$30 Music School
Michael W. Dean

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Type: eBook
Released: 2003
Publisher: Course Technology PTR
Page Count: 536
Format: chm
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1592001718
ISBN-13: 9781592001712
User Rating: (3 Votes)

"Making art your full-time job is a full-time job." If you're ready to take on this job, then you're ready to follow the advice that you'll find inside $30 Music School. Do-it-Yourself recording, distribution, and promotion have made it easier than ever to make a living making music. Learn how to thrive in this new business model. $30 Music School is for people who want to be musicians, not just look like musicians. It's all about cutting through the star-system garbage and getting to the heart of art, and making great music that can reach the world on no budget. No matter what type of music moves you-rock, Alternative, Metal, Punk, Hip Hop, Country, Jazz or Salsa-you can take this book and put it to work for you. Go one-on-one with musicians who have made music their life. Use their advice and learn from their experiences. Find out what it takes to create both realistic goals as well as a map to reach them.

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