General Lee's Army
Joseph T. Glatthaar

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You cannot say that University of North Carolina professor Glatthaar
(Partners in Command) did not do his homework in this massive examination
of the Civil War era lives of the men in Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern
Virginia. Glatthaar spent nearly 20 years examining and ordering primary
source material to ferret out why Lee's men fought, how they lived during
the war, how they came close to winning, and why they lost. Glatthaar
marshals convincing evidence to challenge the often-expressed notion
that the war in the South was a rich man's war and a poor man's fight
and that support for slavery was concentrated among the Southern upper
class. Lee's army included the rich, poor and middle-class, according
to the author, who contends that there was broad support for the war
in all economic strata of Confederate society. He also challenges the
myth that because Union forces outnumbered and materially outmatched
the Confederates, the rebel cause was lost, and articulates Lee and
his army's acumen and achievements in the face of this overwhelming
opposition. This well-written work provides much food for thought for
all Civil War buffs.

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