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Newsletter. Issue 2009-05. February 28, 2009

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Goa Carnival 2009
A selection of photos from joegoauk
See rest of photos at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/joegoauk17/archives/date-posted/2009/02/21


Goa?s Carnival floats wow Panaji
Videos of Goa carnival that took place Feb 21, 2009
Courtesy :

Panjim Floats/parade part I

Panjim Floats/parade part II

Panjim Floats/parade part III

22 Feb 2009, 0246 hrs IST, TNN

PANAJI: While crowds thronged the capital city for the carnival 2009 parade on Saturday many felt it did not meet expectations.

While some of the floats and participants put up commendable performances, the laxity by the police after all the hype over security was too evident. The barricades just near the judges pandal crashed five minutes after the parade started with the crowds spilling onto the streets and the police remaining mute spectators.  The judges at the event had a tough time observing the floats and complained to the organizers who were at the mercy of the police. "I can't even see the floats," said judge Carlos Menezes.

While a total of 77 floats took part at the parade, there were a few participants who made the crowds sit up and take notice. The dinosaur float from Calangute thrilled the crowds with its realistic growls and movements. Another float from Panaji depicted the garbage crisis in Goa and had a theme in which tourists could take part in extreme water sports Swimming in Sewage'. They also highlighted that Goa could build pyramids of garbage which could be included in a tourist's itinery.

There were a couple of Spanish bull fights with matadors, while traditional floats did not let the crowds down with excellent quality.  The villagers of St Estevam and Quepem put up a couple of traditional floats each, highlighting traditional trades such as carpentry and pottery. The family category saw floats depicting Goan living and family life, while the junk cars and clowns brought laughs to the crowds.

The parade also brought in tourists in hordes with mostly Indian tourists filling up every inch of the city.  The Panjim Carnival Committee organised an alvorada in the morning and had music playing from loudspeakers at main locations in the city.  After the parade, tourists filled up every restaurant, and many could be seen moving from one restaurant to another trying to find a place to eat.


Long Cherished Dream Of Tiatrists Finally Comes True

The long cherished dream of the tiatr fraternity has finally come true. The faces of tiatrists and those directly or indirectly associated with it, lit with joy as veteran tiatrist Master Vaz lit the traditional lamp to at the inaugural function held at Ravindra Bhavan Pai Tiatrist Joao Agostinho auditorium, Margao, to mark the opening of the Tiatr Academy. Herald spoke to some veteran tiatrists, to get their views on what this new venture means for tiatrs and tiatrists.

Titta Pretto a veteran tiatrist (who also acted in the Konkani classic movies Nirmonn and Amche Noxib) based in Mumbai and one among those felicitated at the function, felt that ?the Tiatr Academy is something good, and that the government has done its job.? He added that ?now it?s up to the tiatrists to maintain unity, and make good use of the resources for the betterment of tiatr.?

C D Silva who was also felicitated on the occasion echoed similar sentiments, adding that ?the Tiatr Academy has finally become a reality. It is something good and beneficial for tiatrs and tiatrists. He cautioned that ?unless and until we tiatrists keep aside our egos, backbiting and personal funds aside, having a Tiatr Academy would be useless. Jessie Dias, still a force to reckon with among the female artistes stressed that the Tiatr Academy benefits should reach all tiatrists, eligible for it, especially the old and the infirm.? Adding that, ?to make this possible, the Academy should collect the bio-data of all professional tiatrists young and old and register them as members of the Academy.?

Echoing Jessie?s sentiments Thomas Antao (music composer-trumpeter) with 67 years experience in tiatrs feels that not only the tiatrists, but all those associated with the different aspects of this art-form ? including musicians, set designers, light operators etc, should benefit from the Tiatr Academy. ?I am happy that the Tiatr Academy is formed and I sincerely hope that every body associated with the Academy works unitedly so that not only the tiatrist but all those associated with tiatr in different ways, benefit from this project.?

