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Newsline Canada

Mumbai Archbishop Cardinal Ivan Dias to head Vatican body

MUMBAI: Archbishop of Mumbai, Cardinal Ivan Dias, has been appointed Prefect of the Congregation of the Evangelisation of the Peoples at the Vatican. Cardinal Dias was one of the contenders for the pope's position after John Paul II died last year.

The new appointment has catapulted Cardinal Dias to what is considered one of the top positions in the Vatican with a responsibility extending worldwide.


“….. Canada is today suffering from the pervasive effects of secularism,"
Pope Benedict

Excerpts from AP Article

VATICAN CITY -- Pope Benedict said yesterday low Canadian birth rates are the result of the "pervasive effects of secularism" and asked the country's bishops to counter the trend by preaching "with passion" the truth of Christ.
The pontiff's comments to visiting bishops from Canada echoed his statements last month to members of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, when he said that a lack of true love was behind an increase in failed marriages and a decrease in birth rates in much of the developed world.


Canada's Greatest Treasure - Its People
Message from the Catholic Organization for Life and Family on the occasion of the National March for Life Ottawa - May 11, 2006

Demographers have told us: the current birth rate – 1.5 children per woman of child-bearing age – cannot maintain the Canadian population at its present levels. Economists have warned us: the aging of the population will result in socio-economic problems at the younger generations’ expense. Scientists have confirmed it: abortion can cause sterility.

It is therefore not surprising that the organizers of the ninth National March for Life are declaring this year that “Abortion is killing Canada’s future”. On the occasion of this event, the Catholic Organization for Life and Family calls Canadians to recognize that our country’s greatest treasure is its people.



Kennedy pledges to eliminate immigrant success gap
"Immigrants are earning less, buying fewer homes, and facing twice the level of unemployment than non-immigrants in this country…."
- Closing the gap between Canadian-born citizens and immigrants of similar education and work experience must become a national priority if we are to continue to compete successfully in a global economy, Liberal leadership candidate Gerard Kennedy said today.

"The individual effort of every Canadian is what makes our economy function at such a high level, and yet, immigrants earn a startling 40 per cent less than non-immigrant Canadians of similar education and work experience," Kennedy told the Economic Club of Toronto, in his first major policy speech in Toronto since announcing his leadership campaign. "This challenge is not being addressed by the Harper Government, despite the fact that the gap represents an estimated loss to our economy of $6 billion."

"By 2016, we will eliminate the Immigrant Success Gap - the difference between the income of immigrant and non-immigrant Canadians of similar education and work experience - for all immigrants who have been in the
country for 10 years," Kennedy pledged.

Taking aim at the Conservatives, Kennedy blasted the Harper government for failing to take up the challenge. "Immigrants are earning less, buying fewer homes, and facing twice the level of unemployment than non-immigrants in this country. This is not a priority for Stephen Harper, but it must for the Liberal Party of Canada."


Canada Gets a "D" in Physical Activity - Again " "

~ Active Healthy Kids Canada calls on public and private sectors to do more to help families raise active, healthy children ~

TORONTO, May 25 /CNW/ - Active Healthy Kids Canada's 2006 Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Youth identifies three immediate steps to help families raise active, healthy kids. The annual Report Card, which gives Canada a "D" for the second straight year, calls for families, communities and government to collaborate on a comprehensive approach to increase physical activity for children and youth.

The Report Card closely examines physical activity opportunities for kids where they live, learn and play. This year's report reveals new data that demonstrate where we are not improving, where we are actually getting worse, and where we can build on promising areas, including recommendations for action.




Cardinal Ivan Dias appointed by the Pope as the Vatican's Prefect of the Congregation of Evangelisation of Peoples

Cardinal Ivan Dias was one of the contenders for the pope's position after John Paul II died last year.

The Pope has asked the 70-year-old Cardinal Ivan Dias to continue as administrator of the largest Catholic Archdiocese of Bombay until he leaves to take over his responsibilities which is considered one of the top positions in the Vatican with a responsibility extending worldwide.
The Congregation for the Evangelisation of Peoples, founded in 1622, is the Vatican's department entrusted with the coordination of programmes aimed at spreading the gospel in territories where Christianity is still young.

