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Newsletter. Issue 2007-07. March 31, 2007
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Health & Wellness

Are You, or Someone You Love, Sick Or in Hospital?
Excerpt from pamphlet from Office of Lay Ministry & Chaplaincy
Catholic Pastoral Centre – Archdiocese of Toronto

Recently the provincial government passed a law safeguarding the privacy of patient information in health care institutions.

This means that information about your religious affiliation, namely that you are a Catholic, may not be readily available to Catholic Priests, Deacons and Lay Ministers.

It is very important, therefore, that you identify yourself as a Catholic at the time of admission. If you are admitted to a hospital that is relatively close to your parish, please have a family member call the parish to request a visit from your parish priest.

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Why you should file a tax return
Advice from H & R Block

TORONTO, March 26 /CNW/ - - If you are expecting a tax refund, file a return. The money is yours and the government does not pay interest.
- If you are planning to carry forward the unused portion of your tuition or education amounts, you have to file a tax return.
- If you incurred a non-capital loss last year, file a return so you can apply it in other years.
- If you borrowed money from your RRSP through the Home Buyer's Plan or Lifelong Learning Plan and did not repay the entire amount, you need to file a return to include the balance in income.
- In some provinces, you can only qualify for certain benefits or credits if you have filed your return.

A local H&R Block tax professional can talk about reasons to file a tax return by the deadline.
. Additional information about H&R Block Canada is available at 1-800-HRBLOCK or visit www.hrblock.ca  for more tax tips.


Ontario's Doctors Launch 6 Principles to Guide Health Change

TORONTO, March 26 /CNW/ -
On behalf of Ontario's doctors, the Ontario Medical Association (OMA) today released the "Six Principles of Healthier Care," to serve as measure against which future health decisions can be assessed. As the second phase of the OMA's multi-year Campaign for Healthier Care, these principles will help facilitate discussions and shape future decisions on health care in the province.

"In a year in which there will be major discussions about the future of Ontario's health system, it is essential we have a common measure to assess their merit," said Dr. David Bach, President of the OMA. "The Six Principles for Healthier Care should help guide that debate. We must ensure that the foundations being laid for the future are sound."

The "Six Principles" were formulated following discussions that took place during the first phase of the Campaign for Healthier Care. They include:
1. Keep Patients Front and Centre.
2. Focus on the Future.
3. Be Specific.
4. Think Investment, Not Cost.
5. Apply What We Know Faster.
6. Start Now.

Given the anticipated release of the government's 10-year health plan and the release of the party platforms in the lead up to the fall election campaign, Ontarians will have much to consider regarding the future of their health system. The OMA believes the "Six Principles of Healthier Care" will help Ontarians gauge the plans presented to ensure they have the care they need, when and where they need it, in the years to come.


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