Ophelia the tragedy queen of tiatrs, who also acted in the Konkani classic movies Nirmonn and Amche Noxib (based in Mumbai) was another artiste to be felicitated on the occasion felicitated but could not make it to the inaugural function. Speaking to her via the telephone, Ophelia revealed that she was informed by the authorities at the last moment and could not make it to the function. Explaining her predicament she explained, ?I cannot travel alone. If I was informed well in advance I would have made arrangements to travel by air.? ?Anyway I am glad that the Tiatr Academy has been formed and I hope that those at the helm of affairs, work in the right direction.? She added nostalgically, I hope they remember my sister Miss Mohana who was the first lady to act in tiatrs commercially and was an inspiration to all female artistes.?

Luis V Quadros known in tiatr circles as A P Rojols is a lights and set designer from Raia. He has designed lights and sets for various tiatr directors for the last 29 years. He states, ?being physically challenged, I have to face a lot of hardships, but it is my love for this particular Goan art form that drives me on. At last an organisation, for the betterment of tiatrs and tiatrist has been formed. Let us hope that it unites all tiatrist and others associated with it.? Mario Menezes known as the tragedy king of the Konkani stage and a well known writer director of tiatrs, believed that ?the tiatr academy was long overdue and now that it has finally come into existence.? He went a step ahead and exhorted all those involved in the tiatr fraternity, ?come let?s us all work unitedly for the betterment of tiatr, let us work for a better tomorrow rather than fighting over petty differences. He appealed to his fellowmen and women saying, ?Today I am a member of the executive committee of the tiatr academy and we are always open to opinion and suggestions.?

Michael Gracias, writer and director of an experimental tiatrs and also editor- in- chief of the Konkani monthly magazine Jivit hurrahed the coming into existence of the academy as ?the best thing to happen, taking into view the popularity of these forms of art and the patronage it receives from the Konkani speaking people in and outside Goa. The present day tiatr scenario does not require any patronage from the government because it is fully supported by the people of Goa. Adding that ?the Tiatr Academy is required for research and documentation as the authorities at the helm of affairs be it the Goa Konkanni Academy, the Art And Culture Department or the Kala Academy has only paid lip service in the past.


TIATR - Goa's Innovative, Creative Gift to India's Multicultural Ethos
Posted on 2009-02-16

TIATR to offer a simple definition, is the self censored, liberal and progressive, democratic and dynamic theatre of the fun loving Konkani speaking masses. It is a polychromatic kaleidoscopic celebration of the travails and triumphs of life - life as seen from an ordinary Goans perspective. It is absolutely different from modern Marathi or Konkani theatre.Tiatr is Goa?s cultural, social and political window.

Tiatr is a non-violent medium of mass catharsis. The audience of Tiatr establishes a communion with the stage. The members laugh, cry, weep, sing-along, cheer, despair, celebrate, applaud, taunt, ridicule and at the end of the show seem excited but relaxed. Good tiatrs have become household cultural icons. Many artists who actually lead a simple private, non-glamorous life also achieve instant celebrity status.

Although it is not admitted sincerely - Tiatr is undoubtedly Goa?s innovative and creative gift to the vast spectrum of Indias mind boggling multicultural ethos. Tiatr was Goa?s rediscovery of forgotten Indo-European traditions. The residual folk elements of Tiatr are still traceable in jagor, lokam khel and intruz. The Italian opera was possibly born out of ancient Indian musical theatre (sangitikas). It bears a typical Indo-European cultural stamp. Goan artists in Bombay were inspired by the Italian opera. Originally they performed crude imitations. But later original scripts were written - many with progressive social themes. After many innovations and modifications the Goan tiatr achieved its present identity, probably before the beginning of the Second World War.

Tiatr remained neglected till the newly established Goa Kala Academy in 1974 decided to organise Tiatr competitions at the state level. These competitions caused an explosion of young talent. The beauty of this competition was its simple organization and consistency. Today Konkani Tiatr has become a secular stage. What was originally seen as a theatre dominated by Roman Catholic artists has proved today as an accommodative form which welcomes any talented Konkani speaking artist irrespective of religion, caste, gender. The tiatrists have also moulded themselves as messengers of peace, social harmony, justice and upholders of secular spirit of India. Tiatrists, who present powerful social themes, have volunteered to act as conscience keepers of the society.