Currently, this covers an area of about 64 million square km in the five continents where the Catholic population totals 185 million.The Congregation offices are situated at the famous Piazza di Spagna (Spanish Steps) in the heart of Rome.

The office of the Prefect of the Congregation has also been engaged in uniting Catholic Church of Rome with various independent oriental Christian orthodox churces in Egypt, Greek, Russia and Protestant Churches, inclusing Lutheran and Calvin ones, and work towards ecumenical unity of the churches.

Earlier, Cardinal Dias, was consultant to the Congregation for the Evangelisation of Peoples, a member of Vatican's Pontifical Council for Cultures and Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith for five years.

The spokesperson said the cardinal heading the office was also known as the "Red Pope" because of his influence and jurisdiction over many continents and the nature of the work involved. It is a very big honour for all of us because the person who holds this post is often referred to as the "Red Pope", as he wears a red cape and the Pope wears a white one.

I hope this clarifies Cardinal Dias new role in the Church as Prefect of the Congregation of Evangelization of People.
Sincerely :Antonio Mascarenhas


News Clips from Goa

Dirt cheap Tatas! Indian automaker to market $2,000 car
By Chris Paukert
Read More

Tata Indigo Marina                         

Tata Motors Ltd. of India has announced plans to build a five-seat car that it will bring to market for less than 100,000 rupees (around $2,200).

The company is set to build a $220 million dollar factory the communist state of West Bengal to build the discount offering, with hopes of having it on the market in two years. The new vehicle could result in up to 10,000 new jobs at the plant and the company's suppliers.

Tata did not disclose more specifics about the vehicle's construction, or its name. Officials were similarly mum on production projections, as well export possibilities.

[Source: The Associated Press via Detroit News; Tata Motors]
Intel to sell low cost PCs to India
Excerpts from Nick Farrel & others

CHIP-SELLER Intel is involved in a scheme to flog cut-price computers in India in a bid to send AMD packing from the region.

Intel says it is working with Wipro, Zenith and ICICI Bank, who will provide finance for the kit and the computers, which should be ready in two months.

The scheme is part of a cunning plan to claw back sales from markets where AMD has as yet failed to penetrate. It is spending more than a billion dollars to promote Internet use and computer training in developing markets such as India and Mexico.

On a wander around the sub-continent, Intel boss Paul Otellini said his company would cut the price of the cheapest Indian PC by 20 percent. "No one wants to cross the digital divide with old technology," he said.

India's cheapest desktop now costs about 10,000 rupees ($220). However, although India is a globally recognized software developer, penetration rates are abysmal due to high prices and the absence of reliable power in vast parts of the country.
Portuguese Governor's Cadillac and Merc rotting in the fire services

PANJIM: Two vintage beauties are looking for a proper home. A cool Cadillac and a magnificent Merc, which originally belonged to the last Portuguese Governor in Goa, Vassalo da Silva, are suffering in less than royal surroundings at the Fire and Emergency Services garage at St Inez, here, when they should have been pampered and looked after at the state museum. These cars were imported by Silva in 1959 and were in use till the time of the Liberation of Goa. The sight of these cars fascinated people then. The vehicles were being looked after by the Raj Bhavan till a couple of years ago, when the then Governor decided that both the vehicles be shifted to the Goa state museum at Patto. But instead they are kept at St Inez due to the delay in building a shed adjacent to the museum. (Vithaldas Hegde, GT

