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      Newsletter. Issue 2006-21. October 14, 2006

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Newsline Canada

Prime Minister Harper offers full apology for the Chinese Head Tax

“For over six decades, these malicious measures, aimed solely at the Chinese, were implemented with deliberation by the Canadian state,” said the Prime Ministerin a June 2006 statement.. ”This was a grave injustice, and one we are morally obligated to acknowledge.”

The Prime Minister stated that the Government of Canada will make symbolic ex-gratia payments to those who were required to pay the Head Tax and to the spouses of Head Tax payers who have since passed away. It will also establish a fund for community projects aimed at acknowledging the impact of past wartime measures and immigration restrictions on ethno-cultural communities.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper reiterated his apology to Chinese Canadians yesterday for this country's imposition of a head tax on immigrants from China at the turn of the last century.
"It (the head tax) was a truly shameful measure that lasted for decades and caused much tragedy and humiliation," said Harper, who was helping to open a gleaming new $15.5 million addition to the Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto in Scarborough.
An estimated 81-thousand Chinese paid a head tax of between 50 and 500-dollars between 1885 and 1923.
Harper recognized several contributions of the Chinese community during a speech in Vancouver, including the building of the CP Railway.
He says Canada as it exists today wouldn't be possible without the Chinese community's efforts.


6 out of 10 parents/grandparents doubt next generation's ability to manage money
Americans even more concerned, with almost 8 out of 10 worried

TORONTO, Oct. 11 /CNW/ - A majority of Canadian parents are concerned their children won't be able to properly handle money when they grow up, according to a recent national survey sponsored by Edward Jones and conducted by Leger Marketing.

"With the rising tide of debt in North America, it's not surprising that today's parents are concerned about their children's ability to manage money," says Edward Jones Michelle Kay, CFP, Senior Retirement Specialist for Edward Jones. "We need to do something to help our next generation of spenders understand the basics of financial literacy: debt, credit and saving for retirement."
According to Statistics Canada, Canadians are spending more and saving less than they did in the past and we are financing our buying spree through reduced savings or debt - in 2001 almost one half (47 per cent) were spending more than their pre-tax income compared with 30 per cent in 1982. The Government of Canada has also reported that "consumer bankruptcies are both cyclical and on a long-run upward trend. In fact, there were more than two-and-a-half times as many consumer bankruptcies in the 1990's than during the previous decade."(1)


RBC's Nixon tells Albertans immigration and diversity are key drivers for Canada's future prosperity
CALGARY, Oct. 10 /CNW/ - Canada's future prosperity will depend upon its ability to supplement its aging workforce by more effectively utilizing its current and future human capital, according to Gordon Nixon, president and chief executive officer of RBC Financial Group.

Nixon, who was the keynote speaker at an event for the Immigrant Access Fund in Calgary, said,
"We can no longer view immigration as a temporary employment agency. We need to start looking at immigration as a blueprint for nation-building, and we must find the right balance between social justice and economic need."

In his speech entitled "Building a Nation: Canada's Immigrant & Diversity Imperative," Nixon used the example of labour shortages in Calgary and the rest of Alberta as a wake-up call for the entire country. In his remarks he discussed the need for smart social planning and an adequate infrastructure to make sure that new Canadians and future immigrants are able to maximize their potential and be part of Canada's success in the global marketplace.

"We require a coordinated strategy for dealing with our labour challenges," Nixon added. "We must do a better job of inventorying the skills we need, now and in the future. We must do a better job at developing the right policies and programs so that we can find these people and make sure they choose Canada as their home. And we must also make sure we have the programs and environment where the people we attract can live up to their potential."

 Nixon characterized Canada as being in a global war for talent and stressed the need to attract the brightest and the best such as scientists, entrepreneurs and engineers, emphasizing that Canada cannot just sit and wait for people with the right skills to come here.

While Canada welcomes about 240,000 immigrants every year, the country's labour force will stop growing in about 10 years - which is why RBC went on record last year, saying that Canada should raise its immigration targets.

However, according to Nixon, simply increasing our immigration levels won't solve the problem. "We need smart social planning to make sure that future immigrants are properly welcomed, housed and educated and that they are integrated quickly into our workplaces, marketplaces and economy, so that they contribute to economic growth and enhance overall prosperity."


