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September 16, 2006
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              Newsletter. Issue 2006-15. July 22, 2006  
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Newsline Canada

Mumbai Bomb Blasts
See Mumbai Police list of persons killed and injured at
See Announcements section for details of Public Meeting at Queen's Park, July 25, 2006 to pay homage to the victims.


Peace moves with Pakistan hit after blasts-India PM

Tuesday, July 18, 2006; NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said on Tuesday India would have to review its relations with Pakistan after last week's Mumbai blasts but that the two countries needed to live in peace.
"I think the dialogue process has suffered," Singh said. "I wouldn't say a setback, but it is inevitable in the light of this ghastly tragedy, we should reflect on our relations with Pakistan."



Humanitarian Situation in Gaza and Lebanon - World Vision Statement
MISSISSAUGA, ON, July 19 /CNW/ - "World Vision is gravely concerned with the deteriorating humanitarian situations in Gaza, Lebanon and northern Israel, particularly the condition of children.
World Vision condemns the use of armed violence, especially as directed against civilians, and urges all parties to declare an immediate ceasefire. It is the most vulnerable - children and other civilians - who experience the greatest suffering in these situations. Since June, no fewer than 20 children in Gaza have been killed, adding to the 121 Israeli and 734 Palestinian children killed since September 2000. In the recent fighting between Israel and Hezbollah, several children have been killed on both sides, many more have been injured, and an untold number are living in fear. We mourn for all those killed and are deeply concerned with the lasting impact of this violence on the affected populations.

It is the responsibility of all parties to this conflict to protect the rights of children in conflict situations. Both Israel and Lebanon have ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which stipulates that States Parties have an obligation under international humanitarian law to take all feasible measures to ensure protection and care of children who are affected by an armed conflict. In addition to the States Parties, non-state actors should be held accountable for actions or omissions that abrogate these rights.



Condo craze continues with 41 per cent increase
New condo sold every four minutes in June

TORONTO, July 19 /CNW/ - There were more new high-rise condominium suites sold in the Greater Toronto Area in June than ever before as condo sales smashed the all-time record for market share, Desi Auciello, president of the Greater Toronto Home Builders' Association, said today.

"With an all-time high 2,397 new high-rise condos sold in June, home buyers were snapping up a new condo every four minutes the sales offices were open," said Auciello.
High-rise unit sales were up a whopping 41 per cent while total new home sales were up just two per cent as a result of an offsetting 28 per cent decline in low-rise (single-detached, semi-detached and townhome) sales.

According to RealNet Canada Inc., the association's independent source of new home market information, an astounding six out of every ten (60 per cent) new homes sold in June were high-rise suites.

"Frankly, we never thought we'd see the day when low-rise product would represent the minority of our sales, particularly to this extent," Auciello stated. The previous high-rise market share peak was 46 per cent while the annual average (2005) is 42 per cent.

Auciello attributed the continuing condo craze to affordability and choice. "As house prices rise, home buyers seeking a toehold in the market are obviously turning in increasing numbers to the condo market," said Auciello, noting that the RealNet new home price index for high-rise condos ($314,370) is $80,000 less than for low-rise homes ($393,398).


Irreplaceable Institutions
Fr Anthony Charanghat

Pope Benedict XVI, who visited Valencia, Spain to close the fifth Catholic World Meeting of Families, was dauntless in defending the Catholic teaching on marriage and the family. Spain, once the bastion of Roman Catholicism, has drifted away from the Church and has cut religious education in schools. Its present government besides legalizing same sex marriages has introduced fast-track divorce, medically assisted fertilization and embryo stem cell research. It also permits abortion. In such a hostile atmosphere, the Pope did not hesitate to bravely drive home the message that hails traditional marriage and the family as irreplaceable institutions in God’s plan.

At an evening celebration with pilgrims from around the world, he urged people to celebrate with great joy God’s gift of the family. Insisting that marriage must be between man and woman, he said, “According to human nature, it is man and woman who are made for each other and to give humanity a future.” He underlined that the family is itself based primarily on a deep interpersonal relationship between husband and wife and sustained by affection and mutual understanding. This is only possible if the union of man and woman receive abundant help in the Sacrament of Matrimony, which brings with it a true vocation to holiness.


Tom Agshekar's remarks (Goa's politicians ----OHeraldO June 21) are indeed the sentiments and frustrations of so many Goans, both inside and outside of Goa. With the exception of a few families and their wealth - mostly inherited from their parents or priests uncles (in case of Catholic Goans) - most of Goans are poor and right now their equally poor parents are selling everything, or pawning their gold to get the necessary cash to make their son a seaman or a "slave" of a sheikh in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, or other Gulf area.