Let us contrast their undeclared mission with the self styled fascist moral police who have recently erupted in cities like Mangalore. As long as Tiatr is flourishing and thriving, the society would never tolerate the fascist virus of moral policing in Goa.

Modern Tiatr has undergone vast transformation in the past 30 years. More than 2000 shows of tiatr are performed every year. With an average audience of 700, it is estimated that more than a million people patronise tiatr. Globalisation and economic recession have not affected the popularity of tiatr because people relate to this form intimately. Tiatr fully deserves the status of cultural industry because it is a source of direct and indirect employment of more than ten thousand Goans who do not depend on any subsidy from the state government. Tiatr producers work with meager capital and are often stretched beyond their financial capacity to support a good production. Therefore by officially according the status of cultural industry to Goas Tiatr, the government would be offering employment security to ten thousand Goans. This makes sound economic, cultural and political sense.

February 16 is a red-letter day in the post liberation cultural history of Goa. Consistent with the objectives of UNESCO and commitments made in the cultural policy of Goa, 2007, Chief Minister, Mr Digambar Kamat took concrete, positive and determined steps to establish the Tiatr Academy of Goa (TAG). TAG would be formally launched by the legendary tiatrist, Master Vaz (Jose Francisco Vaz), at the Ravindra Bhavan, Margao on February 16. All the efforts of the tiatrists to get state recognition which was denied to them for past 117 years have not been wasted. TAG would be an all-purpose vehicle to preserve, conserve and promote Tiatr and all the issues - economic, cultural, social, administrative associated with this theatre and the industry. Formation of TAG is a signal to the global cultural community that as promised in its cultural policy, the government of Goa is committed to usher in a cultural democracy.

There is also broad political support for TAG, which indicates that our politicians have also understood the power and potential of this theatre. The government may liberally support TAG in future but ultimately success of its mission would depend on team spirit, team work and action plan of Goas small community of tiatrists. They need to sink their differences, if any, work together and lay down a strong foundation of TAG. TAG need to also work closely with Konkani Akademy, Konkani Bhasha Mandal, Konkani Sahitya Parishad, Asmitai Pratisthan, Dalgado Akademy, TSKK and XCHR, Kala Academy, Goa University, institutions of Government of India, Goan organisations abroad and the institutions promoting indigenous theatres in Europe and Asia. TAG need to aim for the status of UNESCO accredited national Academy in future. That would promote international collaborations and exchange of research scholars.

The centenary (1910-2010) of recorded Konkani music begins from this year. This is a historic occasion because Konkani singers and musicians have enriched Indias musical traditions. Frank Fernand, Chris Perry, Alfred and Rita Rose, Micael Martins, Jacint Vaz, Anthony Gonsalves, Sebastian De souza, Dattaram, N Datta, Emiliano Da Cruz, Padmashree Remo Fernandes and the Mageshkars (Lata, Asha, Hridaynath) are a few illustrative legendary names. People would love to know more about Indias most popular trumpeter, Antonio Xavier Vaz - fondly known as Chic Chocolate. Who can forget his music in Albela? TAG needs to celebrate the centenary of recorded Konkani music. An international archives of Konkani songs and music albums need to be established. A global biobibliographic, musico and filmographic database of all Konkani artists needs to be created. TAG could also publish an annual directory of Tiatr artists and yearbook on the tiatr industry. Formation of TAG adds a feather in cap of CM Mr Digambar Kamat. He would be remembered as a politician who understood the importance of Tiatr as a powerful creative cultural form and extended a hand of patronage to take a significant step towards making Goa a vibrant and flourishing cultural democracy. Let there be an all round applause for success of TAG.


Slumdog Millionaire puts India on global map: Goa Chief Minister
24 February 2009, Tuesday

Goa Chief Minister Digambar Kamat has congratulated Slumdog Millionaire and Smile Pinky team for winning the prestigious Oscar Awards. The entire Slumdog team, he said, deserves a big pat for the success and bringing laurels to India and creating a history. They have made the country proud.