Uganda Becomes Oil Producer

Excerpt from afrol News, 9 October - After years of painstaking exploration, Ugandans heard what they have been longing to hear - the discovery of oil in their country. The country's President, Yoweri Museveni, made the announcement at a national thanks-giving service for the discovery of oil this weekend in Ugandan capital Kampala. Commercial production should start in 2009, says President Museveni.

The elated President said Uganda's search for oil, which cost companies at least US$ 70 million, started in the country's western regions, with the oil blocks of Waranga 1, Waranga 2 and Mputa in 1989. An Australian oil exploration company, Hardman Resources Ltd, made the discoveries in June this year but the government was waiting for a fitting day to make the news public to its citizens.

A Ministry of Energy official in Uganda, Thomas Male, was quoted as saying that the three discovered fields in western Uganda have reserves of between 100 million and 300 million barrels. According to ‘Associated Press’, nor sooner than the discovery of oil was rumoured than wealthy Ugandans started scrambling to buy land in areas where exploration of oil is taking place.


Record Wins for Otis in India
FARMINGTON, CT, Oct. 11 /CNW/ - Otis Elevator Company, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX), won two contracts to supply and install 174 elevators and escalators for a new super mall in Mumbai and a major IT complex in Pune. The awards are the largest to date for Otis in India.

"We are proud to be the undisputed leader in one of the world's fastest growing markets," said Otis President Ari Bousbib. "India's service and IT sectors have spawned unprecedented infrastructure development."

In Mumbai, India's commercial and entertainment capital and most populous city, Otis will install 62 elevators and 28 escalators at the 1.1-million-square-foot (102,190-square-meter) Dreams mall. The mall, which incorporates 15 20-story residential buildings, will be the largest of its kind in India.

In Pune, a thriving center for India's software and IT industries, Otis will provide 84 elevators for the Eon Free Zone. This 45-acre complex will feature technology "clusters" comprised of software development, business process outsourcing (BPO) and 24/7 call center businesses.




GMC is the pits
Jerry Fernandes, Saligao

I think the Goa Medical College Hospital, at Bambolim is definitely going to the dogs because instead of giving all the sick patients a new lease of life it is today capable of giving them only instant ‘Moksha’ and salvation and that’s for sure. The hospital which claims to have the latest technology in medical sciences and which is regarded as one of the best in Asia is definitely in a mess.

This famous hospital currently does not even have enough beds/linen for the patients, most of the expensive machines of X-rays/scanning are like show-pieces and are not functioning, the window-panes resemble like those from horror movies without any glasses, the electricity wires are exposed at many points and the wards especially offer the patients only foul smell from the dirty toilets which can turn even the healthy people in the hospital premises fully sick.
Our Goan politicians enjoy wasting crores of public funds on organizing stupid festivals like the IIFI’s in Goa and also on conducting experiments of Skybuses, Monorails etc. but they don’t have enough memory to do the maintenance and renovations of such prestigious hospitals in Goa and what a shame. Yes, “Make hay while the sun shines”, seems to be the only mantra of these politicians of which no one can do anything about it in Goa.


Lets be honest
Union Home Minister Shivraj Patils statement that three states – Goa, Gujarat and Maharashtra should moot a joint action plan to tackle tourism does warrant some merit. Yes, there is a sense of insecurity in the state afterall Goa was a peace loving state and crime was a rarity. Agreed, such a police force would do wonders but one gets the feeling the Union Home Minister has been watching too many Hollywood movies or for that matter reading too many novels when he recommended that the police should engage in “hot pursuit’’ to catch terrorist from other states. What is needed desperately is a local strong police force, which can act swiftly, quickly and impartially without fear and favour? That is what Goa needs – not some cowboys who will come into the Goa, guns blazing and then ride out into the sunset after causing mayhem all around.

Yes, Goa’s main problem is that there is no intelligence about what is happening in the hinterland neither are the people are being honest with the officials which is adding to this mess. No doubt the DIG and the DGP, with the help of the government, have been desperately trying to enlist peoples help to register those that are staying with them. Has that taken off? Some people describe this as Gestapo tactics but is it not better to safe rather than sorry. Also many foreigners settled down in Goa are aggrieved over the sudden xenophobic attitude that has sprung up. Guaranteed everyone is not bad but have any of their foreigners helped lower the perception that Goa is only a state of drugs, nude sunbathing and free sex. Have they realized that a large majority of Goans abhor such behaviour because it attracts all the undesirables and have they tried to correct it. Have they tried to provide the authorities with information about any malcontent behavour of their brethren? Sadly everyone is just avoiding the issue and passing the buck and in this mess, the crooks operate happily and for that we need the cowboys. Lets start being honest with each other and to the authorities then there is no need for all these high jinks.