Janshatabdi runs over 62 goats

CANACONA: Tragedy struck a poor Canacona farmer when 62 of his goats were crushed under the Janshatabdi Express on 21 May. The animals panicked, while some jumped into the Talpona River and got drowned, the others were crushed under wheels. The farmer sold the carcasses of a few animals and managed to get a meagre sum of Rs.2,000. The farmer suffered a loss of almost Rs.1 lakh in the bargain. (GT)
New terminal building for Dabolim airport
Minister for Civil Aviation, Praful Patel, announced in the Rajya Sabha on May 23 that plans were afoot to construct a new international terminal building and additional parking stands at the Dabolim airport in Goa. This, he said, would improve the facilities and augment the additional spaces for international operations from Goa. The minister also informed the House that a total of 15,655 international and domestic flights have operated at the Dabolim airport in 2005-2006 and that the passengers handled per day during peak season (November to February) in the Dabolim sectors vary from 1153 to 1241 in the international sector and 978 to 2428 in the domestic sector. (GT)
Claudia captured Goa's original settlers on camera
Claudia is a post-graduate student from Portugal and is in Goa to do research on the gauda community - Goa's original settlers who came here centuries ago. In her first exhibition at the cultural space the Consulate-General of Portugal at Altinho, her 35 photographs brought o light the life of both the Christian and Hindu gaudas. The exhibition will be open throughout the day up to May 25. "Because I'm Portuguese I cam here to study about the Christians in Goa and last time I was here, i worked on my project of space and society in Goa," says Claudia. (Arti Das, GT)


+ MENINO COLACO. 1913 --- 2006

Mr Menino Colaco husband of late Mrs Severina Colaco, formerly of Cortalim-Goa and Arusha-Tanzania and currently residing in Brampton passed away peacefully at the William Osler Centre in Brampton. He was 92 years old.
He is survived by his children in the following order;
Anthony Colaco(eldest son)
Josephine Fortes,(hus) Herbert.Fortes.(children),Heidi and Haddon.
Joanna Mohabir,(hus)Leyland.Mohabir(children),Jonathan and Amanda
Fedeline Mohabir,(hus)James.Mohabir(children)Melissa and Nicholas.
Joseph Colaco,(Wife)Magreth.Colaco.(child)Emily
Manuel Colaco,(wife)Nan.Colaco.(child)Patricia
Lawrence Colaco All the above residing in Brampton.
Domina Borkar(son) Ricky,Succor residing in Margao-Goa.
Funeral service took place on May 23, 2006 at St. mary’s Church Brampton, with internment at Assumption Cemetery.May His Soul Rest In Peace.

Message from: "Herbert Fortes" <


 Goan Events in Canada - 2006 
Date Organization Event  
Saturday, May 27th 2006 Toronto East Goan Seniors Association 2nd Anniversary Dance Click for Flier

Sunday, May 28th 2006

Goan Soccer League

Goan Inter-Village Soccer League Commences At Thistletown Collegiate Grounds, 20 Fordwich Cres. Etobicoke, Ontario

Evaristo Fernandes @ 416 873-GOAN or visit


June 3, 2006 Goan Overseas Association Golf Classic
Friday 9th, June 2006 FIFA World Cup 2006 Germany Schedule
Saturday June 10, 2006

Goan Charitable Organization

"Walkathon" @ 9.00 a.m. sharp at Lakefront Premenade Park, (Cawthra/Lakeshore) Mississauga. For details visit
Saturday June 10, 2006 Villagers of Siolim Association - Greater Toronto Area Celebration St Anthony's Feast GVC
June 11, 2006 Goan Overseas Association St. Francis Xavier Summer Picnic Click for Flier
Tuesday June 13, 2006
6.45 p.m. sharp
At Malta Band Club

TEL: 905 890 8507

Click for Flier

June 16, 2006 Goan Overseas Association Goan’ Overboard
June 17th, 2006
Michael Power high school - Etobicoke, Ontario
Michael Power high school - Etobicoke, Ontario Konkani Tiatr "KIDD"
written by : Ben Evangelisto (Goa)

Directed by:Marshal Fernandes
Click for Flier
June 23rd, 2006 55 Plus Goan Association - West GTA "First Annual" dinner dance at the Renaissance Banquet Hall - Mississauga, ONT. Click for Flier
Saturday July 8, 2006
6.00 p.m. to 1.00 a.m.
Monte De Guirim – Toronto Chapter Summer Blast 2006 Click For Info

