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Newsletter. Issue 2007-15. July 21, 2007
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Portrait of the Canadian Population in 2006, by Age and Sex
More seniors, fewer children

According to the 2006 Census, the number of people aged 65 and over increased by more than 446,700 compared with 2001 (+11.5%), topping the 4 million mark for the first time (4.3 million). This is nearly four times as many seniors as in the first quinquennial census in 1956.

Number of persons aged 65 years and over and number of children aged less than 15 years in the Canadian population, 1956 to 2016

• According to the 2006 Census, the number of Canadians aged 65 and over increased 11.5% in the previous five years, and the number of children under age 15 declined by 2.5% over the same period.
• The 65-and-over population made up a record 13.7% of the total population of Canada in 2006. The proportion of the under-15 population fell to 17.7%, its lowest level ever.
• An increase in immigration since 2001 gave Canada a higher rate of population growth than in the previous intercensal period, but it did not slow the aging of Canada's population.
• The median age, which divides the population into two groups of equal size, has risen steadily since 1966, reaching 39.5 years in 2006. It is expected that the median age will rise in the future and could exceed 44 years by the year 2031.
• Canada is still one of the youngest countries in the G8, as only the United States has a lower proportion of elderly people (12.4% compared with 13.7%).
• Never before has Canada had so many persons aged 80 years and over: their number topped the 1 million mark for the first time in 2006 (1.2 million).
• Nearly two out of three persons aged 80 years and over were women, as women have a higher life expectancy than men (82.5 years compared with 77.7 years, in 2004).
• The number of centenarians in Canada increased to 4,635 in 2006, up more than 22% from 2001. According to the latest population projections, the number of centenarians could triple to more than 14,000 by 2031.
• The number of people aged 55 to 64, many of whom are workers approaching retirement, has never been so high in Canada, at 3.7 million in 2006.
• Baby-boomers, people born between 1946 and 1965, were between 41 and 60 years of age in 2006. Despite the fact that they are now older, they were still a very large group in the population: nearly one out of three Canadians was a baby-boomer in 2006.
• The proportion of people aged 65 and over increased in every province and territory in the last five years, while the percentage of children under age 15 continued to fall.
• The proportion of people aged 65 and over ranged between 15.4% in Saskatchewan and 2.7% in Nunavut. Nunavut also had the highest proportion of children under age 15 (33.9%), while Newfoundland and Labrador had the lowest (15.5%).
• Quebec now has more than 1 million people aged 65 and over. They made up 14.3% of the province's population, or one out of seven Quebecers, in 2006.
• Because of the Prairie provinces' higher fertility, the region has the highest proportions of children under age 15. Nearly one out of five residents of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta was under the age of 15 at the time of the last census.
• Canada's urban areas had a much larger young working-age population (aged 20 to 44) than rural areas, which were generally older. The differences are due primarily to internal migration of young adults, who often leave the rural areas in their late teens or early twenties to pursue their education or find work in urban areas, and to international immigration, which is heavily concentrated in large urban centres.
• Nine of the 16 youngest CMAs are in southern Ontario; the oldest are Kelowna, British Columbia, and Peterborough, Ontario.
• The suburbs of large urban centres were younger than the downtown areas: nearly one out of five people was under age 15 in the suburban parts of s, compared with 16.5% in the downtown areas, which also had more persons aged 65 and over (13.8% compared with 11.9% for peripheral municipalities).


Decline Of The Greater Toronto Area's Standard Of Living : TD Economics

TORONTO, July 17 /CNW/ - A report published today by TD Economics states the relative decline of the Greater Toronto Area's standard of living against competing jurisdictions during the past five years poses a serious threat to the region's future prosperity ( Cohesive and coordinated action is required by all regional players, but future policies must be underpinned by efficiency and innovation rather than public money.

Among the GTA's challenges, co-authors Don Drummond and Derek Burleton cite:

- The region's eroding competitive position due to economic forces such as the rising dollar;
- The limited flexibility of the City of Toronto due to its structural deficit; and
- The rising number of low-income families among newcomers and the self-perpetuating cycles of poverty.