News Clips from Goa

Goa expects spurt in tourists this season
Dated 2006-10-10

With guests from Eastern Europe likely to also visit Goa this year during the tourist season begining in mid-October, Goa is expecting an increase of around 10 to 15 per cent in number of visitors, experts said.

"We are expecting approximately 10 to 15 per cent growth this time... It is largely due to addition of new tourist destinations and scheduled flights," Ralf D'souza, president, Travel and Tourism Assocation of Goa (TTAG) said. . . .
First dengue case detected in Ribandar!

PANJIM: The first detected case of dengue in Goa has forced the state government, which prides itself as a state with best health facilities, to go into a shell. On Thursday (October 5) when the news broke out, the health officials went into a denial mode and yesterday they admitted, but partially. They stated that it is a "suspected" case of dengue. A police officer, found to be suffering from dengue, transmitted by the aedes aegypti mosquito, was flown to Leelavati hospital in Mumbai on Thursday. He was admitted to Goa Medical College on Monday. Dr Rajan Kunkolienkar, Medical Superintendent, GMC, said, "It is a suspected case of dengue." [GT]
High demand for Goa-made dengue test kit

VASCO, Oct 11: The rapid spread of dengue cases all over the country has prompted worried States to turn to a rapid dengue detection kit manufactured in a factory at Verna. Employees of Zephyr Biomedicals at the Verna Industrial Estate have been working overtime to manufacture Dengucheck, a rapid diagnostic kit for dengue, after demand for the product shot up across the country. [H]
St Estevam fort may fall to hill cutters

PANJIM: The picturesque St Estevam island with a 17th century heritage fort atop its hill, may soon lose its crowning glory and its historic identity. This realisation dawned on the islanders on Tuesday evening when they found that a large part of the hill was being illegally bulldozed and cut, thereby threatening the very existence of the fort - a protected monument. A villager, Fr Bismarque Dias, noticed the bulldozer at work on the slope and quickly summoned the villagers. "The fort was built by the Portuguese in the 17th century. The portion below the for has been scooped out, and the soil has become loose. The area has become fragile and this part of the hill could collapse any time, if there is a landslide," says Prajal Sakhardande of Goa Heritage Action Group. [Andrew Pereira, GT]
Konkani nursery rhymes course

PANJIM: Thomas Stephens Konknni Kendra, Alto Porvorim, will conduct a two-day Konkani nursery rhymes and children's songs course from October 26 to 27 for primary teachers of the Konkani medium to train them to teach various types of nursery rhymes and action songs which could be used in schools to make the teaching-learning process a joyful and meaningful activity. Admission to the course will be on first-come, first-served basis. [H]
Ancient well discovered opposite Se Cathedral

OLD GOA, Oct 9: Old Goa was abuzz on October 6 evening, when workers digging a trench to lay the water pipeline along the Rua da Direita leading to the Divar ferry, stumbled upon an ancient well opposite the Se Cathedral. Though the actual age of the well is yet to be ascertained by authorities, Fr Moreno de Souza, who is based in the Bom Jesus Basilica, suggested that the well probably dates back to the early Portuguese era. He further disclosed that during the preparation for the 1952 Exposition of the Sacred Relics of St Francis Xavier, all the wells were ordered to be covered, since they were a breeding ground for mosquitoes, due to which, the city was infested with malaria. [H]
Assagao to become first child labour-free village in Goa

The Assagao villagers in Bardez taluka passed a resolution becoming the first village in Goa to declare their village as child labour free, at a function held at Assagao on Sunday (Oct 8), for the laying of the foundation stone for a children's park. Assagao Union High School manager and convenor of Child Rights' Cell (AITUC), Adv Shanti Maria Fonseca, moved the resolution and explained to the large gathering the significance of the amendment to the Child Labour Act which prohibits from October 10, 2006, the employment of children below the age of 14 years as domestic servants as well as in hotels, eateries, restaurants and other places of entertainment and hospitality. [GT]


Virginia D'Souza of Dar-es-Salaam
Message from Goans Tanzanite

With great regret we announce the death of Virginia D'Souza on October 7,2006 in Dar es Salaam. Virginia was wife to Late Francis D'Souza, mother to Fr. Peter, Cassiano/Late Letitia, Regina, Paul/Natasha, Dorothy/Santana and grandmother to Edmund, Giselle, Antonio and Seby.

