communications, UTM.

The opening of the solid oxide fuel cell facility at the University of Toronto at Mississauga (UTM) today marks Canada's first installation of solid oxide fuel cells in a university student residence as well as the world's first multi-unit installation.

Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Systems (Image: Fuel Cell Technologies Ltd.)

"The University of Toronto at Mississauga is proud to be a leader in adopting emerging energy technologies," says Ray deSouza, chief administrative officer at UTM. "We are committed to environmentally friendly practices in the midst of extraordinary campus expansion, and installing fuel cell technology to power student residences is one way we are doing this. We want our campus to be a site where innovative technology can be applied and evaluated, where research into these vital energy alternatives can flourish and where teaching and public education initiatives can develop."

The facility houses four 5-kilowatt solid oxide fuel cell systems developed by Fuel Cell Technologies Ltd. These systems will serve as a primary source of combined heat and power for 12 townhouse units in the UTM student residence complex, providing a clean, environmentally friendly source of energy.

The $2-million project will generate 20 kilowatts of "clean" power for the townhouse units. If the units require more than 20 kilowatts of power, the energy will come from the Ontario power grid. The solid oxide fuel cell systems are connected to the power grid, but can operate even if the grid goes down. If a blackout occurs, for example, the residence units will remain at power.

The low-emissions fuel cell systems will operate on natural gas at the start of the project. During this time, the only greenhouse gas emissions from the process will be carbon dioxide in quantities much less than that of any other fossil fuel energy source from traditional grid power systems. Other emissions will include heat and water. During the latter phase of the project, one of the 5-kilowatt units will operate on hydrogen gas, contributed by Air Liquide Canada, producing no greenhouse gas emissions.

The average efficiency for traditional methods of energy, such as coal and nuclear, is approximately 30 per cent. Immediately, the solid oxide fuel cell systems are expected to exceed this by 10 per cent and grow to between 65 and 70 per cent efficient when heat recovery is considered.

This solid oxide fuel cell project is sponsored by the Government of Canada's Hydrogen Early Adopters Program, UTM, Fuel Cell Technologies Ltd. and Air Liquide Canada. The project forms another part of the GTA Hydrogen Village program, a partnership among industry, government and academia committed to accelerating the commercialization of hydrogen and fuel cell technology in Canada.
* * *

 "Every Kilowatt Counts" Campaign Will Help Ontario Consumers Save Energy And Money

A new campaign will help citizens across the province conserve energy and save money, Ontario Energy Minister Donna Cansfield and Chief Energy Conservation Officer Peter Love announced yesterday. The "Every Kilowatt Counts" campaign will give Ontarians the tools they need to make cost effective energy decisions.

The first element of the Every Kilowatt Counts campaign - Cool Savings - gets underway April 21. Consumers will receive a $500 rebate when they replace an inefficient central air conditioner with a new ENERGYSTAR(R) qualified system. There is a $50 rebate for those who have their central air conditioner tuned up by a registered participating contractor, and a $75 rebate on the supply and installation of a programmable thermostat.

"It's cheaper to save a kilowatt than to generate a kilowatt," Cansfield said. "Conservation is an important component of our energy plan, and this program will help reduce peak electrical demand and save energy over the hot summer months, but more importantly save people money."

"Our action list is extensive. Education, incentives, and collaboration are the keys to success," Love said.

Other Every Kilowatt Counts elements, include:
* A province-wide educational and incentive program reaching 4.3 million households, which will provide every Ontarian the basic tools to help the province achieve a Culture of Conservation. The program will be launched in late April.
* A refrigerator retirement program, targeted at removing old, outdated and inefficient refrigerators - the infamous "beer fridge" - will be initiated later this spring.

Cool Savings Rebate
Cool Savings Rebate is a program offered to Ontario residents with existing central Air Conditioning (AC) systems. The program encourages Ontario residents to improve the operating efficiency of their AC systems by providing the following offers:
* A $50 rebate on a central AC system 'tune-up' (April 21 – June 30, 2006);
* A rebate up to $75 towards the purchase and installation of a programmable thermostat (April 21 to August 31, 2006); and
* A $500 rebate upon replacement of an existing AC system with an ENERGY STAR® qualified system (i.e. 14 SEER or higher) (April 21 – August 31, 2006)

To be eligible for the rebates, services must be performed by a program-registered contractor. Full program details, including a ‘contractor-locator’ for finding a participating contractor near you, are available by visiting: http://www.conservationbureau.on.ca
(click on Cool Savings Rebate logo on front page) or by calling the toll free number: 1-866-670-COOL (2665)


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