Since 2002, the GTA's overall economic growth was 2.5 percent per year, which is 0.5 percent lower than the national average, and well below the rates of Calgary and Vancouver (5 percent and 3.4 percent respectively). The unemployment rate dropped by about one percent to 6.5 percent, but for the first time rose and remains above the national average. (The average unemployment rate in the City of Toronto is substantially higher at 8.1 percent.)

Most troubling are measurements that track standard of living. Real GDP per capita in the GTA (0.5 percent) increased by about one-half the rate of the nation and one-third the pace of other large city-regions. The GTA's real personal income per capita also slipped $1,000 further behind major American cities to US$8,500.

"The relative decline in standard of living leaves the GTA in a competitive conundrum: At a time when we must invest more in existing and new assets to compete globally, we have fewer resources to do so," said Don Drummond, Chief Economist at TD Bank Financial Group.


India cap on OCI applications
Wednesday July 11 2007
Staff Report

The Indian consulate has placed a cap on the number of Overseas Citizenship of India applications it will receive daily in person.

"With effect from July 6, 2007, Consulate General of India, Toronto will accept only 45 OCI applications on first-come-first-serve basis on all working days between 0900 to 1100 hours," it said in a brief statement.

The consulate has already stopped receiving cash for its visa services.

The mission had earlier stated that with effect from June 18, 2007, only bank drafts, certified cheques or postal money orders would be accepted.

Under the OCI scheme, a registration certificate like an Indian passport, though in a different colour, is issued to the applicant.

A multiple entry, multi-purpose OCI 'U' (Universal) visa sticker is pasted on the applicant's foreign passport, complete with the applicant's photograph and all the other necessary security features.


Feds Must Reassess Immigration Consultants,
Says the Canadian Bar Association
July 11, 2007

OTTAWA-The Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants (CSIC) is not meeting its mandate to protect the public from unscrupulous immigration consultants, and the federal government is duty-bound to conduct a broad assessment of the regulation of such consultants, says the CBA.

A recent investigative series in the Toronto Star suggests that the regulatory scheme for immigration consultants, instituted in 2003, continues to fail the public.

In a letter to Citizenship and Immigration Minister Diane Finley, CBA President J. Parker MacCarthy, Q.C. called on the government to conduct a broad assessment of whether CSIC is meeting its mandate for the regulation of consultants.

"The federal government gave the imprimatur of legitimacy to CSIC through recognition of its members as 'authorized representatives' of those subject to the immigration or refugee process in Canada," wrote Mr. MacCarthy. "You cannot now disavow any responsibility for ensuring CSIC is performing its duty of protecting the public.

"Four years into CSIC's mandate, the CBA is not aware of any discipline hearings heard to date by the organization," Mr. MacCarthy wrote. "If CSIC is not adequately performing this duty, then the government should no longer recognize CSIC members as authorized representatives and explore alternative public protection measures."

In his letter, Mr. MacCarthy emphasized an inherent flaw in the law: any consultant, whether a CSIC member or not, may legally provide immigration advice for a fee. Even though only lawyers and CSIC members may be listed as authorized representatives in an application or proceeding, this does not prevent consultants from providing immigration advice and filling out the paperwork for a client without signing it. It is this flaw, says the CBA, that allows "ghost consultants" to carry out unregulated consultancy.


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Our 55+ PGA flew " South of the Border" !! - but in reality, was held at the Mississauga Seniors Centre, in Mississauga,on July l7th,2007. The much anticipated, Variety Show, featuring" MEL COLLIE" - on the Banjo/Uke and "JAY FRANCO" on the Violin/Keyboard, showed up in style to a thrilled & packed Audience!!

These 2 Canadian Icons put on a fantastic performance, staged at the Centre to a crowd of 122 members and out of town guests, from as far as Australia, namely, Mena and her husband Dams Carvalho, Stan Noronha's sister and husband ( who are here on their last lap of their holidays and were fortunate to have been present for the event.!! ).

