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Accountability in social research: issues and debates

Norma R. A. Romm

Accountability in social research: issues and debates...

The Plenitude: Creativity, Innovation, and Making Stuff (Simplicity: Design, Technology, Business, Life)

Rich Gold

From Publishers Weekly The Plenitude is the word of Silicon Valley polymath Gold for the limitless stuff produced to feed...

Der Ingenieur als GmbH-Geschäftsführer. Grundwissen, Haftung, Vertragsgestaltung (VDI-Buch VDI-Karriere)

Andreas Sattler, Gerd Raguss

From the Back Cover Die meisten GmbHs werden von Geschäftsführern geleitet, die weder Juristen noch Betriebswir...

Biodiversity, ecosystem functioning, and human wellbeing: an ecological and economic perspective

Andy Hector, Daniel E. Bunker, Shahid Naeem

Review A very useful volume to anyone interested in ecosystem functionality. Bulletin of the British Ecological Society ...

The New Digital Storytelling: Creating Narratives with New Media

Bryan Alexander

Review "This is an essential guide for those of us trying to figure out how to use these cool new tools to make a real dent...

Enhancing occupational safety and health

Geoff Taylor, Kellie Easter, Roy Hegney

Review "This practical book is appropriate for anyone, anywhere in the world, who has an interest in safety and health kn...

Vocabulary improvement: words made easy

Diana Bonet

Vocabulary improvement: words made easy...

Icons of talk: the media mouths that changed America

Donna L. Halper

Book Description Icons of Talk highlights the most groundbreaking exemplars of the talk show genre, a genre that has had a ...

Introduction to Nuclear Power (Series in Chemical and Mechanical Engineering)

John G. Collier, G.F. Hewitt

Introduction to Nuclear Power (Series in Chemical and Mechanical Engineering)...

Business Process Modelling

Birgit Korherr

Business Process Modelling...

Remediation: understanding new media

J. David Bolter, Richard Grusin

Review "The authors do a splendid job of showing precisely how technologies like computer games, digital p...

The Studio Business Book

Jim Mandell, Mitch Gallagher

The Studio Business Book...

Conceptual foundations of human factors measurement

David Meister

Conceptual foundations of human factors measurement...

From idea to funded project: grant proposals for the digital age

Jan Fay Kress, Jane Colburn Belcher, Julia M. Jacobsen

Book Description Designed for grant-seekers in the digital age, this book helps readers to make sense of the various writte...

Agricultural Policy & Trade: Adjusting Domestic Programs in an International Framework

D. Gale Johnson, Kenzo Hemmi, Pierre Lardinois

Agricultural Policy & Trade: Adjusting Domestic Programs in an International Framework...

Applied Multivariate Statistical Analysis, Fifth Edition

Richard A. Johnson, Dean W. Wichern

From the Publisher A classic applied approach to multivariate analysis for those involved in the social, biological, and ...

The 2000-2005 World Outlook for Footwear

Research Group, The Footwear Research Group

From the Publisher Our publications provide timely and reliable market information as a complement to strategic planning ...

An introduction to the law of contracts

Martin A. Frey, Phyllis Hurley Frey, Terry H. Bitting

Review The organization of the material is quite good. Taking a contract from beginning to end is a very logical approach...

Carp and Pond Fish Culture

Laszlo Horvath, Chris Seagrave, Gizella Tamas

Review "...[this book] is not matched by anythng else available and is a 'must' for practical aquaculturists" (Aquacultur...

Spirituality at Work: A Study of Indian non-profit Organizations

Manish Singhal

About the Author An eclectic profile with qualifications in mechanical engineering, financial and general management, org...

The Goal Question Metric Method : a Practical Guide for Quality Improvement of Software Development

Egon Berghout, Rini Van Solingen

The Goal Question Metric Method : a Practical Guide for Quality Improvement of Software Development...

Systemic Work With Organizations: A New Model for Managers and Change Agents (Systemic Thinking and Practice Series)

David Campbell, Tim Coldicott

About the Author David Campbell is a well-established clinical psychologist, who works as a trainer and clinician for the...

The Provincial Book Trade in Eighteenth-Century England (Cambridge Studies in Publishing and Printing History)

John Feather

Book Description It was not until the eighteenth century that books became widely available throughout the whole of Engla...
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