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Goan Initiatives on the Go
Goan initiatives seem to be out in force this summer!

The July 1st long weekend brought a number of “movers & shakers” to host Goa Sudharop’s George Pinto on a visit to TO. At the gathering, which took place at a popular watering hole in Mississauga, various initiatives were aired including the work done by the International Goan Organization, and the possibility of holding a sequel to the 1988 International Goan Convention.

The Goan Overseas Association will be conducting a Vision Workshop this Sunday to find out what the community really needs and plan accordingly. Heading this project is Michelle Pereira; email   See Announcements Section in 

Pulling out the stops to get premises for the long awaited “place of our own” is the CGC. This investor-based group will be reviewing lease/buy prospects for “ready-made” banquet hall type facilities with ample parking, and easy access to main highways (Dixie-401/403/407). Expressions of Interest requests can be sent by email to

Not waiting for “pie-in-the-sky” are the two seniors groups TEGSA (east) & 55PGA (west). Their social calendars this summer are full with events, trips, picnics, etc. Their telemail groups use email and the phone to reach Goan Seniors – a tiring but yet rewarding task they say.

See Events Section of Goan Voice Canada for more information.


University study shows that visible minorities experience lower levels of career satisfaction than their white colleagues 

TORONTO, June 28 /CNW/ - Findings from the largest national survey ever conducted about career satisfaction and advancement of visible minorities in corporate Canada show that while visible minorities experience lower levels of career satisfaction than their white/Caucasian colleagues, the opportunity for more inclusive work environments and advancement of visible minority professionals is within the reach of corporate Canada. Given existing links between career satisfaction and productivity, the results are particularly significant, as Canadian businesses cannot afford to under utilize any segment of the talent in today's globally competitive marketplace.

Career Advancement in Corporate Canada: A Focus on Visible Minorities was undertaken by Catalyst Canada and the Diversity Institute in Management and Technology at Ryerson University and is based on the responses of 17,908 seasoned managers, professionals, and executives from across Canada. With an average tenure of 20 years in the Canadian labour force, responses came from employees at 43 large publicly traded and privately held companies and professional service firms, as well as representatives from 38 Canadian

While the labour market experiences of unemployed and under-employed immigrants have been well documented, much less is known about the career experiences of longer tenured visible minority professionals, managers, and executives. This is especially true when it comes to those employed in large Canadian businesses - the place where skills and opportunity come together most directly.

By 2017, visible minorities are expected to represent one in five people in Canada's available workforce. In major cities across the country, the visible minority representation in the labour force will be closer to half. This growth comes in the face of an aging Canadian workforce, the retirement of the boomer generation and a lower birth rate - all pointing to an impending labour shortage.

Report Highlights:

Visible minority managers, professionals, and executives were less satisfied with their careers and were more likely to perceive workplace barriers to advancement than their white/Caucasian colleagues. These barriers included: perceived lack of fairness in career advancement processes, an absence of role models, inequality in performance standards, and fewer high-visibility assignments.

- Just over half (54 percent) of visible minority respondents reported feeling satisfied with their progress toward meeting career advancement goals compared to more than two thirds (67 percent) of white/Caucasian respondents.

- Only 38 percent of all visible minority respondents believed their organizations' talent identification practices were fair as compared to 46 percent of their white/Caucasian colleagues.

- Forty-seven percent of visible minority managers, professionals and executives reported feeling they were held to a higher standard of performance than their peers within organizations compared to 34 percent of white/Caucasians who felt the same way.

- More visible minority respondents (69 percent) reported believing that "who you know" is more important than "what you know" as compared to 57 percent of white/Caucasian respondents.

See Also

Visible Minorities In Just 3% Of Top Jobs: Report
June 29, 2007


 “Shall We Dance……cha, cha, cha”
Friday, June 8, 2007

TEGSA introduces us to some innovative and creative events. The first event in June was patronized by more than 100members who came to “Learn to Dance”. Who would have thought that almost half a century after we first learned to dance we would find out that all our nifty moves were not really ballroom dancing.