Saturday July 8, 2006 CLR Family Picnic at Erindale Park, Mississauga Picnic  
July 9th 2006 Horse Racing & Dining at the famous Woodbine Racetrack Woodbine Racetrack, July 09, 2006, cost $37.00 per person, includes buffet luncheon, tax , gratuity and free race program. Own transportation (car pool) . 30 spaces available , info? Contact Vivien
Fernandes at 905-607-4564. deadline is June 15th. Cheque to be made to: Fifty Five Plus Goan Association., Mail to: Vivien Fernandes, #95, 2199 Burnhamthorpe Rd.W.,Mississauga, ON. L5L 5M7
Click for Flier
July 16, 2006 Villagers of Moira and Aldona
Moira/Aldona Picnic at Centennial Park, Etobicoke moirasocial
July 18, 2006 Monthly meet at Malta Band Club Whist – Line Dancing – Tambola & Games Click for Flier
Sunday, July 23rd, 2006 -  12.00 noon Calangute Association Canada Feast of Patron Saint Alex GVC
July 29, 2006 Goan Overseas Association Viva Goa 2006
August 15, 2006 Monthly meet at Malta Band Club Whist – Line Dancing – Tambola & Games Click for Flier
Saturday,September 16, 2006 Dr.Ribeiro's Goan School Ex-student's Committee - Toronto Grand Reunion Dance
September 19, 2006 Monthly meet at Malta Band Club Whist – Line Dancing – Tambola & Games Click for Flier
September 23 2006 "Western Nite" at the Meadowvale
Community Centre.
Flyer with further details to follow. So get set to put on your "Western Gear" and have an evening of fun and entertainment We will have a "kick-off" start with a home-cooked / home-style meal.!! Come ready to polish up on yr line-dancing skills!
Contact: Vivien Fernandes, Tel: 905 - 607-
Saturday, September 23rd, 2006 - From 6.00 P.M. To 1.00 A.M. Calangute Association Canada GOAN EVENTS IN CANADA - 2006 Click for Flier
October 1, 2006
12:00 noon
Curtorim . Loutolim . Raia . Association 7th ANNUAL SOCIAL
At Claireport Place
65 Claireport Crescent, Etobicoke
(Hwy 27 & Albion Rd)
October 17, 2006 Monthly meet at Malta Band Club Whist – Line Dancing – Tambola & Games Click for Flier
October 22, 2006 Villagers of Moira, Moira Social, Feast of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception moirasocial
November 14, 2006 General Body Meeting at Malta Band Club Tentative Agenda:
- Update on 
- Name our
Click for Flier

November 18, 2006

Navelim Association of Toronto

Navelim Social
At Claireport Place
65 Claireport Crescent, Etobicoke
(Hwy 27 & Albion Rd)

Details to follow:
For information email-


December 3rd 2005 To December 3rd 2006.
St Francis Xavier Jubilee Year Celebrations
Greater Toronto Area Events
December 12, 2006 Monthly meet at Malta Band Club Whist – Line Dancing – Tambola & Games Click for Flier


Asian Heritage Month

The Month of May is Asian Heritage Month. This acknowledges the long and rich history of Asian Canadians and their contributions to Canada. Click here to read more.


St. Francis Xavier Jubilee Year Celebrations - Summer Picnic, Sunday, June 11 – Toronto Centennial Park
Message from : "sara ferrao" <>

As part of the St. Francis Xavier Jubilee celebrations, there will be a summer picnic which will be held on June 11, 2006. The picnic will take place at Centennial Park (Area 7 and 8) which is located in Etobicoke and the major intersection is Rathburn Road and Renforth Drive.

The picnic will be from 11 am to 5pm. (Holy Mass will be celebrated at noon)

There will be various games and activities for people of all ages and this will serve as a wonderful opportunity for members of various communities to mingle and get to know each other.

Please pass this on to all your family and friends

See you there!