Mel & Jay a dynamic duo that is in constant demand within the GTA and surrounding areas, loved by audiences everywhere for a relaxing, hilarious, toe-tapping and fun-filled entertaining show, thrilled the crowd to pieces! There was never a dull moment! It surely was "Hearty and "Enriching" and roused up some standing ovations with Jay doing a SOLO Violin performance of the famous "BLUE SPANISH EYES", " BRAZIL" & good old, "SOUTH OF THE BORDER" ,while Mel, resonated sounds off his Bango, as he harmonized great songs of the 20's. That reverence was infectious and got the misty-eyed crowd to do some "toe-tapping" and clapping to the good old numbers, like "YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE" & DAYO - "TILL I COME AN ME WANNA GO HOME"!!

The whole show was VERY impressive and had a wonderful combination of music,songs and hearty Jokes. Mel's" wit" stole the show, especially with his "3 Legged" stint, so artistically performed to an amazing crowd! This merger of such talents at this stage in their careers, has clearly "hit home" with all who've been fortunate to have seen their performances and we at 55 PGA, are certainly proud to have had them perform for our members!

Their debut was composed of past hits of the 20's and it paid off with a feel that's more "organic" than most folk oriented albums!! - It gave it a warm ambience - almost a "prairies" feel - real facinating stuff.!
Their show is highly recommended, and their "gigs" and collaborations were flawless and could have gone on all nite long!

Mel had a 'trick' up his sleeve that left us "mesmerized" when he produced a red handkerchief trick and made it "disappear" right before our eyes!! He was an astounding performer, captivating the audience with both dramatic and cosmetic roles!

It was an amazing performance, all round. To some, it brought back components of bliss and music of their earliest childhood memories!! And it was also so visually appealing to watch!

Sadly, at the end of the performance, it was announced that Jay unfortunately, recently lost his dear Father , but, yet, kept his word and commitment and came out and performed! We were really touched by his kindness and concern for us. That was very Gallant of him to say the least! and we will be forever grateful and highly appreciative of his concern for us and our members!

We, at 55 + wish to thank Mr. Uvy Lopes for being instrumental in introducing us to Mel and Jay - through our Social Secretary, Juliet Rebello' s assistance! The Ale N Arty Show will long be remembered by each and everyone of our membership! Uvy, our Cameraman for the evening captured many happy moments.

After the show, a game of "Bingo" was played, with the Jack-pot of $60.00 went to the lucky winer, Joyce Noronha, Congratulations!! There were 3 different prizes, One line, 2 lines and an X.

Coffee and tea was served, A snack box was provided at the beginning of the show, we could "munch" while we watched!!

If any of you missed out on these events or the past events, put on by our organization, well, please check out our website at  for more exciting upcoming events and trips. These are based on a first come first served basis. Our doors are open and we invite you to join us for the rest of the summer months..........before we take off to ........."SOUTH OF THE BORDER.....................!!!

Thank you ,to one and all for your kind assistance during this event, for volunteering your services yet again in helping us with the numerous tasks involved in getting started and finished, and especially the Telemail committee, who worked tirelessly behind the scenes, our grateful thanks!
Many thanks also to Monica and Theo for helping out at the front desk.

The evening ended promptly at 10.00 p.m.

Muriel Lucas
General Secretary for
55+Goan Association-West GTA


As seniors we are not supposed to be having such a good time. But we have been as TEGSA has introduced a new concept to senior entertainment. They have moved on from the basic bingo sessions and whist games to some INGENIOUS and more interesting forms of entertainment. Of course Bingo is also held but it is not the only form of entertainment…………..

Friday, June 22nd was no exception as members were treated to an “END OF SEASON BLAST” which featured a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Tributes to stars like Tom Jones,,Engelbert Humperdinck and Elvis’ 1968 Comeback Special were all presented on a big screen. These were live performances by our favourite stars captured on DVD.
All we had to do was sit back, relax and enjoy the swinging hits of yesteryear.

Following this, our ever popular Communications Co-ordinator, Uvy Lopes took us through a brief 25 minutes interlude to some of TEGSA’s recent past events - all captured on Films & Stills. This brought back nostalgic memories and also showed TEGSA’s very successful past events. Members seeing themselves for the first time on the big screen kept on wanting more & more but time was running out for dancing.

