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Newsletter. Issue 2008-01. January 05, 2008
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Toronto Goans Bring in the New Year In Style

Pictures of Goan Overseas Association’s New Year Bash
Courtesy of Albert Fernandes


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ReDuX:RMx TWO makes Top Seller and Editors' Pick List - December 4, 2007

Within the first two weeks of its release, ReDuX:RMx TWO makes the CDBABY Editors' Pick and Top Seller lists in the Electronic Nu-jazz genre

Expanding on the world nu-jazz sound of their Volume 1 debut disc, TWO is world cinematic electronica. Latin, Euro, funk, Eastern, Asian and Celtic influences are used to create eleven original tracks that transport the urban soul across the planet. Eddie Paton on guitars and Archangel Menezes on keys sonically take you places with music that excites, soothes and moves. Bob Basa’s melodic bass drives all the tracks. Stylistically diverse guitar solos, vocal touches and an exotic array of world instruments and rhythms on TWO keep you listening. You can hear the influnences of ENIGMA, THE GYPSY KINGS and British Asian electronica on these tracks.

Cinematic in scope, the music on TWO puts you in the mood for anything you can imagine.
Check out sample tracks from TWO at http://www.reduxrmx.com/music.html

Archangel Menezes - Keyboards
Archangel Menezes, formerly based in L.A. as a music supervisor for Columbia Pictures Television, is a Toronto media composer and sound designer. He’s written music for professional theater in L.A. and Toronto, scored for feature films such as DOM and RUN ROBOT RUN, and has created music for ad agencies, such as Draft and Fuel. And yes, Archangel is the name on his birth certificate.

Eddie Paton - Guitars
Versatile guitarist and singer Eddie Paton is a classically trained performer, songwriter and session player.
He’s played on Robert Michaels' Juno award-winning Warner album, ALLEGRO, and performed with such prestigious artists as Amanda Martinez and Sook-Yin Lee.
He’s currently touring with international artist and Billboard world music award-winner, Johannes Linstead.

Singing to a world record: Konkani to be on the World Cultural Map
By Violet Pereira Team Mangalorean

Mangalore Dec 28, 2007: This coastal city will attempt to join the world club or record holding cities across the world. Not just an ordinary record but a cultural record that will defy all human endurance tests in singing. The Mandd Sobhann the cultural ensemble of Mangalore will present a 40 hour non stop singing Konkani songs with the largest congregation of singers as many as 1500 of them will sing in unison. One can imagine the resounding effect it will have on the cultural vibrancy of the city. If the ensemble makes it happen on that day the city will straight away will go into the Guinness book of world records beating the earlier record held by Ubra Brazil where multiple singers sang in a choir for 36 hours in 2004.

With less than a month to go for the record breaking attempt which will begin at 6 am on 26th January 2008, the event is a 40 hours non-stop singing marathon involving more than 1500 singers and 44 groups including 2 groups from Mumbai, 2 groups from Goa, one group from Bangalore and one group from Mysore. There are also groups consisting of talented Seminarians and nuns and some other such groups are participating from various parishes from Byandur to Kasaragod.

This is an attempt to establish a record of the "World's Longest Singing Marathon by Multiple Singers" The Existing record of 36 hours (3-4 July) was set by a group from Ulbra, Brazil, named, "Communidade Evangelica Luterana Sao Paulo", in 2004. Konkani Nirantari proposes to break this record and establish a new record of 40 hours. This is a world event and a genuine attempt to record Konkani's name in the Guinness



Michael Adams - Author
Book: Paperback: DuraBooks | 235 x 159mm | 240 pages | ISBN 9780670063680 | 08 Nov 2007 | Viking Canada |

Most countries accept immigrants, but when it comes to the scale of its immigration inflow and the diversity of its foreign-born, Canada stands alone in the world. Some believe that amid the new world order, driven by ethnic and religious conflict, it is just a matter of time before Canada becomes a battleground in the manner of Lower Manhattan, the London Underground, or the suburbs of Paris.

Does the violence of the world at present—violence seemingly characterized by resurgent tribalism—put the lie to the idea that multicultural Canada can become a utopia? In Unlikely Utopia, Michael Adams says no. He believes that far from being disabused of their pluralist naïveté by the world’s conflicts and bloodshed, Canadians are focusing even harder on the quotidian tasks of helping people of all backgrounds get along—both materially and socially—and that over time Canada is proving to be the “experiment” that worked.

With chapters on Quebec, Canada’s unique public attitudes toward diversity and multiculturalism, and an unprecedented survey of Muslim Canadians, Unlikely Utopia is a meditation on the future of Canada—a future of greater promise and greater human import than any Canadian might dare imagine.


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