Funeral service held on October 8, 2006 at 4:00 p.m. at St. Joseph's Cathedral, followed by burial at the Kinondoni Cemetary in Dar es Salaam.
Condolence messages may be sent to


 Goan Events in Canada - 2006 
Date Organization Event  
October 17, 2006 55PGA - Monthly meet at Malta Band Club Whist – Line Dancing – Tambola & Games Click for Flier
October 22, 2006 Villagers of Moira, Moira Social, Feast of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception  moirasocial
Tuesday,  November 07, 2006
@ 7:00 p.m.
  55PGA Memorial Mass for 55PGA members at St. Francis Xaviers Church Mavis Road Click for Flier
Sunday Nov 12th. 2006 from 2.00pm to 4.00pm International Goan Organization (IGO) Toronto, in partnership with The Forum of Overseas Goans/Indians of Goa (FOGI), Follow up Sept 10 meeting to
identify and discuss critical issues and problems in Goa, faced by non-resident Goans (NRGs).
Venue: Eatonville Library Meeting Room, 430 Burnhamthorpe Rd, Etobicoke.
(Burnhamthorpe/East Mall)
Click to download minutes of meeting
November 17, 2006 TEGSA Comedy Night- All you can laugh at Commander Park Arena Click for Flier
November 18, 2006 Navelim Association of Toronto Navelim Social
At Claireport Place
65 Claireport Crescent, Etobicoke
(Hwy 27 & Albion Rd)
Click for Flier
For information email-
November 21, 2006 55PGA - General Body Meeting at Malta Band Club Tentative Agenda:
- Update on
- Name our
Click for Flier
Saturday November 25th, 2006
5pm to 1 am
Hamilton Goan Association 25th Anniversary Christmas Dinner Dance Click for flier
December 1, 2006 TEGSA Carol Singing at Commander Park Arena Click for Flier
December 3rd 2005 To December 3rd 2006. St Francis Xavier Jubilee Year Celebrations Greater Toronto Area Events GVC
December 12, 2006 55PGA - Monthly meet at Malta Band Club  Whist – Line Dancing – Tambola & Games Click for Flier
Friday December 15, 2006 55PGA Mark your Calendar for Grand Christmas Dance Click for Flier
Saturday December 16, 2006 TEGSA Grand Christmas Dance Click for Flier
February 10th, 2007 Goa Amigos
Goa Amigos Presents the Red & Black Carnaval  Xtravaganza
The time of the year to treat your Valentine to a Carnival blast of Fun and Entertainment at
 Sagan Convention Centre and Banquel Halls, Mississauga.
Click for Details
Sunday, June 3rd,
Aldona Association Toronto The Feast of St. Thomas - 32nd Annual Aldona Social Location: Payal Banquet Hall, 3410 Semenyk Court, Mississauga Details to Follow
Saturday, September 15th, 2007 Calangute  Association, Canada Annual Calangute Social. Holy Mass at 5:00 pm followed by Social Click for Flier


Toronto East Goan Seniors Association (TEGSA) has a busy program of events and activities for 2006
Click to View Our Summer Events
Come join us – become a member.
Click to Download Membership form


55 Plus Goan Association - West GTA 2006 Fall Events & Trips
Click to View Our Fall Events & Trips
Click to join the many trips being organized this fall
Grand Xmas Dance, Friday December 15, 2006 - click to view flier
Come join us - become a member
Click to Download Membership Form



October 20th, 2006 at
Pease join us at the Commander Park Hall for an evening of prayer. We will start with a candle light procession, followed by the Litany - which is sung in the traditional goan style accompanied by a choir and musicians. Bruno Saldahna will be conducting the Litany.
This will be followed by Snacks, Coffee and Tea and a few rounds of Bingo. Due to fire regulations this event is limited 230 Members. Please register early to avoid disappointment. Please note: Catering will be based on the numbers that have registered. - Zena Vaz - 416-292-1499

To register for this event. -Contact:-
. Tony James - 416-291-5898
. Theresa Faleiro - 905-669-6784
. Anna Samuel - 416-751-4904