Our dance instructor was Steve Lewis who was at first overwhelmed with so many eager learners who had filled the dance floor. Steve and his partner glided across the floor as they demonstrated the finer arts of doing the Waltz, Cha Cha Cha, Fox Trot, Quick Step and Jive in correct ballroom style. Those of us with two left feet found it hard to cope with the 2 steps forward, 2 steps back and slide or the quick, slow, quick quick slow routines or the one, two, three, one two three Waltz steps.

Line dancing followed with our resident line dance instructor, Natty Viegas. This dance was easier in as much as we were used to phrases such as heel toe, heel toe and switch, electric slide and hitch and something to do with your elbow and knee jerks.

Our DJ for the evening was Tony Soares who in addition to playing the music for the above dances, kept us on the floor well after the lessons as we danced the night away on “our terms”.

Our sincere thanks to Vicki and all who helped with this event, especially those who gave us their services “gratis”. A terrific time was had by all.


55+Goan Associaton West GTA

While we were waltzing .........out the "Winter Blues".......on June 9th, 2007,........... our 55Plus Goan Association, Executive committee, celebrated our 2nd Anniversary Gala Dinner Dance at the Renaissance Convention Centre , in Mississauga, with an overwhelming attendance of altogether,a capacity of 241 members and out of town guests , who came out in support, as far as London, Ontario. It was heart-warming indeed, to have them in our midst! - No doubt, this auspicious occasion was a resounding success!

After the delicious Hors-douvres were served, our Social Secretary, Juliet Rebello welcomed each and everyone for their participation and attendance and went on to thank Mrs. Shirley D'Souza for her assistance in our search for the newly found premises i.e. 'Mississauga Seniors Centre", located at l389 Cawthra Road in Mississauga. (This new venue is posted on our website at  - check for further details).

Our President, Tony Fernandes, took his place at the Podium and punctuated his opening speech with some "wisecracks" to enlighten the crowd! He then introduced our Executive Committee with a request to come up to the podium for a photoshoot keepsake! . He, of course, went on to thank the Executive and sub -committee members and spouses for their hard work and dedication in making this event possible!
Vice-President, Paul Nazareth presented Mr. Roque Barretto with a $200 cheque for the "Walk-a-Thon event, hosted by the Goan Charitable Organization.

This was followed by the Grace Before Meals being recited by Muriel Lucas, who touched on many aspects of how grateful we ought to be, from one year to the next, and how fortunate and blessed we are to be able to all come together to celebrate yet another year, on this our 2nd Anniversary. She also emphasized to never forget the unfortunates out there who go without, especially ..the children - all over the world!.

A sit down dinner by the Renaissance, boasted a scrumptious 4 course meal, which was served to perfection, accompanied by a bottle of Red & White wine, which really "touched the spot" for many.!This was followed by a delectable dessert and coffee.

The D.J - got the exuberant crowd on the floor to do a "mini" work-out with his Electrifying music....
of "Switching Light-bulbs & opening door-knobs" - systematically, with the right hand and then the left hand - in sequence, to the Reggae beat!! He incorporated many elements of mish-mash rock, blues, soul and several other genres ,including hip-hop to suit the young and old............finally......
as we waltzed to the music of the Anniversary special.....that pleased the hearts of many old timers,who swayed to the music....everyone wanted "time to stand still"... as they mingled and met old friends and new and refreshed their memories to "yesteryear"!!

However, as all good things must come to an end, we wound up at 1.00 a.m.

A great time was had by all and it is thanks to each and everyone of you that made this Anniversary one to remember. Thanks to all who assisted in many ways, for the donations and your participation,most of all. Especial mention goes to Mrs. Rose D'Souza for the beautiful table decorations which added to the decor. Special thanks to the Renaissance Convention Centre, for their assistance and courteous waiters who helped in assisting us from beginning to end.

A measure of our success is documented by the numerous congratulatory messages and acknowledgments received, not only from the participants - but even from those who could not make it!

Your cordial support and co-opertion all round is much appreciated and we hope, with the passing of time, you will continue to join us in our future events as is posted on our website!

On behalf of our 55 Plus Goan Assoiciation, may we take this opportunity of wishing you all a safe and happy summer season!

Muriel Lucas - General Secretary,
for 55 Plus Goan Association

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