There are agents with diabolic schemes to make money in this enterprise. So many times, the so-called-agents have disappeared overnight after collecting huge amounts of money from the ordinary folks. I know of a widow whom I have given some money for their survival. But, instead, she gave that money to an agent who promised her son the kingdom of Abu Dhabi. Her gold is gone. Her money is gone. She lost everything on account of her son who was trying to go to the Arab lands to find a job through those thieves, called agents who closed their shutters overnight and disappeared in the putrid thickness of Mumbai-an polluted air.

While most of Goans are looking to get out of Goa for jobs, the foreigners (from India) are flocking to Goa to fill various positions that the Goans will never get. The head of departments are foreigners (from India). Those foreigners will never give a chance to Goans. Those foreigners (from India) want Goa, but they do not want Goans! The intervention of our elected Goans is necessary. I know some of them are very much involved to help Goans whichever way they can. I saw with my own eyes, Minister Felipe Neri Rodrigues, working very hard in this direction. Of course, there must be others too. I do not know them as I came to know Mr. Rodrigues.

Goan and a seaman - was almost synonimous for a long time. Even that is being taken over by foreigners (from India)! I see in Miami how the foreigners (from India) are seen everywhere. These foreigners know how to make money and have their own shops and convenience stores. There are hundreds of Goans who jumped their ships and now are working for Bangladeshis (the poorest nation in Asia), Pakistanis, and Gujaratis in their convenience stores and gas stations.

They work like never stopping machines. I know they need money. And, their first priority with that money is to build a big house and to celebrate the feast of their patron saint with extraordinary expenses! Most of Goan priests love that Portuguese poor-making-tradition-of-pomp-and-circumstances! In many occasions, I think, we Goans have to blame ourselves for spending our money uselessly in fiestas. There are hundreds and thousands of widows and orphan children in every parish in Goa. Instead of helping those families (especially in their education) Goans enjoy burning their monies in parish "festas" for a mere show-off! Last April, after years of absence, I was concelebrating a Mass with other priests including the parish priest. The blasting of the "foznem" so close to the walls of the Church, frightened me. I requested the parish priest to stop those blasts. The parish priest told me; "it's a tradition!"

In the name of tradition, some of our parish priests also become uneducated and become part of culture of ignorance and arrogance. We cannot blame the foreigners (from India) all the time. Quite often, we, Goans have to blame ourselves. This is a very good topic for a further exploration.