Mass for the Deceased Members and their families
November 3rd. 2006

Mass will commence at 6.30 sharp at Commander Park Hall.
Snacks, Tea and Coffee will be served. Bingo to follow -
Please Note: Catering will be based on the numbers that have registered.
To register for this event . - CALL
Zena Vaz - 416-292-1499
. Tony James - 416-291-5898
. Manny Sequeira: - 905-474-1647
. Anna Samuel - 416-751-4904


St. Francis Xavier Jubilee Year Celebration

Final Jubilee Year Gala Event On Sunday, December 3, 2006 there will be an event to close the Jubilee Year. We will begin with a Eucharistic Celebration (Mass) at noon. Fr Jean Marc Laporte, S.J., (Provincial Superior of the Upper Canada Province) will preside and South Asian priests in the GTA will be invited to concelebrate. This event will culminate the Jubilee Year and it will be another great opportunity for members of the various Indian communities to gather and celebrate their unity in diversity.

The event will take place at The Grand Taj Banquet Hall (6915 Dixie Road, Unit 20, Mississauga, ON L5T 2G2). There will be a band and DJ (Pave Conection) in attendance. Tickets are now available (Children 3-11 years - $15 , Adults 12 and above - $25). Please contact your association representative for tickets. There are a limited number of tickets and will be on a first-come-first-serve basis. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Please make note of the above dates and mark them in your calendar. If you need any further information please contact Fr Daryl Miranda, S.J., at 204 296-5116 or or or contact your association representative.


Greeting from Goa!!!!!!!

The Ex-students of Britto, Mary's and Xavier will meet 16th to 21st Dec 2006.We know, that the Ex-students from these 3 institutions are spread across the globe and thought your site would be ideal to bring awareness.

We invite you to visit our website to get the latest information of this Reunion. Lea Mathias Secretary (BMX Goa Reunion Committee)


Flat for Rent in Goa
Furnished flat for rent in Bardez, close to Baga & Calangute Beaches.
Click for details.

New U.S travel rules for visitors from Canada for 2007 onwards.
Sent by: Richard D'Souza

People Places and Things

Top Performers Award
from October 2006 Mississauga Business Times
Official Winners 2006 Top Performers Awards

Platinum: Dr. Colin Saldanha

Excerpt from Dr. Colin Saldanha immigrated to Canada in 1981 following completion of his medical degree at the University of Karachi in 1979. He currently practices Family and Occupational Medicine in Mississauga. He also serves as a corporate physician to a number of business establishments and government agencies, including the RCMP, Transport Canada, Health Canada and Immigration Canada.
Involved extensively in community work, Dr. Saldanha participates in numerous forums on race relations and equity, policing and social justice issues. A Past President of Peel Multicultural Council, Dr. Saldanha participated in the Spicer Commission on Canadian Unity. In 1990, he was appointed as Chair of the Peel Police Services Board and later served as President of the Canadian Association of Police Boards. He is Past President of the Mississauga Board of Trade and a member of the Toronto Immigrant Employment Council. He received the Canada 125 Medal in 1992. Dr. Saldanha was elected to United Way's Board of Directors in 2005.


Kiran Desai wins Booker Prize The Inheritance of Loss
LONDON: Indian-origin writer Kiran Desai has scooped the 50,000 pound Man Booker Prize with her second novel, The Inheritance of Loss , a story rich with sadness about globalisation and with joy at the small surviving intimacies of Indian village life.

The 35-year-old author, daughter of well-known Indian novelist Anita Desai -- to whom The Inheritance of Loss is dedicated -- is the youngest woman to win the award, eclipsing the works of five other short-listed authors.

“I didn't expect to win. I don't have a speech. My mother told me I must wear a sari... A family heirloom, but it's completely transparent,” Desai, said, while accepting the award at a ceremony at the Guildhall in London, Tuesday night.



Certified General Accountants Launch First-of-a-Kind Recruitment Website
$2,500 in scholarships available to qualified visitors

TORONTO, Oct. 10 /CNW/ - Certified General Accountants of Ontario launch a first-of-a-kind recruitment website at The website was developed with the specific objective of recruiting the right students for the CGA program of professional studies. is the first accounting recruitment website to use digital video testimonials from qualified experts (i.e., certified general accountants). Prospective students can log on to find the answers they need when considering a career as a professional accountant.



