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Islamic Criminal Law in Northern Nigeria : Politics, Religion, Judicial Practice

Gunnar J., Weimann

About the Author Gunnar J. Weimann studied translation for Arabic and French at Leipzig University (Germany) and worked i...

The Best Law Schools' Admissions Secrets: The Essential Guide from Harvard's Former Admissions Dean

Joyce Curll

About the Author Joyce Putnam Curll served for 18 years as Dean of Admissions at Harvard Law School, where she evaluated ...

The position of women in Islam: a progressive view

Syed Mohammed Ali

About the Author A recognized expert on Islamic law, Mohammad Ali Syed has been a practicing Barrister in the English Bar...

The Islamic Law of War: Justifications and Regulations

Review “This is a highly technical book that will provide answers to many researchers on its dual topics of the Sha&...

Pashukanis: Selected Writings on Marxism & Law (Law, State, and Society Series)

Evgenii Bronislavovich Pashukanis

Language Notes Text: English, Russian (translation) ...

The art of alibi: English law courts and the novel

Jonathan H. Grossman

Review Among those texts that attend both to historical environment and formal or generic pressures, Jonathan H. Grossman's...

The Concept of Physical Law

Norman Swartz

Review "This volume is devoted to a systematic defense of the 'regularity' view of physical laws...Overall the book is ve...

Business Legislation

C. Ramagopala

Business Legislation...

Pornography in a Free Society

Franklin E. Zimring, Gordon Hawkins

From Library Journal The authors, both academicians, comparatively analyze the findings of two controversial U.S. governm...

Inside the SPAM Cartel: By Spammer-X

About the Author Jeffrey Posluns, CISM, CISA, ISSAP, ISSMP, CISSP, SSCP, has over a decade of experience specializing in ...

Capitale sociale e individualismo. Crisi e rinascita della cultura civica in America

Robert D. Putnam

Capitale sociale e individualismo. Crisi e rinascita della cultura civica in America...

Esercizi e complementi di analisi matematica: 1

Giusti Enrico

Esercizi e complementi di analisi matematica: 1...

Manuale di diritto commerciale

Gian Franco Campobasso

Language Notes Text: Italian ...

Crimes of Writing: Problems in the Containment of Representation

Susan Stewart

Review "In the essays collected in Crimes of Writing, Stewart continues to build on her reputation as one of the most pro...

Demanding Sex: Critical Reflections on the Regulation of Prostitution

Marina Della Giusta, Vanessa E. Munro

About the Author Vanessa Munro is Professor of Socio-Legal Studies at the School of Law, University of Nottingham, UK. Dr...

Till God Inherits the Earth (Medieval and Early Modern Iberian World)

Alejandro García Sanjuán

About the Author Alejandro Garcia Sanjuan, Ph.D. (1998) in Medieval History, University of Seville (Spain), is currently ...

Recht Und Praxis Der Gema: Handbuch Und Kommentar (German Edition)

Jürgen Becker, Karl Riesenhuber, Reinhold Kreile

Review "Das Fazit? Die Verlagswerbung ist nicht im Geringsten bertrieben - "Dieses Buch ist ein Novum." Eine solche Darst...

The Appeal of Internal Review: Law, Administrative Justice and the (Non-) Emergence of Disputes

Simon Halliday, David Cowan

Review The quality of the research workmeans that a very clear picture of how and why decisions are made is brought outAn...

Wrightsman's Psychology and the Legal System

Kirk Heilbrun, Edith Greene, Michael T. Nietzel, William H. Fortune

Wrightsman's Psychology and the Legal System...

Racism on Trial: The Chicano Fight for Justice

From Lopez focuses on two related events in 1960s California politics that prompted the brown-power movement that fuels ...

Justice or Tyranny?: A Critique of John Rawls's a Theory of Justice

David Lewis Schaefer

Justice or Tyranny?: A Critique of John Rawls's a Theory of Justice...

Human Rights, Equality and Democtatic Renewal in Northern Ireland

Colin J. Harvey

Review I thought that my eagerness in reviewing the book was rewarded - well rewarded, even - and it increased the furthe...

Manichaean Delirium: Decolonizing the Judiciary and Islamic Renewal in Sudan, 1898-1985 (Islam in Africa)

Abdullahi Ali Ibrahim

About the Author Abdullahi Ali Ibrahim, Ph.D. (1987) in folklore and anthropology, Indiana University, is an Associate Pr...

The Law Applied: Contextualizing the Islamic Shari'a

Bernard G. Weiss, Peri Bearman, Wolfhart Heinrichs

About the Author Peri Bearman is Associate Director of the Islamic Legal Studies Program (ILSP) at Harvard Law School. Bern...
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