News Clips from Goa

Goan Engineer A Casualty In Mumbai Blasts
— Every year, Ranjan Rohidas Naik (42) would normally join his family back home in his village of Assolna to celebrate the Ganesh Chathurti festival.
His family, however, would miss his presence this ensuing Chathurti as Tuesday’s serial train bomb blasts in the metropolis took away the life of this young Goan engineer employed with a telecommunications company.
Ranjan — working as a deputy manager in a telecommunication company at Churchgate — was proceeding home to Virar as usual, when the train he was travelling was ripped apart when it reached Mahim, killing him and many others.
Ranjan is survived by his wife and a son. His family members, including brother Sachitanand, rushed to Mumbai a day ago on hearing the shocking news, but could not bring the badly mutiliated body home for last rites.
A pall of gloom descended in the Naik family and in the neighbourhood with the tragic death of Ranjan Naik. Family sources said that Ranjan did not turn up home at Virar on Tuesday evening after the serial blasts, and the family’s worst fears came true after his body was identified among the dead on Wednesday evening.
Sachitanand, who returned back home this evening, informed that the last rites were performed in Mumbai itself.
PANJIM: PWD Minister Sudhin Dhavlikar told the Goa Assembly on July 18 that the Zuari bridge would be 'restrengthened' and thrown open for heavy vehicles (up to 12 tonnes) latest by August this year. He also informed that work of the 700-metre long two-lane steel bridge across river Zuari costing Rs.40 crore would be built within four months. He said that though the state government had invited tenders for building the cable-stayed bridge following Span Consultancy report, the MoRTH asked them to keep the proposal in abeyance following state government's plans to construct a four-lane road. (GT)
Candolim beach going, going...gone
CANDOLIM: A rampaging sea has destroyed more than a kilometre of the scenic Candolim beach, adjoining Calangute, and the continuing mayhem has spread panic among the villagers and a section of the tourism industry. Once a popular beach with undulating sand dunes capped with green vegetation and not fully concretised, the ghastly disfigurement of the beach is to be seen to be believed. From the Kalamari restaurant (also southwards of the grounded vessel "River Princess" to the Taj Holiday Village gates, the beach is totally inaccessible barring only a couple of places, and one has either to leap from the top or slide down to get to the water line, but climbing back is unthinkable. (Paul Fernandes, GT)
Candolim may not be normal beach: Experts
CANDOLIM: The damage caused to Candolim beach by sea erosion during this monsoon is considerable and though all beaches undergo varying degrees of mutilation and grow back after the rains, most of the scars here may remain, according to experts. "It may not be a normal beach again," says Dr Kasturi Desai, a sand dune expert. "The erosion is a great one and the destruction is more due to human intervention," she says. A landward incursion of two to three metres is a natural phenomenon during the rains, but the process of restoration occurs naturally. However, the sea has gobbled at least seven metres of the beach. Its aesthetic value has been marred by the ruining of sand dune vegetation, which may take years to grow back. (Paul Fernandes, GT)
Broad Band network to reach all by Dec '07: govt
PANJIM, July 19: The government today announced that Goa Broad Band Network is proposed to reach all households in the state by December 2007. During the question hour, the Goa Assembly was informed that nine companies have been short-listed and the last date for submission of quotations for the project was August 16, 2006. (H)
PANJIM, July 19: "Getting Married in Goa", Goa’s first wedding guide for planning a perfect wedding, was released recently. The Guide contains vital information on finding the right match, choosing the ideal wedding venues and service-providers, wedding checklists, legalities, honeymoon destinations, wedding traditions and customs, and much more. It also includes ideas for low-budget and out-of-the-box weddings, smart honeymoon and travel planning, and a Bonus Section comprising post-marriage tips on keeping the marriage alive, setting up home and finances, etc. Listings of wedding-related products and services like venues, caterers, bands, photographers, MCs, travel companies, beauticians, etc, are also found besides a popular Ready Reckoner of wedding venues, providing relevant information at a glance, has also been included. The 178-page publication has been edited by Ilidio de Noronha and Lester Fernandes has been published by Plus Publications ()
Around Goa's glorious countryside

(Pic: Joel)
KASARVANNEM, July 18: A rustic cowherd, with a kamboll (a sort of a thick blanket) for protection from rain, takes time off to stare at the camera while tending his tiny herd of redde (buffaloes), in the distant, idyllic Kasarvannem village in North Goa's Pernem taluka.
482 foreigners purchased 12.61 lakh sq mt land in Goa
PANAJI, July 17: The Chief Minister, Mr Pratapsing Rane, today said said that during the last three years 482 foreigners from 22 countries have purchased land in Goa. Mr Rane said that the process was underway to detect the violations wherein necessary permission from the Centre was not obtained. The data shows that 303 Britons have purchased land admeasuring 6.41 lakh sq mt, 21 Italians have bought land admeasuring 69,000 sq mt, 20 Germans have bought 68,803 sq mt, while 16 Portuguese nationals have purchased land admeasuring 14,260 sq mt. (NT)



 Goan Events in Canada - 2006 
Date Organization Event  
July 23rd, 2006 -  12.00 noon
Calangute Association Canada Feast of Patron Saint Alex Click for Flier
Sunday, July 23, 2006 Time: 10:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. TEGSA & 55 + Goan Association members
Joint PICNIC Click for detail
July 29, 2006 Goan Overseas Association Viva Goa 2006
August 22nd, 2006 Monthly meet at Malta Band Club Whist – Line Dancing – Tambola & Games Click for Flier
Saturday, 19 Aug, Time: 10.00am Quebec Goan Association, Montreal You are invited to the World Goa Day 2006 picnic.
Venue:Parc Agrignon, Lasalle. [Entrance near METRO station]
Click for Flier
Saturday September 9, 2006 Parra Association Parra Feast 2006 Shingar Banquet Hall
2084 Steeles Avenue East, Brampton (STEELES & TORBRAM)
Mass: 4:30 p.m.
Dinner & Dance
Click for Flier
Saturday, September 16, 2006 Dr.Ribeiro's Goan School Ex-student's Committee - Toronto Grand Reunion Dance
Click for Flier
September 19, 2006 Monthly meet at Malta Band Club Whist – Line Dancing – Tambola & Games Click to view flier & download ticket reservation form
September 23 2006 "Western Nite" at the Meadowvale
Community Centre.
Flyer with further details to follow. So get set to put on your "Western Gear" and have an evening of fun and entertainment We will have a "kick-off" start with a home-cooked / home-style meal.!! Come ready to polish up on yr line-dancing skills!
Contact: Vivien Fernandes, Tel: 905 - 607-
Click for Flier
Saturday, September 23rd, 2006 - From 6.00 P.M. To 1.00 A.M. Calangute Association Canada GOAN EVENTS IN CANADA - 2006 Click for Flier
October 1, 2006
12:00 noon
Curtorim . Loutolim . Raia . Association 7th ANNUAL SOCIAL
At Claireport Place
65 Claireport Crescent, Etobicoke
(Hwy 27 & Albion Rd)
October 15-19, 2006 TEGSA & 55PGA- Trip to Las Vegas USA Air + 4 nights at the Imperial Palace (Room/EP) –