Kamat conveyed his special wishes to AR Rahman for making the world dance to the Indian tune, sound-mixer Resul Pookutty and Gulzar (lyricist) and the Varanasi girl Pinki after the documentary based on her life won the Oscar award. India's excellence in films is no secret and sky is the limit for our achievements. Slumdog Millionaire he said has finally put India on the global map of films.

Kamat said he wants to promote Goan film makers to produce quality films. The success of Indian films at the international level will definitely motivate Goan producers to come to that level. He said that the government also wants to promote Goa as a peaceful destination for film shooting. Efforts of the state government he said are focused towards creating a world class film infrastructure in Goa.


Vascoite Allison crowned Miss Goa
Allison D?Souza, from Vasco, is Miss Goa 2009. This was announced by VJT Entertainment Managing Director Joseph Dias, after the event at Nuvem on Saturday. The runner up was Ronda Martins from Panjim. Miss Catwalk was Marylou De Mello of Benaulim, while Miss Talent was Hazel Fatima D?Cruz of Raia and Miss Smile was Crystal Campos of Socorro. The Miss Goa competition, in its sixth year, received around 126 entries, of which 11 were selected for the final. But one girl met with an accident and only 10 could walk the ramp. [H]


Goa realty prices come down by 25%
The economic slowdown has started to trickle into Goa's real estate market. According to developers, prime property rates are down by 5-10%, while the prices of flats constructed by small-time builders are down by 20-25% since the new year. Prices, they predict, are likely to fall further by mid-2009. [Preetu Nair, TOI]


Goa to get new medical college soon, says Oscar
The Union Minister for Labour and Employment, Mr Oscar Fernandes, on February 16, said that Goa will soon have a new medical college under the ESI scheme and has urged the Chief Minister, Mr Digambar Kamat, to identify suitable land for the same. Mr Fernandes who was in Goa for the foundation stone laying ceremony for modernisation and upgradation of the ESI hospital at Margao said that the ESI has been opening medical colleges across the country and that one such hospital could be built in Goa. [NT]


Bardez takes top slot in sale deeds registration
According to official records in the past three years, Salcete has been surpassed by Bardez with almost 11,000 sale deeds registered. The official data reveals that it has registered 10,968 sale deeds. Salcete takes the second position with 9093. In the remaining talukas, Tiswadi 4458, Ponda 3449, Canacona 585, Sattari 733, Quepem 1813, Pernem 1292, Bicholim 2143, Sanguem 208 and Mormugao 2042 sale deeds were registered. [GT]


Goa 2nd best competitive State, says mag survey
A survey conducted by the prestigious business magazine "Businessworld", has ranked Goa as the second most competitive State in the country with a score of 58.02 just behind Maharashtra, says a government communiqué. Goa is ranked No. 2 among the 27 States in the country in respect of natural endowments and in physical infrastructure. [H]


Navelim villager receives death threat
Domnic Rosario Fernandes, a member of the Navelim Civic and Consumer Forum, complained to the Margao police that he received an anonymous phone call issuing death threats. The caller was apparently offended by the letters written by Fernandes complaining against a mega project at Calvaddo, Navelim. [TOI]


Cases of CRZ violation rampant in Anjuna
A large number of cases of CRZ violation have been noticed in Anjuna. Not only are the locals involved in CRZ violations, but there are instances of foreigners too, who have violated the CRZ rules and regulations. A few days ago, a foreigner was seen constructing a well in total violation of CRZ rules. While locals immediately stopped the foreigner from going ahead with his work, they wondered how he obtained permission. [NT]


Time limit for comments extended till April 15
Heeding to the requests from various quarters for an extension of time to study the draft Regional Plan 2021, the government has finally extended the time limit till April 15. The extension comes in wake of the assurance given by the Chief Minister, Mr Digambar Kamat, that he would give more time for the people to give their inputs after there were complaints that the draft plan still needed to be discussed and some changes done before finalisation. [NT]

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