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Newsletter. Issue 2008-15. July 19, 2008

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2008 International Goan Convention

2008 International Goan Convention – Toronto
Convention makes News

JULY 23-27 Goan International Convention

An ideal opportunity for Goans all over the world to renew social contacts, and for visitors to experience authentic Goan culture, music, cuisine and art. The theme is G.I.A.N.T. — Goan Identity And Networking Today. University of Toronto, Mississauga, 3359 Mississauga Rd., Mississauga.

Toronto: Jr Menezes’ Widely Acclaimed Tiatr ‘Adeus’ at LAC on Jul 25 - Mangalore,India

Toronto, Jul 15:
Widely acclaimed tiatr, "Adeus" performed by the Goan Konkani troupe and written and directed by Jr Menezes will be held on Friday July 25 ...
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Hon. Eduardo Faleiro, Commissioner for NRI Affairs, (Cabinet Minister rank) Government of Goa, India to open Convention, and attend a “Meet & Greet – Click for details

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Convention Events

See also Events Section for Convention Program

How to get to the University of Toronto for Convention Workshops

Aerial View of UTM
Adeus Tiatr - A Treat For Konkani Lovers And Their Friends 
By: Dr. Kevin Saldanha

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Please come out and enjoy the final benefit encore production of the widely acclaimed tiatr, "Adeus" performed by the Goan Konkani Troup and written & directed by Jr. Menezes. The diminutive stature of this versatile gentleman belies his technical and theatrical skills which are being put to the mettle in the magnificent Hammerson Hall of the prestigious Living Arts Centre in Mississauga. Together with his cast and crew, led by the creative mastercraft genius of A.C. Pereira, you will be totally immersed in the play.

You will enjoy an entertaining evening of traditional Konkani theatre which will evoke a range of emotions and astound you with the creative special effects, many of which have never been produced on the big stage at LAC. To add to that, those who don't understand Konkani all that well will not be left at the mercy of their companions as we are providing simulcast English super titles to the dialogue. This will be projected on a screen above the main stage so choosing your seat appropriately will be critical.

The best view for the stage and the super title screen is from the middle of the orchestra section to the back of the dress circle. However for those who are fluent in Konkani, the first half of the orchestra section (rows A to F) will be ideal to get close to the action and enjoy the special effects on stage.

The proceeds of this production will go towards supporting the only registered Goan charity in Ontario, the Goan Charitable Organization. This body has been responsible for putting several dozen faltering members of our community back on their feet with a financial boost at the time when it was needed most. Invariably, beneficiaries of the organization have become their greatest supporters when back on track but it would not be possible without your support.

Come out for an evening of fun at the end of the week and let Jr. Menezes sweep you away to that nostalgic place of your ancestry. Bring your kids out to let them experience, probably for the first and last time, a traditional Konkani production. Make it a family event and encourage your relatives and friends to join you as well.

"Adeus" takes place at 7:00pm sharp at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga. Two levels of free underground parking can be accessed at 4141 Living Arts Drive. Attached is the poster for the event listing contacts in the GTA for tickets.

Kevin Saldanha
Goan Book Fest at 2008 International Goan Convention
will include Book Launches & Readings

A poet and cartoonist from Goa will join Canadian Goan author Ben Antao in launching their new works at the 2008 International Goan Convention to be held at the University of Toronto's Mississauga campus on July 23-26. Marinella Proenca of Calangute will launch and read from her newly published book of poems Heart Beat.

Alexyz Fernandes, popular cartoonist from Siolim, will exhibit a large selection of his cartoons and caricatures. In addition, he'll launch his new book Goa, Goan, Goaing, Gone? and speak at the book launch on Thursday, July 24.  Ben Antao, journalist and novelist, will read from his new novel Living on the Market and launch his travelogue The lands of Sicily (Le terre di Sicilia).

Living on the Market is about a Toronto supply teacher who tries to support his family by playing the stock market. The lands of Sicily is a bilingual travelogue (English and Italian), with color photos about his visit to Sicily in October 2007. The Writers workshop will be led by Victor R Ribeiro, an internationally published author, and member of MENSA (his novel, Tivolem, has been very well received). Attendees will also have exposure to other well known published authors.

