Francis F. Chen, Jane P. Chang

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Type: eBook
Released: 2003
Publisher: Springer
Page Count: 249
Format: pdf
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0306474972
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Plasma processing of semiconductors is an interdisciplinary field requiring knowledge of both plasma physics and chemical engineering. The two authors are experts in each of these fields, and their collaboration results in the merging of these fields with a common terminology. Basic plasma concepts are introduced painlessly to those who have studied undergraduate electromagnetics but have had no previous exposure to plasmas. Unnecessarily detailed derivations are omitted; yet the reader is led to understand in some depth those concepts, such as the structure of sheaths, that are important in the design and operation of plasma processing reactors. Physicists not accustomed to low-temperature plasmas are introduced to chemical kinetics, surface science, and molecular spectroscopy. The material has been condensed to suit a nine-week graduate course, but it is sufficient to bring the reader up to date on current problems such as copper interconnects, low-k and high-k dielectrics, and oxide damage. Students will appreciate the web-style layout with ample color illustrations opposite the text, with ample room for notes. The included CD contains a copy of the book which can be indexed using a Search function, and which can be enlarged on a monitor for a closer look at the diagrams. Sample homework and exam problems can also be found on the CD.

This short book is ideal for new workers in the semiconductor industry who want to be brought up to speed with minimum effort. It is also suitable for Chemical Engineering students studying plasma processing of materials; Engineers, physicists, and technicians entering the semiconductor industry who want a quick overview of the use of plasmas in the industry.

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