Excellent location within walking distance to most Casinos, shopping etc.

Click for Flier

TEGSA members contact:Hilda Vitor 905-475-2046

55PGA members contact:Vivien Fernandes,
 Tel.# 905-607-4564.
October 17, 2006 Monthly meet at Malta Band Club Whist – Line Dancing – Tambola & Games Click for Flier
October 22, 2006 Villagers of Moira, Moira Social, Feast of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception moirasocial
November 14, 2006 General Body Meeting at Malta Band Club Tentative Agenda:
- Update on 
- Name our
Click for Flier

November 18, 2006

Navelim Association of Toronto

Navelim Social
At Claireport Place
65 Claireport Crescent, Etobicoke
(Hwy 27 & Albion Rd)

Details to follow:
For information email-

December 3rd 2005 To December 3rd 2006.
St Francis Xavier Jubilee Year Celebrations
Greater Toronto Area Events
December 12, 2006 Monthly meet at Malta Band Club Whist – Line Dancing – Tambola & Games Click for Flier


"Public Condolence Meeting at Queens Park to honour the victims of the Mumbai Bombing”
Canadian "Friends of India" and various non partisan business, social and cultural organizations have organized a public condolence meeting at the gardens, south of the Queens Park Assembly Building on Tuesday July 25th to mark the end of the second week since the dastardly act was perpetrated leading to the loss of over 180 innocent lives and injuring over another 700.

Friends of India would like to pay homage to the victims and offer our deepest sympathies to the city as well as praise "Mumbaikars" (Bombayites) for the secular spirit and the courage shown in the aftermath of this despicable act.

Read more..


Toronto East Goan Seniors Association ( TEGSA) has a busy program of events and activities for 2006
Click to View Our Summer Events
Come join us – become a member.
Click to Download Membership form


" The Dancing Senior's "
July 29, 2006.TEGSA Lancers Group at Viva Goa
Come out and have a FUN DAY at Viva Goa and see the Cultural Lancers performed by TEGSA members.

Aug. 18, 2006.R.B.C. Seniors Jubilee Day
One day of a sparkling 5 day Extravaganza. On this day TEGSA members will present the GOAN Lancers. Come out and have a fun day and also see other senior groups perform .

TEGSA will perform in the South Lobby at 12.25 pm. Save $$$ by booking and collecting tickets direct at Roy Thomson office down town. Brochures will be distributed at the TEGSA picnic on July 23, 2006..


Music for Goa Day "Proud to be Goan"
Words and Music by Basilio Magno from Spain.
Click here to download MP3 file:

Cedric De Souza in new TV series



GVUK issue 2005-5 reported: "The TV series centres on Dr. Cedric Ferreira, born in Africa of East Indian heritage and raised in a British boarding school. Now he and his young son have come to Canada, and as the doctor tries to set up his Vancouver practice "
CBC has announced that the series, called 49th and Main, will hit the airwaves on July 18, 19, and 20th and July 25, 26, and 27th from 2:30 - 3:00 - on CBC, of course. Other updates: The lead role is played by Cedric de Souza.

For more photographs click here
For links to more information click here
Cedric De Souza was born in Kenya. He trained and performed in repertory theatre in Britain, Nairobi and Toronto.

Viva Goa in Toronto
Edited Message From: Mervyn Lobo
Posted on Goans Tanzanite
Wednesday, July 19, 2006

This years Viva Goa takes place next weekend,(July 29, 2006) here in Toronto. I think its the largest meeting of Goansoutside Goa with appox 6,000 people attending. All the info required can be found at the following link.