Click for Flier


Viva Goa 2006 - Dancers Needed

It's time for Viva Goa!! And we're recruiting dancers/choreographers (guys and girls) for Goa Carnival -- the closing performance at Viva Goa on Saturday July 29th. Music will be latin flavour, high energy and fun!!! Please let me know by Sunday May 28th if you and your friends are interested in dancing and/or choreography. Practices will be held in June and July. Pass this e-mail along to those who might be interested. More on Goa Carnival -- The Goa Carnival is the time when Goa bursts out in colour. It made its appearance in the Spanish and Portuguese colonies, where it evolved into the very Latin singing-dancing parade. The Carnival is presided over by King Momo, the Greek God of laughter and satire who on opening day orders his subjects to party. For three days of continuous music, dance and fun, the legendary King Momo takes over the state and the streets come alive with music. Carnival is full of celebration and excitement. It is similar to New Orleans "Mardi Gras", with songs, dances and huge parades. The dancers are a vibrant addition to the parades that line the streets in Goa.

Michelle (Coutinho) Pereira
"Viva Carnival"
G.O.A. Executive Committee Member



People Places and Things

By: Uvy Lopes

The best entertainment bargain in town had to be the TEGSA Mega Whist Drive/Bingo/Dinner, held on May llth, 2006 at the Commander Hall. Where else can one get a Meal to suit the Goan palate, play Bingo and free Whist Drive with prizes, all for $5.00! To top it all, every lady in the
hall received a free bingo ticket in honour of Mothers Day. While raindrops were falling in buckets outside, a full capacity crowd of approximately 150 members and guests filled the hall much to the delight of the organizers. At 6:30, Committee members and volunteers, served dinner followed by Tea/Coffee.
BINGO! Definitely a "Seniors Favourite" 5 prizes of $20 each for horizontal lines and $50.00 for Full House. Finally ? the Mega Whist Drive ? and "mega" it was! With 120 participants ranging from the sophisticated to the rookie card player. TEGSA?s Joe Lobo and his team were able to ensure that every player understood how the game was played. From the feedback it appeared that all met the objective of this Whist Drive, which was to provide a fun evening . TEGSA thanks Joe for his contribution, time and effort.
Three prizes donated by Members were presented to the winning competitors The top prize was claimed by John Baretto, with the 2nd and 3rd going to Cynthia Fernandes and Tony Fernandes respectively. Consolation prizes also known as "booby prizes" went to Nick Fernandes and Laura Martins. Zena Vaz, Cultural Secretary & coordinator for this event, did a terrific job in organizing this event. As in the past, the Executive Committee, their spouses and the volunteers, worked relentlessly to ensure that members had a fun-filled evening and got a bang for their buck. It was the all-to-get-her participation of TEGSA members and their guests that really made it a TRULY GREAT evening!


Bipasha Basu's Goan Sojourn
By: Upala KBR May 15, 2006

A couple of weeks ago, Bipasha Basu decided to take a holiday. She took her entire family along — mom, dad, older sister Bidisha (with son, Anitesh) and younger sister, Bijoyeta — to Goa.

In an exclusive chat with HiTLIST she talks about her short break



by Tony D'Souza (Cote D'Ivoire 2000-02, Madagascar 2002-03)
Harcourt April 2006 288 pages $22.00

About Tony

Tony D'Souza was born and raised in Chicago. He earned Masters degrees in writing from Hollins University and the University of Notre Dame, and served three years in the Peace Corps in West Africa, where he was a rural AIDS educator.



Nelson Abreu set to present on the controversial out-of-body experience
"Nelson Abreu" <>

MIAMI, JUNE 8, 2006. A Goan engineering student at Florida International University is set to present on the controversial out-of-body experience at the 25th Meeting of the Society for Scientific Exploration at Utah Valley State College.

Nelson Abreu is clearly not a typical electrical engineering student. Outside formal university pursuits, he has been researching the out-of-body experience (OBE) and other phenomena that cross traditional academic boundaries since high school.

Abreu, a Miami Herald Silver Knight award recipient in 2000, is attempting to bring the scientific rigor and technical prowess of engineering to questions usually relegated to the clergy, mystics, or New Age aficionados.