Line Dancing followed with also some Cha Cha Cha lessons & instructions by Rodney Almedia. All seniors danced the night away to the wonderful D.J. music.

What amazes many of us is how TEGSA can continue at this pace.
For a mere $6.00 members were treated to a wonderful evenings entertainment, a generous snack plates, free coffee, tea and sandwiches served later in the evening.

Our season opener, after a short break for the summer, is the “Shrimp Curry Nite” which will be held on September 7, 2007.
Last years “Fish Curry Nite” was sold out and judging from the current bookings the “Shrimp Curry Nite” will also be sold out .
Our “Bowling” 4th Nov, 07 - IS SOLD OUT.

With close to 600 paid up members, please book early to avoid disappointment for all our upcoming events – Christmas Dance Sat, 15th Dec, 2007. at St. Clement of Ohrid Banquet Hall, 76 Overlea Blvd. Toronto.
Cost: $40.00 (Members) - $45.00 (Guests)
Cocktails at 6:30 p.m.-- Sit-down dinner at 7:30 p.m.
Details to follow in our upcoming flyers.

Please note that TEGSA is undertaking a special project of collecting used Eye Glasses for wanted use in the third world countries. Please ask your friends and family to support this worthy cause. Collection will be made at the “Shrimp Curry Night” 7, Dec 2007.

Thanks to the Executive and Entertainment committees for all their hard work and particularly for the wonderful time we have had at the many exciting events.
Keep up the good work!


George Pinto's visit to Toronto
Kevin Saldanha
Mon Jul 9 04:44:02 PDT 2007

The punctuality of the chief guest was in stark contrast to the 'sussegadh' arrival of his hosts, the GoaNetters Association of Toronto (GNAT), at Mad Hatters Pub in Mississauga. Goa Sudharop's George Pinto, in town to celebrate a family wedding, had to order his own beer and nuts wondering whether he was at the right location at 1:00pm on July 1st, 2007!

However, Canada Day revelers arrived in quick succession which kept George from quaffing off his first brew of the afternoon. By 1:30pm most of the score of invitees had arrived which allowed me to start off with a round of introductions of those present and gave them an opportunity to say a few words about themselves. There was a representative sampling of the Goan (predominantly Catholic) diaspora in attendance and all were eager to hear George speak. After spending a few minutes on introductions (check out the link to the photoshow at the end of this article to see how many names from the list you can associate with the faces :-) around the room we had a chance to learn a little more about Prof. Pinto and what makes him tick.

Goa Sudharop featured prominently in his recount of some of his achievements as well as his experiences with volunteerism and teaching. Seeking the 'Goan' identity was a common theme we kept coming back to when different initiatives were touched upon. Zulema D'Souza spoke about her work with International Goan Organization, their participation in the Global Goan Convention earlier this year in Goa and the local senior clubs she is involved with here in Toronto. Valens Almeida spoke to the local Canadian Goan Centre initiative to find a home for the Goan community in Mississauga and I recounted some of the experiences we had at the recent International Goan Convention in Lisbon, Portugal which celebrated the 20th anniversary of the institution of Casa De Goa. Using some of the impetus intitiated there, it is my hope that we can host the next International Goan Convention here in Toronto next year to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the first Goan Convention held here in 1988.

We raised a toast to that ideal in true Goan fashion with shot glasses of maadancho feni and enjoyed some delectable lamb samosas before sitting down to a light lunch of sorpatel (from Konkan Delite  ) and rice. A steady flow of pitchers of beer from the bar kept vocal cords lubricated and other alcoholic drinks proffered around the table kept the conversation animated, thanks to the generous sponsorship by the GNATters in attendance.
List of attendees: Wanda & Valens Almeida, Ben Antao, Silviano Barbosa, MaryAnn & Pepito D'Souza, Zulema & Neves DeSouza, Bosco D'Mello, Olinda Fernandes, Mervyn Lobo, Edna & Al Mathias, George Pinto, Alan Pires, Francis Rodrigues, Effie & Sal Rocha, Lisette & Kevin Saldanha, Mario Vas

Kevin Saldanha
Mississauga, ON.

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