By: Kevin D’Costa

The villagers of Calangute joined together on September 23rd, 2006 to celebrate their annual social. However, this year’s celebration was a special one, since it was the 15th anniversary of the Calangute Association in Canada. The social was held at Claireport Place Banquet Hall, Etobicoke, Ontario and was attended by well over 500 villagers and guests.

Lively music was provided by The Goa Amigos band and DJ Fatz. They got the crowd on their feet and on the dance floor all night long. A sumptuous dinner buffet was prepared by authentic Goan/Portuguese/Italian/Canadian/Ceylon chefs and everyone enjoyed the delicious food.



CLR - 7th. Annual Social.
1st Oct 2006.

By….Uvy Lopes

(Click on thumbnails for larger view)

Born in the year 2000, the CLR is a relatively new association compared to the various other Goan Village associations. With the vision of a few dedicated villagers from Curtorim, Loutulim and Raia, and the ensuing hardwork involved, the CLR became a reality.

As evidenced from the socials, interest in CLR from our villagers living in Toronto and surrounding areas of Montreal, Chicago, New Jersey and Washington is steadily growing. The annual Social held at the end of September/beginning of October of every year, has become a popular and well attended event.

This year’s Social, which was held on October 1, 2006 at the Claireport Place Banquet and Convention Centre was a huge success. The President, Francis Carvalho & his wife Lynette took on the challenge of hosting the Show, with the help of Committee members, Noemia & Manuel Araujo, Ella Gomes, Genie Gomes, Ethel Moniz, Violet & Antonio Monteiro, Teresa & Olavo Valadares.



Goanet's Cybermatrimonials

Posted on
Compiled by Christina Pinto christina at (Australia)
Wednesday, Oct 11, 2006 * Proudly part of the network
Past issues

LOOKING OUT FOR a life partner? Circulate your message among thousands of largely-Goan readers. For a listing in this column send details to with the subject line CYBER-MATRIMONIALS This is a free, volunteer-driven service undertaken in community interest. Feel free to share this ezine among another who might find it useful.

Click for entire article...


Goan Catholic has record collection of Cross

PANAJI (ICNS) -- A pious Catholic in Goa, who has the largest collection of unique crosses from across the world, is all set to enter soon in the Limca Book of Records.

Maendra Alvares has been collecting a wide variety of crosses all these years, and that has made him star collector of the Cross.

Alvares has now applied to the Limca Book of Records saying he has the largest collection of Cross. "It is my deep faith in Jesus Christ and my great respect and religious fervour towards the Cross that has made me collect the Cross all the time," Alvares told Indian Catholic.

Alreadly, Alvares has found a place in the Limca Book of Records for sculpting the biggest stone statue of Meerabai in 1995.



10th Dr. Ribeiro Goan School Reunion in Toronto

2006 Reunion - Dance
Click to View Photos

Sagan Banquet Hall, Mississauga, Canada
Sep 16, 2006
Click to view photos


Health & Wellness


Canada's Universal Child Care Plan provides Choice, Support and Spaces for today's parents; a plan that supports families regardless of where they live, whatever their circumstances and preferences

The Universal Child Care Benefit (UCCB), which provides parents with more choice in child care, came into effect on July 1. Beginning on July 20, 2006, Canadian parents started receiving monthly cheques for $100, for each child under six. Over 90 per cent of parents received UCCB cheques automatically as they are already enrolled in the Canada Child Tax Benefit. To find out more about Canada's Universal Child Care Plan, please visit

Even if your family is not yet registered, you can apply any time and receive payments retroactively up to 11 months from your date of application


Small Business Checklist: What to invest in today to be a success tomorrow

Starting your own company? Think you're too small to afford new technology? Think again. For Small Business Week 2006, Xerox Canada offers the following tips on how to find the right mix of technology and services to grow your business like a pro

TORONTO, Oct. 10 /CNW/ -
1. Stop shuffling paper: Avoid limiting information to paper documents. A recent survey(1) reveals that, on average, small business owners say it takes employees more than one-hour per week to find hard-copy documents.

2. The colour of money: Research shows that 58 per cent of Canadian small businesses think printing in colour is important to business growth, while 40 per cent say colour has a direct impact on growing their business, through such methods as increasing payment response time.

3. Never underestimate your competition: New findings indicate only 37 per cent of small businesses think their competitors are printing in colour and another 33 per cent don't know. In fact, most Canadian small businesses (79 per cent) print in colour!



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