Goanetters are meeting informally at around lunch time at a spot that's yet to be determined. Details will be posted on GoaNet when they are finalized.
Mervyn Lobo


The Dr Ribeiro Goan School Ex-Students Reunion -Toronto- September 16, 2006
Hotel Accomodation

Ex-Students visiting Toronto between Monday, September 11th, 2006 to Monday, September 18th, 2006, and requiring hotel accommodation can take advantage of a group rate that has been negotiated with The Monte Carlo Inn, Mississauga from Cdn $89.90 plus tax, per double room with Continental Breakfast.

5 Derry Rd., Mississauga,
Ontario, L5T 2H8,

Room Type: Standard - One King Bed
Check in Time: 2.00 PM
Check Out Time : 11.00 AM

Ex-students can make reservations via this e-mail address:

Or, call the Monte Carlo Inn at 1-800-363-6400, and ask for Monte Carlo Inn, Mississauga

Please be sure to request The Dr Ribeiro Goan School Ex-Students Group Rate when making your reservation.

People Places and Things

"Earth's Treasure Chest"
Goan Artist in Edmonton, Alta: Maria Buehl (nee Victor)
Excerpts of email from: "Paul &Ursula Victor"

Paradise in Blue by Maria Buel

Check for mural entitled "Earth's Treasure Chest" .
Artist: Maria Buehl of Edmonton has three tiles in this mosaic Maria's tile numbers are: #125 Paradise in Blue, (17th tile on the 7th row
- or click

#131 Untouched - (5th tile on the 8th row)

#172 Pacific Walrus - (10th tile on the 10th row)

The proceeds are going to CPAWS, (Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society)
check out to learn more.

Maria is the daughter of Paul & Ursula Victor, ex-Nairobi.


Cardinal Ivan Dias – The Global Indian
Sir, This is with reference to the news item: ”Indians leave mark in world Catholic orders” (The Times of India, June 30, 2006). The article states that while Indians are making their mark globally in different spheres they are also gaining prominence in different institutions of the Catholic Church. Today, there are more Indians in senior positions in the Vatican and other Catholic orders and institutions than ever before. The article then goes on to list several Indians who head various institutions and Catholic orders, culminating with ‘Our man in Rome’ Cardinal Ivan Dias who took over as Prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelisation of Peoples, said to be the number 3 position in the pecking order at the Vatican. Fr Francis de Mello, provincial of the Jesuits in Mumbai attributes this phenomena to the fact that the world is recognising that Indians are capable of excellent work.

Let us not forget, however, that if Catholic Indians are gaining ground globally, due credit must also go to our country. That such a small minority can grow and flourish in a predominantly Hindu country is the ultimate tribute to ‘SECULAR’ India.

Give me one country in the entire world where a miniscule minority of little over two percent Catholics, are given two national holidays—Christmas and Good Friday!

A few political activists, within and without, should not lead us to lose sight of the larger picture.
Prof Robert Castellino
Orlem, Mumbai


Vanuatu high, Canada low on 'Happy Planet Index'
Wed, 12 Jul 2006
From: CBC News

Vanuatu in the South Pacific tops a new survey that measures the success of countries, based on people's happiness and how well they treat the Earth.
Produced by the U.K.-based New Economics Foundation (NEF) and the global environmental group Friends of the Earth, the "Happy Planet Index" was released on Wednesday.
"The index doesn't reveal the 'happiest' country in the world," said the report.
It essentially divides the environmental damage countries cause by the life expectancy and life satisfaction of its citizens.
Vanuatu scored well in the area of overall life satisfaction, but was below average in life expectancy.



Bathroom Survey says...English Canadians smellier than French Canadians; Americans smellier than Canadians
Irreverent survey gives the scoop on the North American poop
TORONTO, July 19 /CNW/ - The results from the 'Be an Odour Voter' campaign by emerging air-care brand Just'a Drop are in - and point the finger at Americans as being the smelliest in the bathroom. Some 47% of Americans who participated in the survey admitted that five minutes or longer was required before someone else could safely enter the bathroom after them, compared to 41% of Canadians. Of the Canadians polled, 42% of English respondents admitted to needing five minutes or more to clear the air, while only 35% of French respondents required the same time - making English Canadians the smelliest in the country.

Almost 60% of French Canadian participants admitted to being public avoiders, and of those respondents most avoided using the toilet at bars/nightclubs (38%) and restaurants (27%). Of the English public avoiders, most reported avoiding 'number two' in their place of business (42%).


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