There will be other books by Goan writers available for sale at the convention.
  1. Ben Antao --- Images of Goa ($20), a memoir covering the years 1943-64.
    Goa A Rediscovery ($10), a travelogue of Goa, 2004.
    BLOOD & Nemesis ($20), a novel about Goa's freedom struggle from the Portuguese rule.
    Penance ($20), a novel about a love quadrangle set in Toronto.
    TheTailor's Daughter ($20), a novel about a young Goan woman of Nairobi and her struggle to beak out of the caste barrier.
    Living on the Market ($25)
    The lands of Sicily ($25)
  2. Marinella Proenca --- Heart Beat ($20)
  3. Alexyz Fernandes --- "Goan, Goaing, Gone…? Cartoons Terse, Satirical Verse” depicts the traumatic and turbulent times that Goa is going through. It will be launched at the International Goan Convention 2008 in Toronto on July 24, and later on under the aegis of Goa Sudharop Inc at the International Community Centre at Milipitas, San Jose, California, on August 7, 2008.
  4. Victor Rangel-Ribeiro --- Tivolem, a novel set in Goa, and Loving Ayesha (short stories)
  5. Brian Mendonca --- Last Bus to Vasco ($10), a collection of poems.
  6. Dominic Fernandes --- Dominic's Goa ($20), a memoir, a nostalgic romp through bygone Goa
  7. Silviano Barbosa --- The Sixth Night ($20), a novel set in Goa.
  8. Frederick Noronha --- In Black and White ($10), insiders' stories about the press in Goa,
    edited by Frederick Noronha, a veteran journalist of Goa.
  9. Amitabh Bachchan formally launched the book “Goa: Aparanta – Land beyond the end” , put together and published by Dattaraj “Raj” V. Salgaocar at a glittering function held at the water front lawns of Goa Marriott Resort, Panaji,Goa on May 13th,2008.
    This book is already being hailed as the definitive book on Goa and a landmark contribution to the literature on Goa.It has over 51 contributors and all mostly Goans.
    Copies of this book @ $120.00 will on sale at the Convention. Click to see write-up and list of contributors

Those who are unable to attend the convention can obtain the above books from Ben Antao by email.

Special publications have also been produced for the Convention:

  • Ekvott which means, united together, is the title of souvenir of the 2008 International Goan Convention. Price $10.00 per copy excluding mailing
  • Konkani For Everyone – A 50 page Konkani Primer produced by Goan Seniors. Price $5.00 per copy excluding mailing

There is also a growing demand for Goan Books of times gone by. Those wishing to donate or sell unneeded books contact Ben Antao by email.

Goan Seniors publish Konkani Primer for Convention

Konkani for Everyone is a 50 page booklet intended as a primer on Konkani & Goan Culture. The book contains chapters on:
  • Basic Konkani Phrases
  • Common Expressions
  • Konkani Hymns
  • Konkani Proverbs
  • The Folksongs of Goa
  • Popular Konkani Songs
  • Books for further Konkani Study

A copy of the booklet will be issued to all those registered for the Konkani Worshop.

The booklet is becoming popular for introducing the next generation to “Amche Bas”.
See article on Book Fest for obtaining copies.

Free For Fulltime Adult 2008 Goan Convention Delegates!!!
Trip to Casino Niagara (Fallsview), Niagara

Date: Saturday, July 26, 2008
Fare: $ 15.00 per Head (includes cost of Belinda's tasty snacks/Massala Tea/Water/driver's tip)
Incentive: Free Buffet at the Casino (Subject to carrying an Photo ID and being over 19 years. If you do not have an ID on you, then you will be charged $25/- as Fare and you will not get the Buffet coupon as per Casino rules.

Reporting/Departure time: a) 8.00 am. at 5850 Rivergrove, Our Lady of Good Voyage Elementary School, Intersection of Rivergrove ave and Highbrook, Mississauga (Free Parking)

b) University of Toronto Campus at 8.30 am Expected time of return : 4.30 pm.

Entertainment: Sing-a-long/Mandos/Medleys, Joke telling, Bingo if there is time Reservation is strictly on a “first pays, first served basis.” No refunds applicable. Please book early to avoid disappointment.

Contacts: Romeo & Belinda Remedios: (905) 593-0769

Everyone travels at his or her own risk. We accept no responsibility. Posted by Kevin Saldanha at 2:55 PM 0 comments Niagara excursion for adults.

Dear friends,

We have set up this blog as a way to keep you updated and apprised of the most current information regarding the 2008 International Goan Convention being held in Toronto from the 23rd to the 25th of July, 2008 Please bookmark this page and return frequently to read the updates we intend to post daily to this site.

A recent addition to the program is an excursion trip to scenic Niagara falls from Mississauga on Saturday, July 26th morning. A 56 seater bus has been reserved and the trip has been co-ordinated by veteran tripsters, Romeo and Belinda Remedios. They will be providing snacks and entertainment to and from Niagara with a lunch buffet at the Niagara Fallsview Casino.

This trip is included with your full adult registration to the convention and is available to discounted registrants or guests for $15. However, all participants must be over 19 years of age and carry at least one piece of government issued photo identification as the trip is partially sponsored by the Casino management. The bus will leave from Our Lady of Good Voyage Catholic Elementary School, 5850 River Grove Avenue, Mississauga at 8:00am, with a stop at the University of Toronto, Mississauga Campus, 3359 Mississauga Rd, Mississauga, ON. at 8:30am.

The return journey to Mississauga will leave from the Casino at 3:30pm leaving enough time to enjoy the Falls and the Casino. Please book early to avoid disappointment


Lisette Saldanha 905-813-7787 or
Kevin Saldanha 416-802-9397 or   or
Romeo & Belinda Remedios (905) 593-0769 or
We look forward to seeing you at the Convention.

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