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Newsletter. Issue 2006-16. August 05, 2006
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Young Anglers: The group of youngsters who participated in the angling competition for the Altar Boys of Siolim Church, under the guidance of asst parish priest Fr Deryk Fernandes, last week.
(Pic: Long Johni)
Childless? Go To Goa With Cucumbers
August 2, 2006 11:37 a.m. EST
Ankit Gupta - All Headline News Staff Writer

Velha, India (AHN) - In a unique tradition, the origins of which remain unknown, thousands of childless couples offer cucumbers at a fourth century church in Goa, in the hope of being blessed with a child, reported the Asian News International.

Welcome to St Anne's Church in Velha, located around 15 kilometers southeast of Panjim.

Legend has it that childless couples come here praying and seeking children, by offering a cucumber.

"People come here because they have achieved many graces and blessings from heaven. And especially the newly-weds who are gifted with children as they are unable to conceive owing to biological and medical problems. God has given them the gift of children through the intersession of St Anne, the patron of this place. The harmony between the Catholics, Hindus, Muslims and all others who come here, see to it that they come back here with their children to thank and honor God. Cucumber as I know is the first fruit from the earth during this season. The newly-weds make an offering and ask for blessings of a child as a gift from God, as a new gift for them is their life," said Priest of St Anne's Church, Goa Velha, Loutino Perriera.
Leher Kala
Posted online: Sunday, July 30, 2006 at 0000 hrs

THE MONSOON IN GOA is full of surprises. While the sun is blaz-ing, it suddenly starts pouring. The wind blasts give the coconut trees a permanent 60-degree slouch. The beaches are reduced to a narrow strip and the waves have a deafening tsunami-like ferocity. This seaside stateís wild natural beauty is at its most spectacular in the rain. And now the world has discovered it. So, despite the fact that at this time of the year thereís no access to the beach, no shacks to park in and have a beer, no shopping and just a few restaurants open, touristsareflockingto Goatoenjoythe wet season.

The top 10 five-star hotels are boasting 100 per cent occupancy on weekends and 80 per cent during the week. Goa is rocking. For both busi-ness and leisure. Itís now a 365-day op-tion for a vacation.

Have the rain gods gone on a vacation or have they entirely given up on Goa? Goa hasn't seen a decent display of rain this whole season. The smell of wet earth is no longer a familiar one. This deprivation of rainfall has left farmers and horticulturists worried sick. According to horticulturist Miguel Braganza, "To a farmer, farming is more emotional than economical. It is, in fact, cheaper to buy crops from the market then to grow it in their fields! Perhaps it is that inexplicable bond between farmer and field that propels him into such action. But with the erratic rainfall, farmers are no longer doing the rain dance." (Tawina Fernandes, GT)
'St Britto students carry message of Jesus to world'
PANJIM, Aug 2: Jesuit Provincial for Goa, Fr Anthony D'Silva on Sunday stated that students of St Britto High School carry the message of the Society of Jesus to the whole world. Fr D'Silva was delivering his homily at the thanksgiving mass to celebrate the completion of 60 years of St Britto High School, Mapusa. (H)
Feast of Our Lady of Snows
MARGAO, Aug 1: The feast of patron - Our Lady of Snows - popularly known as "Konsanchem Fest", will be celebrated at Raia church on August 5 with pomp and gaiety. History of the church reveals that there was no snowfall in Italy during the 15th century and that the people had difficult times to beat the heat. The devotees prayed to God wholeheartedly and vowed to build a church at a place where snow falls. Soon the prayers were heard and luckily snow fell. The people constructed the church and named it Our Lady of Snows Church. (NT)
62 injured in Sanguem mishap
SANGUEM, Aug 2: As many as 62 passengers on an overcrowded minibus were injured, 14 of them seriously, when the bus proceeding from Sanguem to Kalay fell on its side near Miracles High School, here on Wednesday afternoon. This is the fourth bus mishap in the State within six days, injuring a total of 90 persons so far. (H)
PILAR: Use of bio-diesel from jatropha Carcus, locally known as erond, as an alternative to diesel, is inching closer to reality in Goa with a trial run of power tiller at Pilar using this eco-friendly option. The experiment has become possible thanks to the fabrication of an indigenous machine 'Bio-Diesel Processor' by final year students of Hirasugar Institute of Technology, Belgaum, for extraction of the fuel from the seeds of Jatropha Carcus. Fr Inacio Almeida, sfx, who runs the Pilar Nature Farm by Society of Pilar met the students and evinced interest in holding a demonstration to extract the bio-fuel. The foursome - Vainath Patil, Vishwanath Khambi, Shridhar Patil and Mitra - used the fuel to run the college water pump. Trial runs of this bio-fuel after etherification have already been held and it is found to be eco-friendly and gives an extra mileage of 2 kms as compared to diesel. It costs at least Rs.10 less than the conventional fuel and smoke emissions do not contain carbon monoxide. A litre of fuel can be removed from 3 kg of Jatropha. Each village can have its plantation and own machine for extraction of the bio-fuel," Fr Almeida says. (Paul Fernandes, GT)
It's important to keep alive Portuguese language: expert
PANAJI, Aug 2: The head of the Centro de Lingua Portuguesa, Instituto Camoes, Goa, Prof Jose Miguel R Lume said that the institute can provide the Goa University with all the necessary infrastructure for its post-graduation course in Portuguese literature and culture, so that those undergoing the course could later teach Portuguese as the second language in schools. Speaking as the chief guest during the convocation ceremony for a Portuguese conversational course recently organised by Indo-Portuguese Friendship Society, Goa, in collaboration with Fundacao Cidade de Lisboa, Prof Lume said that it is important to keep alive the Portuguese language in the state, as it is a part of the unique and beautiful culture of the region. (NT)
GFBOA opposes fishing of solar shrimps by canoes
MORMUGAO, Aug 1: The Goa Fishing Boat Owner's Association is up in arms against the fishing of solar shrimps by mechanised canoes. GFBOA has claimed that mechanised canoes, using outboard motors of about 10 HP, have been catching tonnes of prawns since the last three days. (H)

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