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Newsletter. Issue 2006-14. July 08, 2006
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Honda to grow in India
Japanese auto giant Honda Motor Co. plans to double its production capacity in India by next year, set up a fully owned subsidiary and invest about $650 million over the next 10 years to expand its business, the company's chief executive said Monday.
President and CEO Takeo Fukui said Honda sees India as a more important market than China, and the growth potential in India is the highest.

Expanding business in India is "one of Honda's three key global strategies, together with strengthening the foundation of our business in the U.S. and Japan, and enhancing Honda's leadership commitment to protect the environment," Fukui told reporters after meetings with Indian partners.


Wednesday, July 05, 2006 - FreeMarketNews.com

He saved Nissan Motor Co. in Japan from bankruptcy. He is guiding a revival of France's Renault SA. Now Carlos Ghosn has set his sights on General Motors Corp. in Detroit. As chief executive officer at Renault and its partner Nissan, Mr. Ghosn (pronounced Goan) travels tens of thousands of kilometres a year and divides his time between Japan, Europe and the United States. - Toronto Globe And Mail. See full article at :


Konkani plays to be staged in Dubai

Dubai: Goan playwright John D'Silva will stage two Konkani plays Jinn (Sketches of Life) and Vaitt (Bad) at Al Nasr Leisureland on July 13 and 14. Tickets priced at Dh50 are available with William Belem (050-2919028) and Tony (050-4998541).


At the Goan Clubs, football no longer rules!
BY INDIRA RODERICKS | Tuesday, June 13, 2006

It's cricket and tennis now, and the World Cup is just another event
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Ten years ago, the Goan Clubs in and around Dhobi Talao and Mazagaon were synonymous with football. Every year a tournament was held where each club played against the other and during major events (such as the World Cup), the members of each club thought of nothing else than to stay glued to the television rooting for their favourite team. But now, that is no longer the case. Football no longer rules and the interests have moved to cricket and tennis. Even the ournaments are no longer held. Although the clubs do exist, membership has gone down drastically. Each club now has a mere 10 members and most of them opt for careers on cruise liners or cargo ships. You'd find just a handful of people at these clubs now (most of the boys are just passing through), with just a lone caretaker looking after the place.

The biggest advantage that these clubs have is the space. All of them have been founded during the early part of the last century and they occupy huge, lofty rooms in the old buildings at Dhobi Talao and Mazagaon. Of course, there is nothing grand about the area they occupy. Common toilets and bathing areas, common kitchens, a common hall with a television and a huge altar (a rosary is recited every evening by the club members) filled with religious statues and icons. Notices about the rules and regulations about each club are pasted on the shabby walls together with information about the members.

You won't find any beds either, just mattresses piled up in one corner, clothes hanging on a makeshift line and steel (or old wooden chests) trunks for each member to keep his belongings in. Most of the clubs could do with a fresh coat of paint or some renovation in the kitchen and bathing area. Each member pays around Rs 100 (at some clubs, it is even less) as monthly rent, and with an amount as paltry as this, it's not as easy as it seems.

Club of Majorda, Dhobi Talao

This is one of the larger clubs in the vicinity. They occupy an entire floor enough to accomodate a sizeable number of people. There were around 10 members here, but most of them were in transit, meaning they have only come in for a day or two. Savio Monterio would be leaving soon to join a cargo ship travelling to Germany. But the World Cup is not on his mind. "It's work that I think about now. I came from Goa just last week and despite travelling to Germany, the World Cup does not interest me. Brazil is my favourite team and I think they will win the World Cup. But I don't think I will watch the matches with great enthusiasm," he said.

"A decade or two ago, we had around 100 members at the club, but now there are hardly any boys left," said Mario Fernandes another member. Like Savio, Mario too is awaiting his turn to board a liner and apart from hoping that Germany wins the cup, he has barely any interest in the event.

"Football is not what it used to be. Cricket is now the sport, tennis too with the tournaments on."



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