Key to the Indian
Lynne Reid Banks

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The fifth title in this gripping series about Omri and his plastic North American Indian -- Little Bull -- who comes alive when Omri puts him in a cupboard Omri and his father travel back in time to find Little Bull and his people in deep trouble, torn between staying in the West and facing extinction or starting a long trek to a new life in Canada. Omri's final parting with Little Bull is incredibly moving yet the book is also very funny. We meet other favourite characters as well as some new ones and there are wonderful descriptive passages about Little Bull's longhouse and the Iroquois lifestyle. Even though this seems like the end of the story, Lynne does have ideas for a sequel. It all started with Lynne Reid Banks's The Indian in the Cupboard, the enchanting, suspenseful story of toy figures brought to life through the magic of a cupboard and a special key. Three sequels followed this popular novel--The Return of the Indian, The Secret of the Indian, and The Mystery of the Cupboard--and The Key to the Indian is next in line.At first Omri was alone with his secret of the toy figures and the surprising appearance of the 18th-century Iroquois Little Bear. One day, however, his father finds the figures in his son's room and locks them in the special cupboard: "Of course they'd come to life inside, and his dad had put a lot of twos and twos from the past together, and realized. And later he'd seen them, been introduced to them. And accepted it … It took a special kind of grownup not only to accept magic when he saw it but to promise and swear that he'd never, ever tell a living soul". What Omri and his father both now know about is the terrible plight of the Iroquois people during the 18th century--and that Omri's new friend Little Bear is in urgent need of help. Father and son attempt to travel back in time, but things go horribly wrong. They persist for the sake of Little Bear, but at great risk.

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