Health & Welfare

Canadians Warned Not to Commit The Seven Deadly Sins of Sleep On Holiday Weekends

   TORONTO, May 18 /CNW/ - This holiday weekend will see Canadians traveling, renovating, partying and possibly committing one or more of the Seven Deadly Sins of Sleep, according to the Better Sleep Council Canada.
    A Better Sleep Council Canada survey finds that most Canadians are planning an action-packed long weekend. One-third will travel (33 percent), one-quarter are planning renovations or work around the house (26 percent), and one-fifth will host or attend a party (19 per cent), among other activities. Yet, half (53 per cent) of Canadians still say they expect to feel more rested than usual come Tuesday morning. Perhaps more realistically, one-third (34 per cent) are expecting to feel less rested than usual.



Historic Smoke-Free Ontario Act Is A Joint Effort
Tackling the number one preventable cause of death in Ontario takes teamwork

QUEEN'S PARK, ON, May 18 /CNW/ - Ontario Minister of Health Promotion Jim Watson today paid tribute to the invaluable contribution of community partners in the development of the Smoke-Free Ontario Act, 2005.
In a statement to the legislature, Watson said the Act, which takes effect on May 31, has been the product of three decades of grassroots work done by volunteers in the charitable, medical, business, public health and research communities.
"Rarely does a government have the privilege of passing a piece of legislation that will make such a positive and progressive difference in the health of Ontarians," said Watson. "On behalf of the McGuinty government, I want to thank and acknowledge the efforts of all our partners in helping us reach this historic milestone."
The Act is just one example of how the McGuinty government is working to protect the health and well-being of Ontario families. Other initiatives include:

- Preventing avoidable illness and death through a ban on smoking in enclosed public places and enclosed workplaces
- Supporting grassroots youth programs that make the most of peer-to-peer communications as the best way to discourage young people from starting to smoke
- Helping smokers to quit by boosting funding for the Smokers' Helpline.

To learn more about the Smoke-Free Ontario Act and the Smoke-Free Ontario Strategy, please call INFOline at 1-866-396-1760, TTY at 1-800-387-5559. Hours of operation: Monday to Friday, 8:30am - 5:00pm.


Health Canada warns that cords on curtains, blinds are hazardous

The recent strangulation deaths of two children in Manitoba and Quebec have prompted Health Canada to warn the public about the dangers posed by cords on blinds, curtains and other window coverings. Health Canada recommends blind and curtain pull-cords and bead-chains be kept out of reach of young children and that the cord's continuous loop be cut to eliminate the potential for strangulation. Furniture such as cribs, children's beds and playpens should not be placed near windows or patio doors with corded window coverings to avoid the possibility of the cord dangling within the child's reach. Sofas, chairs and tables, which children can climb onto to reach pull-cords, should also not be placed near windows with blinds. A Health Canada video, which demonstrates ways people can keep cords out of the reach of children can be viewed online at
Free safety kits with inner-cord stops, tassels and tie-down devices and a safety brochure with instructions can be ordered through the Window Covering Safety Council by visiting their website or calling 1-800-506-4636.

M.ental H.ealth- Staying physically fit prevents Alzheimer's disease
By Kathy Jones May 23, 2006, 13:48

May 23, ( - Keeping fighting fit as people approach old age may help them stave off the risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer's disease, a new study has found. Conversely being in poor physical shape is an open invitation to early declines in mental ability.

The study, reported in the May 22 issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine, suggests said that Alzheimer’s disease actually can be predicted doing a test on how a person walks, his strength of grip and his standing balance.



Endorsed by top Canadian soccer authority, new Backyard Drills put a fun spin on soccer development to engage the entire family

TORONTO, May 17 /CNW/ - Helen Stoumbos, former Canadian national soccer star, is encouraging parents to help their kids get the most out of this soccer season with new Backyard Drills featured on
Flanked by the Dundee Little Chips Soccer Team, Stoumbos unveiled the new Backyard Drills Program at High Park today to kick-off the unique youth soccer outreach developed and funded by Dundee Wealth Management.



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